September 2021 is a month of action and positive change. With trines from the Sun to Uranus and Mars to Pluto moving forward and taking charge should not be challenging the first two weeks of the month. By the 27th, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra, and you won’t have a choice on what you accomplish. The emphasis will be on the past.  Saturn has been square Uranus since December 18, 2020, and it is changing the structure of our lives forever.

We can’t go back to how things were, and we need to create a new normal. In many ways, there are improvements: the ability to work from both home and the office, the realization that we are all connected and not isolated beings. You can make your list of positives and negatives. The Sun in Virgo and the New Moon on the 7th, in the house of work, shines a light on your goals and the daily demands imposed upon you.

Venus trine Jupiter brings a blessing and contentment until it enters Scorpio on the 11th. Enjoy the first week of the month. It offers a bit of magic and self-indulgence. Venus squares Pluto until the 11th and adds intensity to most of your relationships. Don’t take control by avoiding the issues that arise. It just makes things worse in the long run. Look at the change that is being asked of you and adjust. It won’t be as difficult as it seems.

With Uranus trine Mars, September 2021 is your chance to assert yourself, no matter how shy you may feel. If you never speak up, you can’t get angry at others for not knowing what you want. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th enhances your creativity and intuition. If you use it properly, you won’t feel defeated or insecure. Don’t let a lack of certainty or clarity interfere with your success. Meet the moment with all that you are, and it will lead you down the path you were meant to be on.

Aries (March 21st – April 20th)

september 2021 horoscope
Aries starts the journey in September 2021, and that requires faith and the strength to begin something new. Remind yourself that when you face the unknown, and a part of you wants to shrink from the challenge. From the 1st to the 16th, your Mars is opposed to Neptune, and your strength and drive feels depleted. Neptune is calling you to turn inward and pay attention to your spiritual life. If you don’t, then it will turn into a feeling of exhaustion and fear.

This is a chance to feel inspired or defeated. If you can listen to yourself, you’ll get in touch with what turns you on. Mars trine Uranus helps reenergize your finances and find new ways to make money. Change is happening, and it may slow you down, but it’s necessary. An Aries loves life when it’s fast-paced. For now, what you encounter is intensity. Mars trine Pluto helps you feel strong and ready to tackle the world, but if you’re too much in a hurry, you’ll lose strength.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th points out the areas of your life that are not safe or organized. If you pay attention, there will be a reward. Venus trine Jupiter until the 11th, gives you a little over a week of magic and ease. Please take advantage of it and get things done. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th at 25 degrees of Libra. This may bring an old relationship back into your life. Use this time to get old projects done, putting new ideas aside until October 18th, when Mercury goes direct.

If you’re in a relationship, old issues will reemerge. Don’t ignore them, or they’ll just return. If you’re single, you may have the urge to call an old love. Go ahead. Perhaps there’s something there you didn’t value in the past.

Taurus (April 21th – May 20th)

Taurus is slow, soft, and persevering. You know how to get your way without others paying attention. Like the earth that accepts the roots of a flower, a Taurus can be a nurturer. If you are a Taurus who provides support when needed, then you’re a healer and a good friend. With Venus in Libra and your sixth house of work and health, most of your relationships are doing well. Saturn in your 10th house reminds you that the power of slowing down and doing things right is the only way to go.

When you move at a normal pace, you get ahead. The ability to be present is a challenging lesson for any Taurus but worth the effort. Jupiter has returned to your 10th house, and it brings expansion and opportunity. Just be choosy about what you decide to pursue. Not everything offered is good for you. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in Libra, and relationships, as well as work, becomes your focus. Pay attention to how something makes you feel. If it doesn’t feel right, take a deeper look. It may not be the right choice.

You have powerful instincts, and it’s important to listen to them. The New Moon in Virgo on 7th squares Uranus bringing with it a change in your career. Go for it. It’s a new path with great possibilities. The Full Moon on the 20th in Pisces activates your sense of community and inspires your dreams. Your creativity is strong, and you have an acute sensitivity to those around you. Pay attention. You may learn something that surprises you.

Things are not peaceful if you’re in a relationship because part of you still lives in fantasy. Speak your truth throughout September of  2021. If you’re single, love is difficult at the moment, so have a good time and don’t worry about commitment.

Gemini (May 21st – June 20th)

Gemini is a sign of communication and intelligence. It gathers information and experience and becomes a source of wisdom if you learn to choose wisely. Mercury, your ruler, goes retrograde on the 27th and trines Saturn. There are a few crucial issues that require your attention. The retrograde will help you take care of them. Don’t let the brief square to the Moon make you feel emotionally depressed.

