Relationships can come in all kinds of styles, from super-serious soulmates, to casual Friday night dinners. Relationships are meant to grow and change. After all, if they remained stagnant, they wouldn’t be so much fun. But how can you tell when your relationship is shifting from something casual, to something much more serious? Some signs may be obvious, but some may be much more subtle. Keep an eye out for signs that your relationship is ready to move on to the next level, and that you and your partner are starting to get serious.


“If someone seriously wants to be part of your life, they will seriously make an effort to be in it. No reasons. No excuses.” – Unknown Author


Passwords are important – after all, they could lock you out of your Netflix account with a few clicks. So, sharing your Netflix account and password is a sign that you trust them – and that you’re interested in what types of things they like to watch. This isn’t just limited to Netflix, either. HBO and Hulu accounts are also big serious steps in upping your relationship intimacy. Sharing passwords of any kind are a show of good faith that your partner won’t misuse it. It takes a lot of trust.

serious relationship


That immediate rush of excitement when your favorite show drops a new season is often damped with the knowledge that you want to wait until you’re with your partner. This is a sign of intimacy and wanting to share everything with your partner. If it was a casual thing, you might watch it anyway and casually mention it. A more serious relationship will have the both of you sitting down together with twin excitement to experience it together for the first time.

3. You’ve said goodbye to dating apps

This is definitely a sign that you’re not interested in changing partners any time soon. Your dating apps lay unforgotten on the third screen of your phone, notifications piling up that you don’t answer, until one day you just get rid of it altogether. Your relationship is getting serious once you realize that there’s no reason for you to keep that dating app around, since you’ve found the one you want to spend all your time with. However, make sure your partner isn’t still snooping around on dating sites either – this step has to be a two-way street.

4. You’re the most recent conversation on their phone

Texting throughout your day means that you’re eager to share every interesting or funny thing that happens throughout your day with your partner. You don’t text just to confirm when you’re going to see one another. You text them your thoughts and feelings, but still have endless things to talk about once you see each other. Keeping the flow of communication open is a big sign that your relationship is getting serious.

5. They save your detailed contact info

Some people don’t save every single phone number in their phone, but rather use their phone as a place to gather only the people that the plan on contacting regularly. When you save one another in your phones, it means that you plan on getting in contact and keeping that contact. It may not feel like a big deal for some people, but for others it’s a way of creating an air of intimacy – you’ll always be in one another’s pockets.

6. Family members friend request you…and you accept.

In a casual relationship, you might not even meet your partner’s family at all. But once things start getting serious, family starts to get involved. After all, they are a potential step-family as well. So, when you start getting a friend quest from your partner’s family members, you know that they’ve talked about you enough that the family is eager to meet you. If you feel the same way, there’s no reason not to accept!

7. You’re not afraid to give away your phone password.

Letting your partner into your phone is the ultimate form of trust. Some people like their privacy, and it doesn’t mean they’re hiding anything. But when your partner lets you into their phone, they know you’re probably going to snoop around – or, they trust you not to! Either way, they’re comfortable letting you into their phone and it shows they have nothing to hide, and that they trust you. Even better, of course, is getting your fingerprint added into their phone to open it with one touch.

serious relationship

8. You spread it on SM thick.

Whether it be Instagram, Facebook or SnapChat, if the both of you can’t resist snapping pictures of one another and showing each other off, you’re getting serious. Being able to show everyone who you’re with is a step further than just a casual thing. It means that you want your friends and family to be aware, and that your relationship is serious enough that you’ll put it on social media for everyone to see.

Judging how serious your relationship is in this day and age is much different than it used to be for our parents. Now, we use technology to interact, communicate and engage with one another. And with the use of social media, you might get mixed signals. Hopefully, knowing these signs will help you determine how serious your relationship is.