Are you tired of battling excess weight and feeling drained all the time? Maybe you’re convinced that you inherited a slow metabolic system. Is there anything you can do to change your body’s fat-burning capabilities? These metabolism booster tips can help.

Fifteen Easy Metabolism Booster Hacks You Should Try

You’ll be glad to know that lifestyle changes may kick your fat furnace up a few notches. While there are no “miracle” foods or supplements, there are some that may give you the energetic zap you need. Here are some metabolism boosters for you to consider.

metabolism boosters

1. Protein Is a Metabolism Booster

Your body is made of protein, so you must consume enough to stay strong and healthy. Eating protein can keep your muscles strong and your metabolism high if you work out to build muscle mass. Some people benefit from having a high-protein snack before and after their workouts.

According to an article published by Harvard University, the RDA for protein is .8 grams per kilogram of your weight. Your protein choice can be animal or plant-based. Consider metabolism boosters like lean meats, eggs, nuts, dairy, and dark-green leafy vegetables.

2. Get Enough Sleep

It’s hard to have a lot of energy when staying up all night. Sleep deprivation will catch up with you, whether it’s insomnia or you’re binging late-night television. Not only will you be in a helpless brain fog the next day, but your metabolism will be on the weak side.

If you want metabolism boosters that work, aim to get between six and eight hours of sound sleep. Avoid consuming caffeine or alcohol in the evenings so it doesn’t hinder your rest. You may be surprised at your energy when you’re well-rested and alert.

3. Reduce Your Stress for Metabolic Support

Stress will usually be a hot topic in just about any media outlet you choose. Stress has been part of the human condition since the beginning. Your brain’s automatic stress response gives your body a boost of energy to save your life.

However, your brain doesn’t differentiate which stressors are life-threatening and which ones aren’t serious. So, chronic stress puts this temporary defense mechanism on overdrive, leading to serious health risks. Metabolism boosters can be even more productive when you minimize your stress levels and learn to relax.

4. Water Is an Essential Metabolism Booster

The next time you drink a glass of cold, refreshing water, consider its crucial role in your body. The U.S. Department of the Interior published an article explaining that the adult human body comprises approximately 60 percent water. It stands to reason that you need enough water to maintain your well-being.

When you enjoy between six and eight glasses of water each day, it helps flush away toxins and lubricates your joints. Plus, staying hydrated can be one of those metabolism boosters that helps you lose weight.

5. Enjoy a Cup of Tea

Eastern medicine has touted green tea as a powerful health tonic for centuries. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, the natural chemicals found in green tea may promote fat burning. Good metabolism boosters like green tea may be your key to losing a few pounds.

You can also brew a cup of oolong tea from the same plant as the green variety. Sip some of these flavorful teas hot or over ice for a refreshing treat. You may consider green tea supplements if you prefer to skip the drink.

6. Trade The Saltshaker for Herbs and Spices

Your body needs a certain amount of sodium to function and survive. However, a diet heavy in salt can lead to serious health issues like hypertension and weight gain.

It creates a vicious cycle where lack of energy can affect your weight, and your weight can nix your energy levels. The good news is that you can shake your salt habit and use more herbs and spices. They lend complex flavors to your food without adding extra sodium.

7. Try a Cup of Joe for a Metabolism Booster

Perhaps you’re not a morning person and need your first cup of coffee to be fully awake. You may also sip through a whole pot of coffee at work. While you don’t want to overdo it, enjoying java can increase your stamina.

Of course, caffeine gives your brain and body the jolt you need. It’s one of those metabolism boosters that can also enhance your mood. Just be cautious with calorie-laden additives like cream, sugar, and syrups.

8. Get Your Body Moving

Your body can’t be a fat-burning machine if you prefer a sedentary lifestyle. Even having a desk job can contribute to unhealthy weight gain. Health issues like obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, and some forms of cancer all come from this way of life.

Make fitness a priority and try to exercise at least twenty minutes a day. Take breaks from sitting in the office and walk outside for a while. You might also consider energy-enhancing exercises like yoga, Pilates, or weightlifting.


9. Stop Smoking as  Metabolism Booster

As if you need more solid reasons to stop smoking, revving your metabolism is another. Oxygen and optimal blood circulation are the main components of human metabolism. Since smoking inhibits both, your metabolic rate will be minimal.

Kick the habit, and your body will immediately start the healing process. You’ll be able to breathe better and be more active. Since tobacco and nicotine have many health risks, vaping and chewing tobacco aren’t safe alternatives.

10. Try to Be More Positive

How do you feel when you think everything and everyone is against you? These waves of pessimism make your posture weaker and rob your vitality. Negative vibes smother every ounce of strength and self-confidence you have inside.

Consider how you feel when you have a more positive outlook. You smile and laugh more and feel stronger physically, mentally, and spiritually. Improving your attitude is one of the many metabolism boosters that cost you nothing, but they’re priceless.

11. Practice Meditation for a Metabolism Booster

Did you know that your metabolism is just as much mental and spiritual as physical? No wonder concepts related to either three are referred to as energies. Meditation is an ancient practice that can bring you more clarity and internal vibrancy.

The delightful thing about meditation is that you can do it your way. You only need a quiet place to sit or lie down without being disturbed. It might seem forced at first, but soon it will come as naturally as breathing.

Now, allow your body and mind to relax and let your thoughts pass by without judgment. You’ll hear that inner voice that strengthens and guides you in this silent sanctuary of your mind. If you meditate for twenty to thirty minutes daily, your mental and spiritual vibrations will rise, possibly affecting your metabolic rate.

12. Be Careful of the Booze–It Impairs Your Metabolic System

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a couple of drinks as long as you do it responsibly and in moderation. Whether your alcohol of choice is beer, wine, or spirits, drinking too much can devastate your health. Alcohol can make you gain weight and even slow down your metabolism.

If you want to raise an occasional pint, keep it to a minimum. Also, alternate your drinks with plenty of water and ignore the salty snack foods. You can have a good time but still keep your body healthy, safe, and energized.

13. Appreciate the Gift of Laughter

When was the last time you were nearly breathless from laughing so much? A hearty belly laugh brings out the best in your spirits. Your burdens are lifted and replaced with metabolism boosters like humor and laughter for a moment.

No wonder the ancients said it was one of life’s best medicines. It’s challenging to be dreary and slow-moving when you’re giggling with glee. Give yourself a generous dose of laughter’s medicine and watch an occasional comedy or read a funny book.

14. Have a Bit of Dark Chocolate (The Sweetest Metabolism Booster!)

Have you ever seen a kid with a piece of chocolate be less than energetic? While you can’t go overboard, dark chocolate is one of the most tempting metabolism boosters. The natural flavonoids in cocoa may lower your stress hormones and increase your metabolic rate.

Remember that all chocolate isn’t created equally. Consuming a milk chocolate bar won’t offer you the same potential benefits as quality dark chocolate. Try to keep your serving at about 1.5 ounces, which is about the weight of an AA battery.

15. Don’t Forget Your Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary to build healthy muscles, bones, and teeth. It’s plentiful in dairy products, eggs, and some fish. Your body also makes this essential vitamin from sunlight.

Building strong muscles can help you increase your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently. According to an article published by Harvard University, the RDA of Vitamin D for adults 19-70 is 600 IU. Adults over seventy should have at least 800 IU.

metabolism boosters

Final Thoughts on the Metabolism Booster Tips Most People Ignore

You don’t have to be content with the metabolic levels that genetics dealt you. These helpful hints can help increase your metabolic rate and burn more fat. These metabolism booster hacks are a healthier version of you that will make a difference.