Many signs of affection can reveal that someone is in love, even if they aren’t in a relationship. It’s easy to miss these signs, but if you know what to look for, you’re sure to spot them. You might think some of the signs are obligatory, but they wouldn’t happen unless someone cared on a deeper level.

Everyone shows affection differently, with some people preferring physical signs and others desiring emotional indicators. However, either way, there are usually some similarities that you can watch out for. Physical and emotional signs of affection are beneficial, and they can help you determine how another person prefers to communicate emotions.

If you miss any of the signs, you could lose someone important in your life. You might not realize how much they cared for you, making you afraid to show affection in return. By learning the signs of affection that indicate someone is in love, you’ll know how to respond.

Once you spot the signs of affection from someone, you’ll know that they care about you. Plus, if you show signs of affection, it’ll help show that you care about someone else, too. Before identifying the signs, it’ll help to understand physical and emotional signs of affection first.

Physical Signs of Affection

When someone prefers physical affection, they will likely be touchy-feely. The person will enjoy hugging, kissing, holding hands, and playing fighting. Before entering a relationship, they’ll show subtle signs of affection in physical ways.

However, some people don’t enjoy physical affection and prefer emotional attachment. It doesn’t make them cold people. Instead, it means that they aren’t as comfortable with physical touch.

If you prefer physical affection and care about someone who doesn’t, you may want to switch it up when communicating. Rather than leaning toward physical touch, you’ll want to show affection in a way they’re comfortable with instead. If you aren’t satisfied with a lack of physical love, it’s something to consider before getting into a relationship.

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Emotional Signs of Affection

Some people prefer emotional affection and lean toward showing their emotions through caring for someone. They are the type who want to help the person they care about and do acts of kindness to make them happy. If you prefer to show signs of emotional affection, you’ll do things to show that you’re thinking about another person.

When you have feelings for someone who prefers physical affection, you might have to compromise. They might not respond to emotional signs, so you’ll have to consider whether it’s something you can bend on.

Fifteen Signs of Affection That Reveal Someone Is in Love

1. Buying Small Gifts for No Reason

When someone buys little gifts without reason, it’s a sign they often think of the other person. This sign of emotional affection shows that random things remind them of you. If someone surprises you with your favorite drink or treat, it shows that they care on a deeper level.

2. Holding Hands Is One of the First Signs of Affection

If a couple holds hands, it’s a sign that they are in love. The couple might hold hands out in public or sit at home watching a movie. Either way, it’s a sure sign of physical affection that you shouldn’t ignore.

Holding hands is common for couples, but it means more than you likely realize. It shows that they are proud to be with you and that touching you brings them comfort. Don’t miss this sign and leave your love hanging without reciprocation.

3. Checking in to See If They Made It Home

A quick message or phone call to see if someone made it home is meaningful. It indicates the other person cares and worries about your well-being. If they didn’t love you, they wouldn’t think to check in on you.

4. Kissing

Whether they kiss someone on the lips or anywhere else on the face, it’s a sign of being in love. Kissing someone on the forehead is even more indicative of love because it’s a gentle and tender sign of affection.

5. Touching for No Reason

When someone regularly touches another person on the arm, shoulder, or anywhere else, it’s a sign of affection. They will look for any excuse to touch the person they care about, no matter the situation. If someone rubs your arm when talking, don’t ignore their sign of flirting if you’re also interested.

6. Gentle Play Fighting

Gentle play fighting is a common type of flirting that means more than most people realize. It’s often a missed sign because people assume it’s a friendly action instead. However, it’s an excuse for someone that loves you to form a physical connection without seeming weird.

7. Worrying About the Other Person

It’s a sure sign of affection if you worry about someone when they aren’t with you. Likewise, if someone worries about you, you can assume the person has more profound feelings. Worrying about someone’s well-being shows a deep connection that wouldn’t happen if they didn’t feel love.

8. Playing with Their Hair

If someone plays with your hair, it’s a sign of physical affection. When the person looks at you, they want to reach out and connect somehow. For many, touching the hair makes them feel closer to the person they love.

Plus, if someone plays with their hair while talking to you, it’s another sign of affection. It shows that the person is open to the person they love. Plus, it could indicate that they are nervous about making a good impression while talking to you.

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9. Dropping Everything When the Person Needs Something

Making someone a priority is a sure sign of deeper feelings. If you tell someone, you had a rough day. They might cancel their plans to spend time with you. Or, if you tell them that you need something, they could rush out to bring it to you.

Anytime someone makes time for you when you don’t have plans, you can assume they care deeply. People are busy, and even a few sporadic minutes of their time means much.

10. One of the Most Pleasurable Signs of Affection–Giving Massages

If anyone willingly gives you a massage, it’s a sign that they have deep feelings for you. It gives them an intimate way to form a physical connection, something they wouldn’t do if they didn’t feel love. Even if it is only a shoulder massage, it’s a sure sign that they are looking for reasons to touch you.

11. Voicing Their Feelings

When someone says that they love or care about you, it’s a sign of affection. Typically, people don’t say these things to anyone they feel deeply about. They might also be specific and say what they like about the other person.

12. Offering to Make Someone Food

Checking if someone ate breakfast, lunch, or dinner is a sign that someone cares deeply. Offering to make someone food to ensure they aren’t hungry is even more telling. If someone in your life often checks in to see if you’ve eaten, don’t assume they’re just being polite.

13. Frequent Cuddling and Hugging (One of the Most Common Signs of Affection)

For people that prefer physical affection, cuddling and hugging are some of their favorite ways to show love. It’s a sure way to show intimacy and promote satisfaction within your relationship. If you’re in a relationship with someone who prefers physical intimacy, you can use this method to show them how much you care.

14. Taking Care of Someone When They Are Sick or Unwell

Sometimes the person might only be tired, but taking care of them is a sign that you feel deeply for them. You might continually ask them if everything is okay when you notice something is off. Even if they say everything is fine, you’ll trust your gut and go out of your way to help them.

If someone insists on taking care of you or encouraging you to rest while taking over your task, don’t ignore it. It’s a sign that the person loves you, even if they’ve never said it aloud.

15. Randomly Thinking of Them

If you send a text message during the day to let someone know you care, it is a subtle sign of affection. Even if the text message only says “hi,” it shows that you care for another person and initiates a conversation. Likewise, when someone sends you random messages, it shows that they have feelings for you, too.

You might receive a random picture of something that made someone think of you. Even still, it’s a sign that there could be some deeper feelings involved.

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Final Thoughts on Signs of Affection That Reveal Someone Is in Love.

Signs of affection come in many forms, so you must know what to look for. When you know the signs, you can tell if someone is in love. Sometimes, identifying the signs can even help you realize that you are in love.

Whether you prefer physical or emotional affection, you can watch for these signs from a potential partner. Likewise, you can show the person you love some of these signs so that they know you’re falling in love.