If you want an exercise routine that fits your busy schedule, why not consider Tabata? It’s a high-intensity interval routine that only requires four minutes of your time. Plus, you can choose the exercise according to your fitness goals.

Groundbreaking research in 1996 compared the aerobic and anaerobic benefits of interval training. The eponymic protocol is a type of high-intensity interval training or H.I.I.T. The subjects studied used stationary cycling as the exercise.

The Tabata Protocol combines a fierce segment of exercise that lasts for twenty seconds, and then you rest for ten seconds. Each interval equals one set; the total goal is eight sets, adding up to four minutes. While individual results may vary, there’s enough scientific research to demonstrate the protocol’s benefits.

Ten Reasons to Add High-Intensity Tabata Moves to Your Workout

Are you tired of being a couch potato and want to get fit? Whether you’re trying to shed pounds or tone your muscles, this H.I.I.T is worth your time. Here are ten reasons to use Tabata in your exercise routine.


1. Scientific Research Backs Tabata

One top reason to consider Tabata a high-intensity workout is that it’s backed by solid research. A study published by the Journal of Physiological Sciences found that the workout can benefit your muscles, breathing, and circulation. It may also enhance your sports performance.

2. You Can Do Tabata Anywhere

Maybe you’re hesitant to begin a fitness regimen because you don’t want to join a gym. The good news about trying Tabata is that you can do it anytime and anywhere. You’re ready to go if you have space and some comfortable clothes.

Feel free to mix up the high-intensity part with your favorite exercise. You can do a few pushups after lunch or in the evening. This interval training works well with your everyday routine or as a separate workout.

Did you know you can even do a routine during breaks at work? You can go outside and use power walking as your chosen exercise. Not only will your body benefit, but the beauty of nature can boost your energy.

3. It Can Boost Your Metabolism

Metabolism is your body’s way of burning stored fat for energy. If you consume more calories than you burn, the fat stays, and you become overweight. However, exercises like Tabata can boost your metabolism and melt that excess fat.

Interval training combines aerobic and anaerobic cycles to create an oxygen deficit. As your body consumes needed oxygen from your muscles, it increases metabolism. The results are more energy and additional burned calories and fat.

4. You Don’t Need Equipment

Exercise equipment can be pretty expensive. Workout machines often occupy a lot of space in your home and cost thousands of dollars. What’s even more frustrating is when that expensive workout machine becomes a clothing rack.

You don’t need equipment when making Tabata part of your exercise routine. You don’t even have to buy an expensive gym membership. All you need is your own body and gravity for resistance.

Just because the equipment isn’t required doesn’t mean that you can’t opt to use some. Many fitness enthusiasts like to do weight training as their chosen exercise. It can be free weights or machines.

5. You Can Modify as Needed

Everyone has different physical strengths and weaknesses, so their fitness routines will vary. You needn’t feel inferior just because your workout isn’t as intense as your friend’s. Tabata allows you to customize and modify your training to fit your needs.

No matter your physical limitations, you can find some exercise to do for twenty seconds. You can get your body moving, whether burpees, sit-ups, or even running in place. If you need to modify the workout with a chair or a pillow, it’s your prerogative.

6. You Can Track Your Progress

It’s easy to become disheartened when you jump on the scales daily. Certain circumstances can make your weight fluctuate, which isn’t always an accurate measure of progress. However, tracking your physical level of improvement is more encouraging.

For example, say that in the past, you could only do fifteen sit-ups during your exercise time. After a couple of weeks of interval training, you notice that you can now do 25. Tabata allows you to track your progress and celebrate each success.

7. Tabata Only Takes Four Minutes

You can do a beneficial workout in the time it takes for you to listen to a couple of tunes. An article published by the New York Times suggests a link between a high-intensity interval workout and longevity. It’s not difficult to set aside four minutes, even with the busiest schedule, to enhance your health.

This type of workout doesn’t take a lot of time to plan. The next time someone puts you on hold, use a few minutes to run in place. The quality of your exercise is worth more than the quantity.

8. Each High-Intensity Section Only Lasts Twenty Seconds

Incorporating a H.I.I.T. workout is even more appealing, considering the intense part lasts only twenty seconds. Then, you get to rest for ten seconds. You have an intense exercise-rest cycle for four minutes.

9. You Can Use Free Timer Apps

Do you want to concentrate on your workout without worrying about timing? You can set a kitchen timer to remember when to switch modes. However, you can choose from several good Tabata timer apps on your smartphone or computer.

Some of these fun apps put your workout to music. You can exercise to some upbeat tunes and know when it’s time to rest. How can you beat getting fit and having fun, too?

10. Tabata Can Benefit Any Fitness Goal

Whether you want to lose a few pounds, strengthen your body, or train for a sport, Tabata can help. Your exercise during the high-intensity segment depends on your fitness goal. You can even do a combination of activities.

For example, say you’re training for a marathon. Endurance exercises like planks and lunges would be ideal. Of course, you can also jog for the 20-second segments and rest for ten seconds.

If you want to burn fat effectively, try burpees, sprinting, or jumping rope exercises. The idea is to raise your heart and breath rate to cause an oxygen deficit. Your body will then pull oxygen from your muscles, boost metabolism, and burn that stubborn fat.


How to Start Adding High-Intensity Tabata to Your Workout Routine

Starting a Tabata workout routine couldn’t be easier if you’re a beginner or a seasoned fitness trainer. Remember that the brief resting period is just as crucial as the high-intensity exercise. Although the workout lasts only four minutes, allow yourself at least ten minutes to warm up and cool down.

1. Choose Your Fat-Busting Weapon

First, choose an exercise that matches your fitness goals. You could start with that since the original workout was riding a stationary bike. Pick an activity you’re familiar with, and you can do it intensely without injuring yourself.

2. Choose a H.I.I.T. Timer

You’ll also need a timer to do each segment correctly. A kitchen timer works, but you must take time to reset it. The best option is to download a free H.I.I.T app on your phone that will automatically time each sequence.

3. Start with a Tabata Warmup

Once you’ve chosen an exercise and have a timer, find space to do your routine safely. Begin with a ten-minute warmup, stretching each muscle group. Take deep breaths to fortify your body with oxygen.

4. Get Your Body Moving

Do as many repetitions as possible of your chosen exercise for 20 seconds. Each movement should be intense and raise your pulse and respiration. However, you don’t want to do it so fast and swiftly that you hurt yourself.

5. Take a Breather

End your exercise segment in the beginning position and rest for ten seconds. Take long, cleansing breaths and soften your muscles. Imagine turning up your body’s thermostat, and the fat is melting.

6. Do Eight High-Intensity Segments and Cool Down

You’ll do a total of eight exercising and rest segments, making a workout of four minutes. It may seem confusing initially, but practice will do the training like second nature. Finally, spend at least ten minutes cooling down with stretches and drinking water.


Final Thoughts on Tabata and How the High-Intensity Moves May Increase Your Fitness

Before you start this or any other fitness routine, discuss it with a certified fitness instructor. They can help you find the proper exercise and modifications for you. If you feel any pain during the routine, stop immediately.

Tabata may be your answer if you’re searching for a quick and easy exercise routine. The high-intensity interval workout can be tailored to your abilities and fitness goals. It may be one of the best ways to spend four minutes you’ve ever found.