If you begin to feel down, remind yourself it’s short-lived. Venus trine Jupiter creates and opens the door to some of your desires. You get results without much effort. It’s a magical time until the 11th, so take advantage of it. Jupiter rules your relationships, so you can meet someone special if that’s on your wish list. Venus square Pluto brings up unresolved feelings about old failures or mistakes. Turn self-judgment into a lesson, and be grateful for the experience. Saturn square Uranus creates the unexpected, and it throws you off the balance if you let it.

Use your instincts more than your logic, and things will work out well. The New Moon on the 7th happens in Virgo, ruler of your 4th house of the home. It’s a new beginning with those you are close to. What you’re looking for is a greater feeling of safety and security. You value order, and this is a good month to attain it. The Full Moon in Pisces increases your creativity. It rules your 10th house of career, so new ideas and ways of handling your challenges may become apparent.

If you’re in a relationship, things are going exceptionally well. It’s easy to make each other happy. If you’re single, it’s a good time to either advance a present relationship or meet someone new.

Cancer (June 21st – July 22nd)

Cancer is a sign of belonging to a family, community, or an idea that unites others. The emotional bonds that you make are essential to your happiness and sense of safety. The Moon is constantly in a state of change, so you need to feel connected and separate from your feelings. Can you step back and understand what they’re telling you, or do you get lost in the highs and lows of life?

The balance to our emotions is Saturn, the boundaries and limits of life. Take control of your feelings and direct them down a path that leads to your purpose. Put them to good use during September of 2021. The Full Moon in Pieces in your 9th house brings your ideals and aspirations to a head. You may long to improve your spiritual connection, or perhaps you feel like learning something new. Both are good ideas. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27 in Libra, ruler of your 4th house of the home and mother. You will take the time to tackle jobs that in the past have been put aside. Retrogrades always help you clean up old projects.

New ideas don’t get the same attention. Mars opposite Neptune brings a sense of uncertainty or a lack of confidence to what you want to accomplish. When Mars enters Libra, your mood changes, and you feel more in charge. However, there’s always a battle between what you want and the need to please those you care about. Sometimes it’s important to be selfish. Venus trine Jupiter in Aquarius makes accomplishing your tasks easy. Desires you’ve ignored are suddenly being fulfilled. Emotionally, you’re intense, and with Venus square Pluto you can be overly obsessive.

If you’re in a relationship, things are unsettled and have been for some time. Change has to happen. If you’re single, it’s not a great time to consolidate a relationship, but you may be ready to try something different. Why not?

Leo (July 23rd – August 22nd)

Leos are confident. They believe in themselves and their dreams. Your ego is strong and wants to be acknowledged. With the Sun in Virgo, your focus is on finances. With the Sun trine Uranus, there is a desire to make changes. Either you have a new way of making money, or you’re using your money in new ways. Just pay attention to your limitations and don’t take unnecessary risks. Work is intense with Venus square Pluto.

Something is going on around your goals and career that has you engaged. Whatever you see that you’d like to change – it will take time. Don’t be in a hurry, do it right. When you know your position, the rest takes care of itself. With Saturn in your 7th house, some relationships may let you down or just not work out. Don’t make excuses. Remember what Maya Angelou said. “When someone shows you who they are, believe them.”

If you don’t pay attention, you’ll pay the price. With Uranus in your 10th house, your career has been asking for change. Have you listened? If you haven’t, things will change on their own. Your job is not at risk, but the way you have performed it is now obsolete. Embrace the new, and you’ll be fine. This is not a time to be stubborn. It will work against you. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in Libra, your 3rd house of communication. Be careful of the messages you receive in September 2021. If they’re essential, double-check them. Mistakes are easily made during this time.

If you’re in a relationship, things are both going well and changing. The changing part may not be easy for you. Your partner could be demanding and inflexible. If you’re single, follow your instincts. Take a risk. Meet someone new. It may just work out.

Virgo (August 23rd – September 22nd)

Virgos need order and a feeling of safety. However, the irony is. They often find themselves in the unknown and having to rely on faith. The more faith you have, the easier it is to manage your life. Your ruler, Mercury, goes retrograde on the 27 in Gemini, ruler of your 10th house of career. If you’re looking for a job, someone from the past may contact you. If that’s not your issue, use this time to clean out your desk and get rid of old projects.

