Are you a positive person, or do you tend to have a more negative outlook on life? You might even ask: What are the signs of a positive thinker?

Some folks are just waiting for things to turn around before becoming more positive, but will that day ever come? No one event will make or break your happiness, as you must decide that whatever comes your way, you’re going to remain optimistic.

Positive folks have a certain mindset that programs them to take whatever happens to them in stride. It’s not that the positive don’t get stressed out, but these folks have learned how to let things roll off their back rather than dwell on them. If you linger in the land of negativity for too long can affect your mental and physical health.

Ten Common Signs of a Positive Thinker

There are many signs of a positive thinker. For instance, they know that today is a good day to have a good day, and they’re not waiting for anything spectacular to happen to make or break their mood. If you want to adopt some optimistic habits, here are ten ways to think the positive.

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1. They Leave the Past in the Past

Everyone has good and bad memories, but a positive person has learned to keep the hurtful ones where they belong. While it’s okay to reminisce about the good old days occasionally, they would rather be busy making new memories. They don’t want to invest their time or energy crying over spilled milk, as there are much more productive things to do with their time.

They use the past lessons as stepping stones to a brighter future, and they certainly aren’t going to ruminate about all the mistakes.

2. They’re Not Victims but Empowered Folks

Have you ever seen someone have a victim mentality? This negative mindset is quite toxic and can keep them from moving forward in life. They use the bad things that have happened to them as a crutch.

Signs of a positive thinker tend to be refreshing: they don’t hold grudges and forgive the past. It’s essential to make peace with yesterday so that you can move on to a brighter future. Unforgiveness doesn’t hurt other people nearly as much as it hurts you.

The Mayo Clinic states that if you don’t allow forgiveness in your life, then you can be swallowed up by bitterness or feelings of injustice.

The article further says that forgiveness doesn’t always mean reconciliation, but it cuts the toxic action’s ties on you.

3. They Don’t Let Fear Interfere With Their Life

Fear can be crippling if you allow it to be, but the positive folks understand that failures are just as much a part of life as winning. Even when life knocks them down, they have enough confidence within themself to get back up and try again.

The personal resilience that these people have is remarkable. According to Leslie Riopel, MSc. from Positive Psychology, people with resilience tend to adapt well and bounce back quickly, so there’s very little that keeps them down. It’s not that these folks don’t have heartache and pain, but it’s that they’ve learned how to recover from traumatic or stressful upheavals.

4. They Don’t Get Stuck With Their Limitations

Rather than focusing on all the things they can’t do and their limitations, the positive folks focus on what they can do. They have a realistic outlook on life, knowing there’s no perfect situation. They’re eager to step into resolution mode when trouble comes knocking at their door.

These are not the type of people that chase their tail or spin their wheels. They’re very driven and strive not to let anything destroy their happiness. Sure, they have limits, but it’s not the focus of their attention.

They love themselves enough to know that they have so many gifts to offer the world that these blessings should be what they concentrate on.

5. They Know Life’s Seasons Bring Pain and Sorrow As Well as Sunshine

There’re some misconceptions about the optimistic, and one of the biggest delusions is that they’re always happy. Sadly, it’s virtually impossible for someone always to be happy. There are many emotions in life that people experience, such as sadness, anger, and even disappointments, and they’re all a part of living you must endure.

If someone says they’re always happy, they’re living in denial. However, one of the signs of a positive thinker is that they have hope and faith that there’s light at the end of the tunnel when they go through the darkest times.

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6. They Understand the Difference Between Quitting and Letting Go

Some people like to hold onto things both physically and internally. Do you have old clothes in your closet that you keep because you think you will fit into them again one day? You’ve probably had those clothes for years, and you know that it’s going to take a lot of work to get back into them.

Still, you can’t seem to part with them as you paid good money for these items. Positive people know that hanging onto stuff for too long can cause them significant problems. They know that hanging onto toxic ideas, unhealthy beliefs, and people that are no good for them can impair their judgment and life.

These folks have learned to trust their gut instinct and judgment and let go of the negative things hindering their happiness. When it comes to relationships, they don’t hang around situations that rob their joy, as they know their worth.

7. They Make Everyday a Good Day

Positive folks don’t wait, hope, and wish that things will fall into place for them to become happy. Instead, they fill their vocabulary with words and phrases that will be positively charged rather than negatively based. By being proactive with their language, it lessens their reactive urges.

The difference between someone positive and someone negative is that they’re involved in constructive behaviors rather than destructive ones. Rather than wishing things would be better, they take charge to make it happen.

8. They’re Great Communicators

These individuals understand that excellent communication is the best way to connect with others in their life. They tend to evade being judgmental or having enraged interchanges with folks. Additionally, they will never let someone else’s emotional outbursts give them a reason to react, so don’t expect to get a rise out of them.

Instead, these folks come across as individuals with tact and finesse. No one will push them around, but they know how to let people know how to treat them without losing their cool. Another sign of a positive thinker is that they won’t push their problems off others, as they tend to be private about those things.

9. They Practice Gratitude

An attitude of gratitude is undoubtedly one of the signs of a positive thinker. Life is like a treasure chest with each day; there’s something new and exciting to discover. They are thankful for all their blessings, and they look for the “pot of gold” in each day.

Sure, they have bad days and hit a few snags in life, but they won’t focus on those things. Instead, they want to experience new sights, feelings, and sensations as they are very present in the moment.

10. They Smile a Lot

What’s on the inside will show on the outside. One of the signs of a positive thinker is they tend to smile a lot. Their smiles are contagious, so if you’re with someone like this, you can’t help but smile too.

Many of these folks have a good sense of humor and tend to keep things on the lighter side. They try not to take themselves too seriously as they tend to go with the flow. You will notice that these folks have great self-respect, which helps them keep things in perspective.

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Final Thoughts on Signs of a Positive Thinker

Do you have more signs of a positive or negative thinker as you evaluate this list? While nothing positive about being negative, the good news is that you can do something about it. You can make a change starting today.

Start with just one small thing and work your way up to more positive outlooks. Do you have unforgiveness in your heart over past hurts? Maybe you can start by letting them go through the power of forgiveness.

One of the best signs of a positive thinker is that they don’t let the past define or cripple them. They don’t want anything to inhibit a bright future. It’s time to lay down the toxic thought processes and adopt new, healthier ones.