inRemote learning is a new concept for parents, students, and teachers alike. Since it was a surprise to many, everyone had to scramble and come up with a plan. Educators had to learn a whole new way to do their job, and they shared their thoughts along the way.

Teachers had to deal with the issue of improvising with teaching materials and supplies. They also had to set up a teaching space free from background distractions and people walking by. Many times, however, these plans and setups failed and were recorded on video.

Other times, they had to learn about new student distractions that they weren’t able to take away. From students playing video games to shouting during the video, educators experienced it all. Plus, their thoughts on student’s excuses are hilarious.

Since much of the teachers’ learning experiences during this time were recorded, there is plenty of proof of their thoughts. Funny educators decided to upload their videos that expressed their thoughts of distance learning during the Coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers Share Their Funniest Observations on Remote Learning

1. What It’s Like to Be a Remote Teacher

In this funny video, a teacher shares what it’s like to teach students remotely during the Coronavirus pandemic. He points out how he can see the date and time that students click a link. Yet these students still try to tell him they never received the assignment.

This teacher also makes jokes that he can see the children doing other things. His reaction to the option for muting all microphones except his own is priceless, too.

You can hear about his experience talking to students’ parents during the virtual learning session. Plus, you can hear about how he spends his time while the students are working on the assignment.

2. Things You Only Say When Remote Teaching

Remote learning is new for everyone, so, expectedly, there are some hiccups along the way. Parents, students, and educators are all in new situations and learning along the way. This teacher shared a video of things she has only said during distance learning classes.

From giving students suggestions for the microphones to greeting pets, she covers many humorous things she’s had to say. Students ask if they should take their computers with them to the bathroom or if they can see the teacher’s home. Her responses are funny and lighthearted.

3. Best Distance Learning Parody

Professor Michael Bruening teaches History and Political Science at Missouri University of Science and Technology. He created this parody based on the song “I Will Survive” to show how educators are getting by. It Is intended to show what teachers are experiencing and to help them overcome this new lifestyle.

The humorous lines of the song that many educators can relate to help them all feel like they aren’t alone. Plus, he includes lyrics that can relay the concerns and worries that many people are in right now. While he brings up concerns, he does it in a way that will help everyone feel better.

Through his funny parody, everyone can smile and laugh a little, despite all of the hardships occurring. His video can remind us all that we can get through this and that things will be okay. There is no better way to get this message across than in a humorous way that can help everyone relax.

4. Funny Teacher Bloopers – Online Learning Blooper Reel

As can be expected, teaching online comes with challenges. These challenges often include learning how to behave when they are on camera where students can see them. Luckily, this teacher from Australia shares some of the funny mistakes she has made.

This video shows the teacher making mistakes or forgetting what is supposed to happen next. Sometimes, she even asked if they can cut and start over on their recorded video. While these bloopers likely didn’t make it into the video posted for student learning, they are still funny.

It shows the struggles of a teacher to learn this new method of teaching. Plus, listeners get a funny insight into their thoughts on distance learning.

5. The Struggles of Remote Teaching

This funny video shows the true challenges that educators are experiencing. Having to improvise and use the refrigerator as a dry erase board is just one of the funny ways that he shares his experience. This teacher also makes it a point to show the troubleshooting that is involved with teaching a virtual lesson.

Plus, he humorously shows how parents all want something different done for their children. By the end of the video, you will understand his thoughts on the whole situation.

6. When Online Teaching Goes Wrong Lockdown 2020

Educators at St John’s Diocesan School for Girls in Pietermaritzburg, South Africa, share their thoughts and bloopers from the first day of virtual teaching. Their thoughts and mistakes during this video are priceless and hilarious.

Some of the teaching staff have their children at home, and the video offers funny insight into that. If you can relate, you will appreciate that part even more. They also struggle with family members making noises in the background or walking into the background.

While they may not directly express their thoughts, they are sometimes shared accidentally. The parts that aren’t shared are highly apparent in the faces of the educators.

7. Virtual Learning Video Etiquette

The staff at Cambridge School in Pennington, New Jersey, share their thoughts through this video. They address the issues they see with the students and put together this funny video to help teach virtual etiquette.

This funny video shows how students will interrupt the class by shouting for their parents to bring them food. It also shows the many distractions students now have access to and how they should avoid letting them interfere—the distractions that the educators have encountered and shockingly surprising, which makes them even funnier.

From student preparation to distracting other students, this video brings light to the issues that teaching staff is having. Their thoughts are very clear in this video, but they funnily show them to lighten the mood.

8. Distance Learning Bloopers

Patricia Kucharski, a 1st-grade teacher at Round Elementary School in Hartland, Michigan, shares her funny thoughts on distance learning. Her struggles with improvising to use the supplies are all too real and will leave you laughing.

From this video, you can see that the teacher wants to do the best possible job for her students. She stops and re-starts multiple times, and struggles to get it just the way she wants it. The humor is there, however, and she works her way through it.

9. How I’m Handling Online Teaching (Original Video)

This short video is one of the funniest ones about teaching remotely. An elementary school music teacher named Liz makes her feelings very clear by singing a song. She uses a ukulele while singing the song “So perfect” by Mark Ruffalo to express her thoughts on remote learning.

This video is probably not what you are expecting, so keep that in mind as it begins. It’s a hilarious way to explain the thoughts of a teacher during distance learning. Plus, it’s just good to let go of those thoughts and feelings sometimes while allowing others to laugh.

10.  A Parody Reveals an Online Educator’s Struggles

Many people probably believe teachers have it easy when teaching remotely since they can work from home via Zoom. This isn’t true, however, as this teacher points out in a creative and hilarious video.

All the distractions and interruptions they encounter at home are sure to be frustrating. They are working, after all, and expected to remain professional even while at home. Plus, each lesson probably takes longer to prepare and record because they have to keep starting over–not to mention how parents seem to chime in on the lessons!

This funny video shows the things educators have to deal with while trying to teach their students. Needless to say, it will leave you laughing even after it’s over.


Final Thoughts on Funny Teachers Share Their Thoughts on Remote Learning

Even though remote learning may be a learning experience for everyone, you can still find the humor in it. These funny teachers were at the heart of the new learning style, and they overcame the hardships and were able to laugh at themselves.

Plus, they were able to make light of the new issues they encountered with students and parents. Having a sense of humor during these times is essential, so watch the videos and share them with others. Remember, if you can find the humor, the experience will get better.

Don’t feel bad for laughing at these thoughts, because the educators shared them just for that reason. Enjoy them and revel in the thought that you aren’t the only one struggling during this time. Then, try to do what these educators did and make the struggles into a funny situation.