It goes direct on October 18th. Financial issues may be a worry with Venus square Pluto. There are strong feelings involved, so try to get distance from any issues and take your time in deciding. When you do, the truth finds its way to the surface. Mars opposite Neptune has both a positive and negative side. It may increase your creativity, intuition, and imagination. However, if you don’t use this energy in this way, its presence can reduce your confidence by decreasing the ego and increasing the need for spirituality and faith. If you’re on a spiritual path, your soul gets nurtured, and faith becomes stronger.

The New Moon in your sign on the 7th emphasizes a need for order and safety to advance and succeed. It’s a Virgo thing.  Jupiter trine Venus is a gift of the Gods, and it makes life a little magical. Certain things just fall into place. Enjoy the gift. It won’t last forever. Saturn square Uranus creates change. The system you’re used to using isn’t working. Don’t let anxiety take over. Just adjust.

If you’re in a relationship, it should be good this week. The ego is subdued, and it’s easier to connect. If you’re single, you could meet someone interesting without effort. Just go with the flow and see where it ends up.

Libra (September 23rd – October 22nd)

Libra is the sign where individualization ends and shared experiences begin – it’s the sign of relationships. The soul needs a purpose and a cooperative spirit to use this energy properly. Venus, your ruler, is love and values. Values provide invisible boundaries that tell us when to stop and when pursuing a desire is safe or good for us.

This month Venus is trine Jupiter, and things go smoothly until the 11th. Take advantage of this time by tackling complicated projects. Neptune opposite Mars creates a desire to connect to others more than usual. Your ego is softened, and life is not all about you. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in your sign, and it encourages you to complete old projects. New ideas need to be put on hold. The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th creates a need for order and clarity.

Organize your workplace and any other part of your life that’s in chaos. The more order you create, the safer and stronger you feel. Saturn square Uranus brings change with or without your consent. Don’t fight it; embrace it. It’s there for the right reason, even if it makes you uncomfortable. Uranus trine the Sun and Mars help you accept what you can’t control. It brings you faith in the process. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th affects your work schedule and how you feel about the people you engage with. You may find you’re more sensitive than usual. So be prepared.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is feeling vulnerable. Pay attention to their needs during September 2021. If you’re single, it’s a good time to fall in love. However, it doesn’t mean it will work, but it’s a great experience either way.

Scorpio (October 23rd – November 21st)

Scorpio gains power through relationships and the consolidation of joint effort and resources. As a water sign, you are intuitive, and you listen to your instincts almost more than any other sign. Mars in Libra on the 16th puts your drive and ego in the 12th house. You feel unsure of yourself and your instincts. This is increased by the opposition Mars makes to Neptune. It’s a spiritual time, and it calls for reflection.

Uranus trine the Sun and Mars encourage change that is easy to make during September 2021. However, Uranus square Saturn challenges the old boundaries of your life and demands you go deeper into what is needed now, not what was. Saturn in your 4th house of the home makes your family and safety more important than in the past, and it doesn’t disappear until March of 2023. You may find yourself more critical of yourself and others during this time. Be careful you don’t overdo.

The New Moon in Virgo on the 7th brings a deeper relationship with present friends or a new partner. The Full Moon in Pisces on the 20th happens in the 5th house of authority and children. Your creative energies are enhanced, and unresolved issues will be prominent and require your attention. If there’s a project that needs imagination, you will be able to improve it. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th, and old projects become a priority. It’s happening in your 12th house, so that some challenges will arise beyond your control.

If you’re in a relationship, things are good with Venus trine Jupiter. There is an ease that comes with this combination, and it’s a great time to take a trip together. If you’re single, you could meet someone on a trip or vacation. You’re open to new experiences and people.

maya angelou
Sagittarius (November 22nd – December 21st)

Sagittarius is the opposite of the concrete mind. It’s the philosopher, attracted to abstract thoughts. With Jupiter, your ruler, back in Aquarius, the pursuit of your dreams is very much a part of your vision. If you feel you have a purpose, it may be activated now. Mars opposes Neptune until it enters Libra on the 16th.

The opposition creates insecurity and may diminish your confidence in September 2021. However, if you have faith in what you’re doing, then it could empower you. Mars in your 10th house of career, trine Pluto, ruler of your 12th house, creates a strong quest for power. However, once again, faith is necessary to make it work. Believe in yourself. The more confidence you have, the easier this month will be.

Pluto square Venus, the ruler of your 6th house of work and your 11th house of friends and dreams, reveals the obstacles that have been holding you back. Don’t get discouraged. You can’t change what you’re not aware of. If you are committed, you’ll overcome them. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in Libra.

