How to Create the Life You Love Through Divine Awareness

How to Create the Life You Love Through Divine Awareness

Have you ever felt like you’ve received “a sign from above”? You might be captivated by a billboard message, an overheard discussion, or a specially delivered directive via meditation or prayer that makes you feel like the Divine is talking to you individually.

People experience these moments every single day; not because they just coincidentally notice, but because humans are in direct contact with the Divine in every waking moment.divine-awareness

Believe it or not, each individual thought, both conscious and subconscious, delivers a signal to the Divine that is not only received – but responded to. Each thought, word, or action you create brings a response from the Divine that opens up an opportunity for you to either expand or contract that specific experience. The Divine does not have a single way of communicating with you either.  It’s up to you to recognize,  translate, and act upon these messages returned from the Divine to ultimately create your destiny.

The Divine is always communicating. Are you tuned in?

How to tune into Divine Awareness

Your surroundings, like you, are all made up of the Divine.  Our entire physical world is made up of living energy, and anything can become the medium chosen by the Divine to communicate to you at any given time.  It’s up to you to see the messages being delivered, and act on them accordingly.

How do you do this?

Here are three simple ways to Tune into Divine Awareness:

  • Be present – Live in the Now
  • Pay attention to Synchronicities
  • Take action on opportunities

A great example of this occurred to me just the other day.  We were taking a trip with our very tired (and grumpy) toddler. The moment I could feel myself starting to stress and grip the steering wheel, I looked up and saw a billboard that said “Stay Cool”.  I knew right away that I was being told something, so I listened and “stayed cool”.  Immediately after, I looked at the clock and saw 1:11.  It was a confirmation. I had responded to the Divine; I allowed myself to create a better moment.  Long story short, the rest of the day turned out amazing.  Everything went along seamlessly, despite the bit of stress developed earlier in the day.  I did not allow the negative thoughts, words and actions to build.  I took action to allow positive growth.

[quote_left]”Like each jigsaw puzzle piece that comes together to complete a picture,  the picture of your life is pieced together with each thought, word, and action.”[/quote_left]

Creating from Divine Awareness

To create what you desire in life, you’ve not only got to tune into Divine Awareness, you’ve got to make conscious decisions from it.  If a thought, word or action sprouts up and makes you feel good, more thoughts, feelings, and experiences  in alignment with your good feeling will be created.  

The connection to the Divine is eternal, no matter how you feel about it.   If change is what you seek, the focus must be taken away from what you do not want and shifted toward what you do want.  Here are some examples:

  • Rather than focusing on less war, focus on the growth of peace.
  • Rather than focusing on getting rid of unwanted weight, focus on the body you desire.
  • Rather than focusing on getting out of a job you dislike, focus on getting into a job you love.

And so on…

 The best part about all of this is that you can begin communicating, and creating with the Divine right now by tuning into the NOW  There’s no waiting around for the next spiritual taxi to come pick you up; you have a Divine chauffeur ready right now, prepared to take you where you want to go.

The messages are always being sent.  Are you ready to listen, act, and create a life you know you deserve?


I look forward to hearing from you in the comments below. 
Share your own personal experiences and widsom. Let’s help each other tap into the power of the Divine!


Chris Butler

Chris Butler

Chris is a happy dad, and a co-creator here at PoP. Throughout the last 5 years, he's experienced multiple life changing events that he describes as "Integrative Inspiration". Through positive thoughts, words, actions, and reactions, Chris has been able to release over 120 pounds, attain inner peace, create academic and professional success, and see increased abundance in every area of life while remaining grateful and joyous through the journey. In his spare time, Chris enjoys running, yoga, fitness, plant-based nutrition and inspiring others to take positive actions steps in their own life. Chris also loves to spend quality time with his lovely wife Kristen and beautiful daughter, Aurora.

