A Star Child is a unique living person who, unlike most of us, has special perceptive abilities. This metaphysical concept of a Star Child is sometimes called a Star Seed or an Old Soul. If you think you could be a Star Child, read about these five common traits that these highly aware individuals share.

5 Common Traits of A ‘Star Child’

1. They are empathic and aware.

Often the first to reach out in empathy, a Star Child commonly sees people who are hurting emotionally and want to help. These people act like observers of others rather than participants in conversations or activities that people engage in. As an observer, they are curious about people and especially how they love. These people
are sensitive to body language, facial expressions, and tone of voice that reveal more than words do.

2. They demonstrate wisdom beyond their years.

At a young age, people may have thought you were a genius due to the significant concepts you could easily understand. This is a common trait for Star Children because they have likely incarnated as a living being before this life. They understand things beyond their physical form and the limits of Earth.

3. A Star Child feels they do not belong on Earth

Feeling that you have more in common with fantasy creatures in fictional stories than you do with human beings is a common trait for Star Children. A Star Child may feel unaccepted by others because of their unusual thoughts and behavior. A Star Child is often a person who finds spiritual inspiration in the stories of aliens, vampire stories, and science fiction novels.

Researchers studying people involved in alternative spiritualities find that as people are selective about spirituality, they create new myths. A belief in Star Children can be seen as an alternative spirituality since this concept is not common in traditional religious paths.

4. A Star Child knows they have lived several past lives

The concept of reincarnation is something a Star Child is familiar with and may feel like they have lived several previous lives. Research Psychiatrist Ian Stevenson from the University of Virginia, investigated reports of Star Children who claimed to remember past lives. In over 2500 case studies, Stevenson documented each child’s statements and then identified the deceased person the child had memories of being in a past life. In each case, he verified facts about the dead person’s life that matched what the Star Child reported.

Swedish stem cell researchers found that the average age of cells in an adult body would be between 7 and 10 years. They say “Considering this sober evidence, we can understand that as we age, our bodily cells are replaced regularly. Hence, we have a constantly changing body. However, our consciousness of who we are, remains unchanging.“ In this sense, our consciousness is immortal, which means that it could possibly travel through many changing bodies in time. The researchers say “This is the rational explanation of reincarnation.”

5. A Star Child finds love everywhere.

A Star Child is often calm, smiling, and the first to hug a stranger in a world filled with unhappiness and frustrations. Unconditional love is all around for the Star Child, because they can see beyond the negative emotions people outwardly display when hurt.

A Star Child commonly uses their loving nature to help heal others around them. They have a high degree of emotional intelligence and they spread positive emotions to those who are being outwardly negative. As a result of the unconditional love they give to others, a Star Child receives unconditional love returned to them from all of those they help.