Women Explain 5 Reasons They Stopped Shaving Completely

Women Explain 5 Reasons They Stopped Shaving Completely

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Most women shave at least some part of their bodies, but many women have stopped shaving completely. This lifestyle change may be hard to understand at first, but you shouldn’t judge it until you know the details. These ladies have well thought out their reasons for skipping shaving and make sense once you hear their reasoning.

Currently, nearly 85% of women in the United States shave their body hair regularly. This is considered to be normal since it has been the way of life for a very long time. Some women, however, aren’t interested in what is normal in society, and they want to forge their path.

Their reasons for making this change vary depending on which woman you ask. This only shows that there are many reasons for them to have stopped shaving. These reasons range from saving time to having healthier skin and many reasons in between.

5 Reasons Women Stopped Shaving

Here are just five reasons why women across Twitter stopped shaving.


1. To Save Time

stopped shavingShaving takes time, and some women feel they don’t have enough time to think about it. It is believed that women spend up to 72 days of her life shaving only her legs. So, if you add in other parts of the body, that number of days only increases.

It takes up even more time to shave properly, avoiding nicks and irritation than a quick shave would. So, either way, it takes time, and to do it properly, the amount of time is even greater.

Not only do women have to use extra time and caution to avoid nicks and irritation, but they also have quite a bit of upkeep. When someone shaves, the hair can grow back rapidly, which causes uncomfortable, pokey stubble. Because of this, women have to shave often to avoid stubble and use special creams and exfoliators.

The more steps and products added to the mix, the longer it will take a woman to shave. So, many women are just skipping the process altogether and saving quite a bit of time.

A Twitter user using the handle @proboo_east explained, “This sums up exactly why I stopped wearing women’s clothing. Now, I don’t meet the standards of what a woman should be (I also save hours every month by not shaving). The mental energy constantly being expended to exist without conflict from others as a woman is mind-crushing.” While she has a few different reasons why she stopped shaving, she is sure to point out how many hours she saves

Another Twitter user going by the handle @LRohmmy gave a shorter but effective response. She explained, “shaving your legs takes too long, that’s why I don’t do it.”

So, as you can see, many women choose to save their time for more productive tasks.

2. It Can Hurt

Anyone who has shaved before knows the risks they are taking when it comes to pain. There are many painful aspects to consider from common issues such as razor burn and shaving nicks to more serious issues such as rashes and inflammation.

Even the basic risks are painful and uncomfortable and can lead to further issues. Razor burn often comes with razor bumps, which cause a rash, skin tenderness, and inflammation.

It’s not as if they only have to deal with this once in a while for women. When women regularly shave their body hair, these painful issues are something they deal with every couple of days. Even if they went with a different hair removal method, such as waxing or plucking, there is pain involved.

If you only consider the most basic pain involved with shaving, you can still understand why some women stopped shaving. No matter how careful you try to be, cuts from a razor happen. If you end up with one on the back of your knee, consider how much it hurts each time you walk.

One Twitter user with the handle @Ggggcat1 posted, “Stopped shaving armpits as a quarantine experiment bc mine were always really sore. Also partly political I guess. I like it tho – I smell better because my skin’s not irritated & I like the soft hair. Looking in the mirror at an adult woman made me like my body more too.” While she gave multiple reasons for not shaving, she mentions the soreness and irritated skin that she doesn’t experience anymore.

3. They Don’t Mind Having Hair on Their Bodies and Don’t Want to Conform

Some women don’t care about having hair on their bodies. It doesn’t bother them, and if that’s the case, there’s no reason to bother with it. Since it’s natural, they don’t feel the need to remove the hair and conform to society’s standards of women.

Women who stopped shaving to stop conforming realized they were only shaving because of social pressure. By stopping, they feel they are setting a better example for young girls because they are showing you don’t have to conform. They view it as a way of making decisions for themselves based on their desires.

One Twitter user going by @Sian_J67 said, “I used to shave all year round as a young adult, and then I realized that all of this “self-care” was just social pressure to be hairless and I don’t wanna live in that kinda world, so why would I model those expectations for future generations?”

Another Twitter user, @sanguinate, explained, “I feel like society has moved past the need for shaved legs.” She states that it isn’t necessary to shave your legs if you don’t want to and that society doesn’t need it.

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4. Their Body Temperature is Better Regulated

Animals have hair and fur to keep them warm, and it can do the same for humans. This is why humans have hair on their heads because it insulates and keeps you warm. Body hair does the same thing, plus it can sense temperature changes and adjust your body ahead of time.

This could be why men tend to stay warmer than women. Men tend to have more body hair as it is, and when women shave theirs off, they are left with little protection.


A Twitter user using the handle @radvaz stated that she needed her body hair to stay warm. In a tweet, she shared, “There will be no shaving until February. I need my fur to stay warm.”

Another Twitter user, @SladeKelsey, posted, “Hairy legs are so freeing! I love my leg hair, it keeps me warm in the cold, it’s soft, you can play with it, and it feels great blowing in the wind! Hair is human and beautiful”.

5. To Be Healthier

Finally, some women have stopped shaving to be healthier. You may think that your body hair has nothing to do with your health, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case.

When you get cut shaving, it opens your body to infections that it would normally protect you from. Ingrown hairs caused by shaving do the same thing, furthering your risk of infection.

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