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  1. Tyanne Strait

    March 3, 2014 at 10:42 am

    I have a very strong connection to the number 7. As a matter of fact, it is the only tattoo I have, the number 7. Which is an even more amazing story. Two weeks ago I found myself sitting in a courtroom with my ex suing me, very unjustly, for child support. The process from being served and the court date was very quick. I have been working very hard on my “characteristics” and choices that have kept me in negativity for so much of my life. I felt Divine assurance that it would work out, somehow, as long as I didn’t go off and make things worse. This court appt was supposed to be a “negotiation conference” concerning health care. We sit down with the “negotiator” and she asks for my check stubs and ID. She starts filling out a chart and hands the finished product to me to sign. I look down at it as she begins explaining that I will be paying their father child support…My ears started ringing as the story is unnecessary, but this was wrong…very, very wrong. My ears start ringing, my pulse gets fluttery, I am flushed and feels immense anger and tears. I could feel a strong emotional surge. I look back down at the paper and tune in to what the lady is saying. She says, “In the amount of $77.70 per week.” I instantly felt like this was God telling me to calm down, that He is working on something. I don’t need to understand it, or even feel like I DESERVE better. This is a process in motion, and I need to calm down and ONLY do MY part. However, it will be okay. Some kinda way, some kinda how, it will be okay.

    Instantly, my pressure went down, the emotional surge deflated, my ears cleared up, It would be okay. I don’t need to know the how, why or whens, all I do is my part. I quietly signed the papers, gathered my stuff and left.

    My first payment was due 7 days later, on last Monday. I was worried, very, very worried where this extra money was gonna come from. Keep in mind, my kids still need stuff and I have bills. I was an Asst. Mgr (1st week) at a convenience store.

    I had just paid the 1st payment at 1pm. Exactly 7 hours later, at 8pm, a guy walks up to the counter at my job, with a beer. I was about to get off, very distracted and preoccupied. I rang up the beer, took his money and wished him a great night. A minute or so later, SLED (SC’s highest law enforcement) walks in waving badges and doing their thing. I knew instantly what had happened. I sold beer to an underage SLED agent. Which, in my industry, means instant termination, no discussion, no pleas even useful. I felt that emotional rush coming on. I remember my talks with myself about how, I don’t know what is being worked out for me. I need to just trust this. The officers gave me the rundown of what will happen and how much it’s going to cost. I call my bosses and everyone has that finality I was expecting in their voice. Just clock out and go home. My DM wanted me to come to the main office in the morning to sign my papers, turn in my keys, uniforms, etc. I have never been fired in my life, so I am really going through something, all while trying to remain calm and trusting of this process.

    The next day, I go to the main office, sign my papers, apologize for the enormous fine the store received, we exchange our due pleasantries, and I leave. The second I got home, I went to the computer and looked up the address to Child Support, to find out what I can do, if anything. While I was on hold with Child Support, My, now former, District Manager is calling in. I am pretty lost as to why, now. I click over, and he says that it is their company policy to terminate in my situation, there’s no way around that. With that company. However, he has another company. How would I feel about helping him with a new acquisition? He needs a good, strong manager to flip this store and make it awesome, and can think of no one to do it, but me. !!!! I have a history of flipping stores and turning them into quite successful little gems. He said that it was an answered prayer for him, that he had to terminate me from the other company, because he was lost about who was gonna fix this store. I smiled, and chuckled to myself, how clever this Universe is, how intricately clever. I am so glad that I stayed out of my own way. And let God do His thing.

    • Power of Positivity

      Power of Positivity

      March 3, 2014 at 7:10 pm

      AWESOME story! That’s exactly the way it works. Thank you so much for sharing! <3

  2. Tyanne Strait

    March 3, 2014 at 10:42 am

    And about the “7” tattoo. I was in a pretty bad relationship some years back, with a gentleman that had some pretty serious boundary issues. He had made a tattoo gun and told me that he wanted to give me my first tattoo. I was in the process of finding a good pic of a dolphin that I always said would be my first tattoo.

    I pretty much go comatose when I sleep. I have slept completely through a house fire, with fire trucks, bulldozers and all when I was a child. Woke up in the morning in the shed on a cot, with the thick smell of damp smoke all around. Not sure what had happened.

    I woke up one night to my ex, kneeling in front of me with the tattoo gun on my forearm, tattooing me!!! He said he wanted to see if it works. He was writing his name on my forearm!!! I woke up as he almost had the first letter, “T” finished. It is now a “7” about the size of a quarter.

    I was raised by a Pentecostal Holiness preacher, and was taught early on that the number 7 is God’s own number, it is the number of completion. Although, I do not participate in organized religion, I am extremely aware of and close with the Divine, Universe, God, however you call it. It doesn’t really matter the letters you choose.

    I thought that was pretty amazing, like God was saying, “Yeah, buddy, My name is the only name that will be on this her! It is complete. 7”

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