Relationships go through changes as your truth becomes clear and defined. People you need may be unavailable. Don’t get discouraged. You will connect at the right time. Accept what you can’t control. Jupiter is trine Venus until the 11th is a gift of the Gods. Things happen magically, so take advantage of the energy. Uranus trine the Sun and Mars bring positive new ideas. Don’t be afraid to embrace them. Uranus square Saturn shows you what’s wrong with how you communicate your needs.

If you’re in a relationship, things are good throughout September of 2021. However, be prepared to talk about serious issues. If you’re single, it’s a good time to meet someone in your neighborhood. Keep your eyes open.

Capricorn (December 22nd – January 19th)

Capricorn keeps you focused on where you belong in the social structure of your world. Have you carved out your place in the world or at least know where you want it to be?  Libra rules your 10th house of career. You lean toward partnerships, or at least, good business relationships. If you’ve used your skills to secure them, then you will get through your difficult times with ease. Your ruler, Saturn, has been under assault by Uranus for some time.

It’s changing how you see yourself in the world. How you approach, life will change because you’ve learned a few important lessons. Putting wisdom into practice is necessary for growth. Mars opposite Neptune diminishes your confidence or increases it, depending on how much faith you have in yourself. You need to operate on your reputation. If you haven’t, pay attention to this essential element of success, then it’s time to realize it’s important.

When others know they can count on you due to your integrity and values, you ensure your survival, even in the most difficult times. The Full Moon in Pisces and your third house brings communication to a head. There is something that needs to be expressed, and it brings about change. Jupiter trines Venus until the 11th is a gift of the Gods. Use this time to get things done. You’ll achieve your goals with little effort.

If you’re in a relationship, things are both good and challenging. You’re not the best at communicating your feelings, but it’s important now. If you’re single, meeting new people may be easy, but it requires you to be very selective in your choices.

Aquarius (January 20th – February 18th)

Aquarius is both comfortable in a group and one on one. You’re a unique individual. With Uranus in Taurus in September 2021, you find that your values and your taste have been shifting. What’s essential has evolved, and that’s a good thing. As you grow throughout the month of September, so does your vision of yourself and the world.

With Uranus square Saturn, your past and present conflict. You’re about to go down a path that may leave a few souls behind. You can remain friends, but it will feel different. Don’t hold yourself back to make others feel good. Change is a good thing. It keeps you current and robust. With Pluto square Venus, your philosophical view of the world has also shifted. Your vision is being reshaped, and you see yourself with new eyes. The key now is to let go of the control and go with the flow.

If you listen to your instincts, you’ll find your way with ease. What’s required is faith in yourself and your dreams. Faith helps you move through uncertainty by giving you something to hold on to – your belief in your purpose and destiny. Mercury goes retrograde on the 27th in Libra, and you can reframe yourself in a bigger picture. Raise your goals and aim for more. The Full Moon in Pisces brings financial issues to a head. With Neptune in Pisces opposite Mars, intelligence and gut feeling are required for a good decision. Listen to your instincts. They hold the truth.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is also changing, and it’s a challenge to keep the connection going. If you’re single, it’s time to reexamine what you think you’re looking for in a partner. Since you’ve changed, who you’re attracted to may have shifted also.

september 2021 horoscope
Pisces (February 19th – March 20th)

Pisces is where one feels their success and failures deeply. The path you choose in September 2021 reveals whether or not you’ve learned from your past. If you keep doing what you’ve always done and it doesn’t work, then you’re responsible for whatever happens.  Experiences, positive and negative, have great value when you use what happens to learn and grow.

Neptune, your ruler, opposite Mars, makes financial issues unclear. You need to rely on your instincts and what you know, not your expectations. Neptune decreases the power of your ego and enhances your spiritual nature. If you haven’t worked on your spirit, then it could leave you feeling insecure and lost. Without confidence, it’s difficult to follow the path less traveled, and that is always your path. Indeed, you will find your unique way.

Uranus square Saturn creates difficulties with friendships and social gatherings. Either you’re changing where you hang out and why, or friends have come and gone because their lives have changed. The Full Moon in your sign brings your perspective to a crisis on the 20th. You may have to choose which way to go. If you listen to your heart, it won’t be a problem. Uranus trine the Sun and Mars make relationships that are changing still good. You need to adjust, and it’s easier to do it when someone else takes the lead.

If you’re in a relationship, your partner is in the spotlight or has taken charge. You probably don’t mind because it gives you more freedom. If you’re single, you may feel the need to meet someone now more than ever. Keep your eyes open, but relationships have to evolve on their own. You can’t force them to work.