Successful people come from all walks of life and have unique talents that drive their ambition. Some believe victory lies in the soul and pursue fewer outward achievements. Others define success as having a thriving company with hundreds of employees working toward the same goal. It takes both introverts and extroverts to run the world, and a healthy balance of both personalities keeps it running smoothly.

Reserved, intuitive people can efficiently run a high-performance company just as well as extroverts. While they may not have extroverts’ charisma and outgoing nature, they possess other skills that make them successful people. Unfortunately, many employers often overlook the capabilities and potential of introverts, falsely believing that extroverts are better equipped for the job.

However, observant people’s quiet, reflective nature allows them to see the bigger picture. They can point out problems and different ways of looking at a situation because of their uncanny intuitive skills. If you’ve ever doubted your abilities as an introvert, this research may help change your self-perception. After reading this article, you’ll see why some of the most successful people in the world have reserved personalities.

Neuroscience Reveals Why Many Successful People Are Introverts

If you think about any profitable business or organization, you probably picture the CEO and managers as talkative, uninhibited people. Usually, extroverts climb their way to the top because of their charisma, charm, and confidence.

But many don’t realize that the calm, collected souls in the background keep the business afloat. Contemplative people may not garner as much attention as their chatty counterparts, but they become successful because of their observation skills.

Numerous studies have shown introverts’ brains are wired differently, causing them to crave solitary, creative activities. This allows them to focus for long periods and brainstorm crucial aspects of a business plan or other venture. Below, we’ll explain a few significant attributes that make introverts successful people.

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1. Introverts have more gray matter in their brains than extroverts.

Successful people have unique brain chemistry that allows them to prosper in their careers. A 2012 study published in the Journal of Neuroscience discovered introverts have thicker gray matter in their prefrontal cortex. This brain region governs decision-making, concentration, and abstract thought processes. So, having denser gray matter increases cognitive functioning and analytical thinking–leading to more success.

Another study revealed that introverts have increased blood flow in the anterior thalamus and frontal lobes. These areas of the brain control essential functions such as learning, memory, organizing, planning, and self-monitoring. The fact that introverts exhibited more significant activity in these areas suggests enhanced cognitive and contemplative abilities.

2. They have strong morals and values that guide their decisions.

Of course, regardless of personality, anyone can have a moral compass. However, a 2020 study found that introverts tend to stick to their values more than extroverts. The research on ethical decision-making and personality traits found that observant individuals made more utilitarian choices under extreme stress. That means they chose an outcome that would have the most significant benefit for the highest number of people.

Introspective people are known for their emotional intelligence, which gives them a huge business advantage. They make outstanding leaders because their empathetic, caring nature and calm demeanor instantly put others at ease. Since they consider the needs of everyone when making decisions, people find them trustworthy and respectable.

3. Introverts excel in specific fields, making them successful people.

While reserved people can become a jack of all trades, they tend to focus intently on one skill set. That’s because they prefer to dissect a subject thoroughly and try to master it if they have a strong interest in something. A study found that most “gifted” individuals lean toward introversion and intuitive thinking.

Being gifted means having exceptional talent or skills in a specific area, such as science, art, or music. Some reports suggest that 70-75% of gifted individuals, or people with an IQ of 160 or higher, have introverted personalities.

4. They can concentrate longer and analyze problems with a high degree of success.

Successful people can only achieve victory through their tenacity and sustained focus on a particular subject. The key to success lies in attention because whatever you concentrate on will expand and lead to new opportunities. Introspective people tend to have the upper hand in focus, as they don’t get distracted as easily.

Because they have different brain chemistry than extroverts, they respond to external stimuli accordingly. One study found that reserved people show higher sensitivity to dopamine, making them more easily overstimulated. While extroverts need more dopamine to feel satisfied, too much of this neurotransmitter exhausts introspective people.

Instead of overly energizing dopamine, observant people prefer another neurotransmitter called acetylcholine. This chemical becomes activated during quiet reflection, tranquility, and relaxation. Therefore, being alone allows an introvert to recharge and mull over problems more efficiently than in chaotic environments.

5. Introverts have superb listening skills, a key trait of successful people.

Another reason reserved people flourish in business and other endeavors stems from a crucial skill often overlooked today. Accomplishing anything requires listening to the input of others on your team to make the best decision. While extroverts prefer to take risks and jump into action, observant people like to weigh their options first. They analyze the situation from every angle and listen to their colleagues’ opinions before deciding. Introverts value the thoughts and feelings of others and want to include them whenever possible.


Final Thoughts on the Link Between Introversion and Success

It may surprise you that many successful people have introverted personality traits. Most people associate high-powered executives and managers with extroversion, but introverts have also become an asset in business. They bring crucial brainstorming and analytical skills that allow them to become successful people in almost any field. Introverts also have exceptional listening and concentration abilities, making them well-rounded employees, leaders, and colleagues. Finally, reserved people have more gray matter in their brains, which increases their cognitive power and decision-making skills. Based on the latest scientific research, it’s clear that introverts have what it takes to become successful people.