Have you ever felt like you’ve received “a sign from above”? Perhaps you are captivated by a billboard message, an overheard discussion, or a specially delivered directive via meditation or prayer. And, it makes you feel like the Divine is talking to you individually. That is Divine Awareness.

indeed, people experience these moments every single day. These don’t happen only because they just coincidentally notice. But they occur because humans are in direct contact with the Divine in every waking moment.

Believe it or not, each individual thought, both conscious and subconscious, delivers a signal to the Divine that is not only received – but responded to. Each thought, word, or action you create brings a response from the Divine that opens up an opportunity for you to either expand or contract that specific experience. The Divine does not have a single way of communicating with you either.  It’s up to you to recognize,  translate, and act upon these messages returned from the Divine to ultimately create your destiny.

The Divine is always communicating. Are you tuned in?

How to tune into Divine Awareness

divine awareness
Your surroundings, like you, are all made up of the Divine.  Our entire physical world is made up of living energy, and anything can become the medium chosen by the Divine to communicate to you at any given time.  It’s up to you to see the messages being delivered, and act on them accordingly.

How do you do this?

Here are three simple ways to Tune into Divine Awareness:

  • Be present – Live in the Now
  • Pay attention to Synchronicities
  • Take action on opportunities

A great example of this occurred to me just the other day.  We were taking a trip with our very tired (and grumpy) toddler. The moment I could feel myself starting to stress and grip the steering wheel, I looked up and saw a billboard that said “Stay Cool”.  I knew right away that I was being told something, so I listened and “stayed cool”.  Immediately after, I looked at the clock and saw 1:11.  It was a confirmation. I had responded to the Divine; I allowed myself to create a better moment.  Long story short, the rest of the day turned out amazing.  Everything went along seamlessly, despite the bit of stress developed earlier in the day.  I did not allow the negative thoughts, words and actions to build.  I took action to allow positive growth.

“Like each jigsaw puzzle piece that comes together to complete a picture,  the picture of your life is pieced together with each thought, word, and action.”

Creating from Divine Awareness

To create what you desire in life, must not only learn how to tune into Divine Awareness. In addition, you must make conscious decisions from it.  If a thought, word or action sprouts up and makes you feel good, more thoughts, feelings, and experiences in alignment with your good feeling will be created.

The connection to the Divine is eternal, no matter how you feel about it.  So if you seek growth and change, you must move energy away from what you do not want and shift it toward what you do want.  Here are some examples:

  • Rather than focusing on less war, focus on the growth of peace.
  • Instead of focusing on shedding unwanted weight, focus on the body you desire.
  • Rather than focusing on quitting a job you dislike, focus on getting into a job you love.

And so on…

 The best part about all of this is that you can begin communicating and creating with the Divine right now by tuning into the NOW  There’s no waiting around for the next spiritual taxi to come to pick you up; you have a Divine chauffeur ready right now, prepared to take you where you want to go.

The messages are always being sent.  Are you ready to listen, act, and create a life you know you deserve?


I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below. Share your own personal experiences and wisdom. Let’s help each other tap into the power of the Divine!