At the beginning of your relationship, both partners tend to be positive and uplifting. As time goes on, the stresses of life catch up to you again. When that happens, feelings and emotions shift, and you might find that your spouse is a negative thinker.

Even if your spouse is a negative thinker, you love them and want what is best for you both. However, their negative thinking might get the best of you and put a strain on your relationship. These phrases of encouragement can help you and save your relationship while uplifting your spouse.

Words of encouragement can help your partner overcome their negative thoughts. Plus, it helps keep your affection strong as you work through obstacles and setbacks together. On the other hand, if you respond to their negative thoughts with negativity, it worsens the problem.

Fifteen Phrases of Encouragement When Your Spouse is a Negative Thinker

Not only does responding with negativity make the situation worse, but it affects your well-being, too. You might notice that you revert to negative thinking to match your partner’s mindset. By learning phrases of encouragement for when your spouse is a negative thinker, you’ll help both of you get by.

spouse is a negative thinker
1. I’m lucky to have you because you’re a great partner.

When your spouse knows you feel lucky to have them, they’ll begin to think more highly of themselves, too. If you notice they’re drowning in negativity, use this phrase of encouragement to remind them of how great they are. Plus, it’ll strengthen your relationship as you reaffirm your feelings to your partner.

At the beginning of your relationship, you likely voiced your thoughts often. As you get more comfortable in your relationship, it doesn’t always happen as often. Try to remind your partner of their importance in your life every day.

2. You are closer to success than you think, don’t give up now.

If your spouse is a negative thinker, they will likely have days where they feel like giving up. They might start to question whether their hard work will pay off, especially if they encounter obstacles or setbacks. Don’t hesitate to use this positive phrase of encouragement to encourage them to persevere.

Remind your partner that success could be closer than they think, but they’ll never know if they stop now. Each day gets them one step closer to their goals, so keep the positive encouragement flowing for them.

3. Your hard work and determination will pay off.

If your partner tends to get frustrated or gives up on tasks, use this phrase of encouragement. Remind them that the only way to accomplish anything is by working hard. When you notice that their negative thoughts are taking over, please encourage them to keep going and see what happens.

4. I am so happy that I get to love you.

When your partner is a negative thinker, they might feel like you don’t care or love them. Sometimes, they might convince themselves that they make you unhappy. If their negative thoughts go in this direction, reassure them of how much you love them.

When they know you’re happy to be with them, they will think clearly and more positively. All couples should tell each other these things, but it’s especially essential when someone often thinks negatively.

5. I’m proud of you for doing the right thing.

Some negative thinkers stress about having to do the right thing in a challenging situation. If your partner questions their actions or decisions but you know they did the right thing, tell them so.

They’ll feel better knowing that you agree with what they did and that you support them. Plus, if you tell your partner that you’re proud of them, it can alleviate their negative thoughts and change their mood.

6. You have a new chance tomorrow, so try to think positively.

If your partner had a bad day, encourage them to stay positive as they think of the future. Each day is a new chance to try again, and reminding them can help them get through. Plus, they’ll remember your encouragement when they wake up in the morning, helping them start on a positive note.

7. You have great ideas, and I love to hear everything about them.

Negative people tend to question their ideas, even if they thought they were great originally. Their negative thoughts take over, and they begin to believe it was a bad idea. When this happens, please encourage them by telling them that their ideas are great.

Then, take it a step further and tell them that you love to hear about their ideas. By getting them talking about it again, they’ll get excited, and their negativity will ease.

spouse is a negative thinker
8. I support you because I know you can do it.

With support, your spouse will experience less negativity. Sometimes the negative thoughts stem from feeling unsupported in their goals and lifestyle. Make sure they know that you’re there and that you have faith in them.

If your partner knows that you believe in them, they’ll feel better about the situation. Help them overcome their negative thoughts by using this phrase of encouragement.

9. You’re a strong person, and you can get through this tough time.

Sometimes people need to be reminded of their strength, especially during hard times. If you notice your partner struggling, make sure you offer words of encouragement to help them. When you tell them that you know they can get through it, they’ll feel their inner strength growing.

With your help and encouragement, they can overcome anything they’re going through. Please make sure you offer frequent reminders of their strength and ability to get through anything.

10. We’re a team, and I’m here to help you.

Don’t even let your spouse feel like they’re alone in life. You’re a team, so make sure they know you think that way. When they know you’re willing to help with anything and that you want to be there, they’ll experience less negativity.

Plus, they will see that you won’t give up on them, even during their most challenging times. This phrase of encouragement can change their mindset and help them work toward their goals without faltering.

11. Working through this is making you stronger.

With a negative mindset, your partner might not see the positive aspects of a situation. Acknowledge the good things whenever you can, including how it’s making them stronger. If they can acknowledge that they’re growing from the experience, they might look at it differently.

12. Our future together is beautiful, no matter what happens right now.

If something terrible has happened or your partner experienced a setback, then this phrase is perfect. Don’t hesitate to tell them that no matter what happens, you have a beautiful future together. If it helps, remind them of all the dreams you have together and explain that it’s all in the works.

When they can positively envision their future, they’ll experience less negative thinking. Anytime you sense negativity, bring up your plans to help them get through.

13. It might not have worked out the way you wanted it to, but you are not a failure.

Negative thinkers struggle to remember that failing doesn’t mean it’s the end of their chances. Offer this phrase of encouragement, reminding them that they can still accomplish their goals. Even if things didn’t turn out the way they planned the first time, they have limitless chances.

It could help to remind them that failing is another chance to learn. Then, when they try again, they’ll have a better chance of success.

14. I’m listening to you and want to understand what you’re saying.

Negative thoughts can happen when someone feels like you aren’t listening to them. Your partner wants to feel heard, so let them know that you are listening. If they get frustrated when you ask questions, tell them that you’re only trying to understand better.

With better communication, your partner will likely feel more optimistic. Let them know that you’re listening and trying to understand what they’re saying. This encouragement can make all the difference in changing their mindset.

15. We will get through this together if we stay positive.

Even if they have to find another way to accomplish their dreams, they can do it with you by their side. If your partner knows that you aren’t going anywhere, they’ll feel better about the situation. Remind them that staying positive will help you get through it together.

Spouse is a Negative Thinker
Final Thoughts on Phrases of Encouragement When Your Spouse is a Negative Thinker

Phrases of encouragement can help you when your spouse is a negative thinker. The terms will help you stay positive as you work on helping your partner get through the negativity. Plus, the positivity will help your partner change their mindset, too.

As you say these positive phrases of encouragement, your spouse will feel your support. With your help, they’ll be more open to positivity and acknowledging the good in their life. Your words can make all the difference, so use these phrases instead of responding negatively.