Oftentimes, introverts feel that they must “correct” their personality in order to fit in with an extroverted world.  To the introvert, the outside world can seem highly exhausting, overwhelming, and unnecessarily fast-paced. Our livelihood, politics, and how quickly and easily we make friends (among other things) often depend on us at least acting extroverted in order to mark our place in the world.

Introverts often feel like they don’t fit in with the current world where endless self-promotion supersedes quiet reflection. However, introverts certainly have an important role to play in our society, and have a lot of value to add to businesses, friendships, and the way the world will be shaped in the future…

Introverts can sometimes be mistaken for being shy, uncaring, or otherwise uninterested in their surroundings, but their brains are simply wired differently than that of extroverts. Introverts feel most energized alone, whereas extroverts obtain their energy from external sources. Researchers estimate that extroverts make up anywhere between 50-74 percent of the population.

So, what types of things do introverts excel in, and what does this mean for the future? We will explain in further detail below.

Here’s why introverts are the leaders of the future:

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1. They have wonderful listening skills.

Introverts care about what other people say (at least, when they talk about highly intelligent, interesting topics), and consider each conversation as an opportunity for learning and stimulation. They don’t just hear what you say – they ask questions to gain understanding, look you in the eye, and make sure you’ve finished what you have to say before responding. They talk less than they listen, but this makes them wonderful leaders, friends, and people in general.


2. They tend to have a greater awareness of their feelings.

Introverts have great intuition, and know their emotions on a deep level. They might cancel plans if they feel too tired or not up for socializing. And to them, that just means they are listening to their inner voice. They don’t apologize for how they feel; they just go with the flow and listen to their emotions.

3. They also empathize with others’ emotions.

In addition to knowing exactly how they feel at all times, introverts can read anyone like an open book. They have an uncanny ability to feel what others feel, and to empathize with them.

4. Introverts don’t feel remorse for taking some “me time.”

Introverts don’t feel sorry for taking time to pamper themselves and make sure their well-being is taken care of. In today’s stressed out, fast-paced world, they know how important “me time” is to the mind, body, and spirit.

5. Introverts know themselves on a deep level.

Introverts gain their energy from being alone, obviously, which gives them plenty of time to know themselves inside and out. They may struggle with self-confidence at times, but at the end of the day, they realize the importance of self-love, and try to look at themselves in a positive light.

6. They have a deep appreciation for all life.

Introverts naturally gravitate towards non-human animals, most likely for two reasons: 1) They don’t talk, which gets rid of the hardest component of a relationship with humans. 2) They are cuddly and fuzzy (well, most of them that humans would interact with, anyway), so introverts see this as comforting and healing.

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7. They don’t shy away from important topics.

If you want small talk, you’d better just forget about connecting with an introvert. While introverts can fake the small talk, this isn’t their area of expertise. These people thrive on connecting with people in a much deeper way, which means you will never get bored around them.

8. Introverts think before they speak.

Introverts mull over what they want to say before speaking, and listen to the other person in entirety before they even begin to formulate a response. This is why some people think they are not as good at talking compared to extroverts, since it takes them much longer to gather their thoughts. However, this just means they are making sure they say the right thing before letting the words leave their lips.

9. They feel more comfortable in the natural world.

Introverts love nature – it provides time for quiet reflection, away from the noise and chaos of modern living. They don’t have to cultivate energy for socializing or getting ready for a party or other social engagement – they can just enjoy the world around them for a while, without any responsibilities or distractions.

10. Introverts have a knack for creativity.

Introverts use their imagination and innovative abilities to bring important new discoveries into this world. While extroverts can do this as well, introverts tend to think over all the possibilities before diving headfirst into any sort of new endeavor, which makes the final product even better.

11. They seek answers within.

Introverts know that the answers to life’s burning questions lie within them, and spend plenty of time trying to make sense of the world around them.