Meet a woman who no longer shaves and is fearless about explaining why.

If you’ve tuned in to the ongoing societal conversations around gender and beauty standards, you might have noticed a growing trend. Many women today choose to ditch their razors and quit shaving their body hair. This shift may surprise some, mainly because women’s body hair removal has been a well-established norm in Western societies for years.

So, what motivation might be behind this trend?

We will discover the myriad reasons why many women are choosing to forgo the razor.

Meet Angelica, an Instagrammer Who Has Stopped Shaving

Angelica Abbey is a 20-year-old from Leeds in the United Kingdom. She was brave enough to document her experiences on Instagram and share them with the Power of Positivity. She has not shaved her legs for six years or her armpits or bikini area for over two months. In an interview with the PoP team, she explained why she chose to forego shaving.

Her reason? Simply put, she felt better about herself when she freed herself of the razor. Beautiful. Confident. Self-assured. She just likes her body hair. Here’s her explanation:

“I stopped shaving my legs because I wanted to feel more comfortable in my own skin. I realized that I didn’t need to follow traditional beauty standards to feel good about myself.”

She also describes how most of her friends and family support her decision, even the females who still shave. If someone gives her a hard time, her response is unwavering:

“I don’t shave for the haters, I shave to feel good for myself and people who love me. I don’t shave for others; I shave for me, myself, and I. The more you tell me to shave, the less likely I am to do it.”

She explained that her decision to grow her body hair has also not harmed her love relationships. Now single, Angelica explained that her last partner made her feel appreciated and reassured, regardless of her decision. She quickly explained that she would not allow a future partner’s opinion to sway her. Instead, she remains steadfast in her decision and will not let others project their insecurities onto her.

Angelica also shared advice for other women who hope to chuck the razor for good.

“My message to any woman wanting to quit the razor is to take your time. Set yourself goals, and treat yourself with something you enjoy doing! This journey is not easy but will be rewarding over time.”


13 Reasons Women Have Decided to Quit Shaving

After checking in with many women who no longer shave (but declined an interview with us), we rounded up the reasons why they stopped.

1. Challenging Societal Norms

Many women opt out of shaving primarily to challenge societal expectations and beauty standards. Hairless bodies have been promoted as the epitome of femininity and beauty for too long. But is it fair to hold women to a standard that requires such an extensive routine? More and more women are rejecting this notion. So instead, they prefer to shatter the rules and define beauty on their terms.

2. Body Autonomy

The decision not to shave is a powerful declaration of body autonomy. Many women seek to make a conscious choice to control what happens to their bodies, whether they relate to hair removal, fashion choices, or sporting tattoos and body art. It’s a way for some women to assert, “This is my body, and I’ll choose what to do with it.”

3. Save Time & Money

Shaving is time-consuming. Besides that, it can get expensive over time. Consider the hours spent in the shower and the cost of razors, creams, and lotions. Opting out of this routine can save significant time and money. These women have decided to allocate their resources elsewhere.

4. Shaving Is Not Environmentally Friendly

Choosing not to shave is an environmentally conscious choice for many reasons. First, shaving often involves disposable razors, shaving cream cans, and waxing strips, all contributing to landfill waste. Second, the act of shaving typically requires a significant amount of water.  For those conscious of water conservation, letting go of the razor can be valuable to preserving this crucial resource. Thus, some women who refrain from shaving view it as a pragmatic way to reduce one’s ecological footprint and support a more sustainable lifestyle.

5. Embracing Natural Bodies

Just as many people are learning to appreciate the natural curves and so many sizes of bodies, others can now appreciate body hair. It’s natural, after all. By not shaving, women challenge the idea that they must alter their natural state for others to consider them attractive.

6. Comfort and Health

Shaving can lead to several issues. These may include skin irritation, rashes, and ingrown hair. Some women feel physically more comfortable without those outcomes caused by these common side effects of shaving. Additionally, some women will quickly remind you that pubic hair serves a protective function, reducing the risk of infections.

7. Fostering Equality

Choosing not to shave can also be viewed as a move towards fostering equality. Some women see it as a pushback against double standards between genders. After all, men are typically not expected to remove their body hair. In fact, many societies value male beards. Some women challenge this discrepancy by choosing not to shave and promoting equality.


8. Promoting Mental Health

Body image issues can have a significant impact on one’s mental health. For some women, stopping shaving can be the first step towards self-acceptance and positive body image. Thus, it contributes to improved mental well-being.

9. Encouraging Open Conversation

Some women aim to open up broader conversations about beauty standards, expectations, and the pressure to conform by defying traditional expectations around women’s body hair. They hope to create a more open and accepting society where personal grooming choices are considered personal.

10. Quitting Shaving as a Means of Exploring Personal Identity

The choice to grow their body hair can be a part of exploring personal identity. Some women might choose not to shave to express their style or explore their femininity or gender identity outside of past societal norms.

11. Advocating for Change in Media Representation

Some women might quit the razor to advocate for more diverse representation in media. The vast majority of women in media appear with smooth, hairless bodies. Some believe these standards reinforce the pressure on women to conform to them. Women can challenge this lack of diversity in media representation by choosing not to shave.

12. Normalizing Body Hair in Public Spaces

Many women who give up shaving hope to normalize the presence of body hair in public spaces. They hope that by proudly displaying their body hair in settings like beaches or gyms, they can help to make body hair a less taboo topic and make these spaces more welcoming for all women, regardless of their personal grooming choices.

13. Body Hair Related to Aesthetics and Sensation

Some women are like Angelica Abbey. They find that they like the way their body hair looks or feels. They might enjoy the natural aesthetic of body hair or the sensation of body hair against their clothing or skin. 

body hair

Final Thoughts on Why Women Are Quitting Shaving

The decision to shave or not is a highly personal one. In fact, there are as many reasons for making this choice as there are individuals. The most important thing is that each woman can make the right choice for her, free from judgment or pressure.

Understanding that there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to body hair is crucial to acceptance for all. The choice to shave or not to shave should be entirely up to the individual. Most importantly, each woman feels empowered to decide about her body based on her comfort, beliefs, and desires. Whether that means being smooth as a dolphin or embracing the fuzz, it’s all about personal preference. 

As this trend continues to gain momentum, we will likely see an even more diverse array of choices and attitudes toward women’s body hair. So here’s to the freedom of choice, personal empowerment, and the wonderfully diverse ways women express their femininity!

As for Angelica Abbey, she stays open to changing her mind later while remaining committed to doing what feels best for her. “At the moment, I’m not shaving, but I might decide to shave again in the future! I think it’s important for anyone to choose what they want to do with their body hair.”

Well said, Angelica!