What makes a strong man exceptional and a pillar of strength amongst others? He knows what he wants from life and won’t stop until he gets it. He sets goals and achieves them without hesitation.

While most people think of strength as how much a man can bench at the gym, having mental power is about so much more. Resilience allows a man to rise in the face of significant opposition, and he keeps going even when he wants to check out. He’s a special breed, as he’s strong and won’t take a back seat to anyone. He shows strength with a strong dose of compassion–never toxic or arrogant.

NOTE: If you would like to understand the signs of a strong woman better, we address them in a separate article.

Fifteen Signs That Indicate Someone Is a Strong Man

A strong man can be resilient without being arrogant or rubbing others wrong. Those who know his love to be around him because he’s kind and patient, but he’s far from weak. What behaviors do you think a strong man should display? Here are fifteen of the most common traits observed.

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1. Promotes Peace Over Violence

Some men think violence is the answer when there’s a heated issue. However, the strong man knows that using his muscles doesn’t resolve anything. Guys like this use their minds and heart when a situation is intense rather than being aggressive.

It’s easy for some to see this man as weak, as he uses his words and not his fist. However, he also has wisdom and knows that he would rather find a compromise than wage a war. He promotes understanding and peace above all else.

2. Displays Quiet Confidence

A weak man showcases his attributes of pride and ego, but a strong man knows that true confidence is silent. There’s no need for him to show off and cause a scene. He’s learned that he can get his point across by using a calm demeanor and being a good influence rather than a bad one.

3. Isn’t Afraid to Show his Emotions

Throughout history, men who showed any emotions were considered weak by society. Thankfully, things have changed, and men feel more apt to show their vulnerabilities without judgment. A strong man has no problem showing his emotion to those close to him, as he knows it’s a healthy release when he lets go of pent-up feelings.

4. Owns Up to His Mistakes

He’s resilient but not in an argument. He knows when he’s in the wrong and will admit when he’s made a mistake. He doesn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, as he’s far too caring and kind for that behavior.

He’s strong enough within himself to admit when he’s done something wrong, and he wants to make it right. People respect him because he’s honest and doesn’t deny or play the blame game.

5. Doesn’t Try to Please Everyone

It’s impossible to please everyone, but a man with strength knows that it’s okay for there to be people who don’t like him. He’s confident enough that he doesn’t need everyone’s approval. Social rejection can be challenging for some folks, but the guy with mental strength knows it’s just part of life.

11. A Strong Man Has a Healthy Self-Esteem

When a man is strong mentally, he’s often misunderstood as haughty or arrogant. He’s not a narcissist, but he doesn’t lack assurance.

His self-confidence is intact, but he would never be disrespectful to others, wherein lies the difference between strong men and those with toxic personalities. He knows his strengths and weaknesses and how to handle praise and learn from rejection.

6. Knows That Learning is a Continuous Journey

You never stop learning, regardless of your age. A strong man knows that his life is one continuous learning journey, and he’s along for the ride. He embraces new ideas and other people’s opinions.

He knows that a fresh way to do things might save time or money. He has his preferences, but he’s not so set in his ways that he can’t be persuaded to gain a fresh perspective.

7. A Strong Man Thinks Before He Acts

Reacting to anger can cause real issues, but the strong guy knows he can’t use rush judgments. He wants to act or respond by using the best interests of the situation. A study conducted by Southwest Missouri State University found that men and women are diverse in how they use their anger.

Men tend to embrace these overwhelming feelings, but ladies think that being angry is counterproductive. Strong men know that while they might accept these emotions, they’re not going to let them overcome them. They try to hold their composure even in the most intense situations.


8. Has Good Communication

One of the goals of any relationship is to have good communication. Speaking about the issues is easy when you’re with a strong man. He knows that if he wants to keep his partner happy and have a successful life with her, he must learn to talk about the things that bother him.

Women are more likely to let misunderstandings and hurt feelings fester, but strong men want to address them quickly. He’s a great listener, and he wants to hear your point of view.

9. A Strong Man Is Patient

He knows it will take you longer than him to get ready to go out to dinner, but he waits patiently. He understands that you might be more emotional, so he listens.

His patience and kindness don’t go unnoticed. He will not lose his temper because dinner is 30 minutes late, nor will he resort to fits of rage because things don’t go his way.

10. He’s Nurturing

Women are often considered nurturers by nature, but many men are just as nurturing. According to an article published by the American University of Sharjah, family structures have altered in the past couple of decades. It’s not uncommon for men to raise children without the help of a spouse these days.

The article referenced a man who successfully raised six kids when his wife died. Studies have proven that men can be good mothers, too, especially if they tend to be nurturing and strong.

11. A Stong Man Has a Healthy Self-Esteem

When a man is strong mentally, he’s often misunderstood as haughty or arrogant. He’s not a narcissist, but he doesn’t lack assurance. His self-confidence is intact, but he would never be disrespectful to others, wherein lies the difference between strong men and those with toxic personalities.

He knows his strengths and weaknesses well and knows how to handle praise and learn from rejection.

12. Shows Empathy and Compassion

Part of his strength comes from how he cares for others. A mentally strong man shows empathy. Just because he sympathizes with you doesn’t mean he agrees with things you’ve done or said, but he tries to see your point of view.

Strong men put themselves in the shoes of others to see how they might feel, think, and react to situations. Compassion runs congruently with empathy, as part of understanding others is to feel sympathy for those genuinely hurting.

13. He’s Flexible and Can Adapt to Change

His strength comes from living and adjusting to the tides of life. He’s flexible and adaptable because he knows life is constantly changing. When the winds of change blow, he doesn’t get bent out of shape, as he knows there will be ebbs and flows.

He’s learned how to adapt and not fall to pieces when things go wrong. He tries not to worry or obsess about things beyond his control. He deals with each situation as it comes.

14. He Respects Boundaries

A strong man knows that boundaries are the foundation of any healthy relationship. He has limitations, and he expects his partner to have them too. He will respect your boundaries and wants you to do the same.

If you crossed one of these confines, he would view it as infringing on his rights. However, he’s willing to talk it out and forgive.

15. He Knows How to Say “No”

A man that will tell you “No” is strong, as he knows his limits. He is comfortable using this word that so many avoid, and he feels no shame or guilt.

If someone tries to put more on his plate than he can handle, he will stand up for himself. He knows when his emotional responsibility ends and feels liberation and freedom by using this simple two-letter word.

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Final Thoughts on Recognizing the Key Traits of a Strong Man

The strong man knows precisely what he wants out of life. He feels comfortable in his skin and knows who he is and where he’s going. While he wants to make a good living and have money, he’s not invested in material wealth.

His inner strength comes from knowing that people are more important than the greatest riches. He strives to do what makes him happy, all while staying on the path to accomplishing his dreams. Being in a relationship with this man feels like destiny.

As a partner, he’s forgiving, has good communication skills, and is empathetic toward your needs. He’ll encourage, love, and devote his time to making you happy. Finding a man of this caliber and strength is a treasure indeed.