Meet a Senior Pup With an Adorable Floppy Tongue 

Meet a Senior Pup With an Adorable Floppy Tongue 

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If you love dogs with floppy tongues, you’ll adore this Pekingese senior dog named Sugarplum. She gets the royal treatment from her mom, and Sugarplum returns that loving energy ten times over. Even though she’s an older dog, she still offers so much affection and companionship. Here’s her story and what makes her so unique.

“She was really healthy when she came to me. But she was already missing several teeth and had to have several more removed. Because of that, she can’t keep her tongue in her mouth; it kind of flops around. She’s full of sass and vinegar; I think she’s kind of earned that right to be sassy since she’s going on 17 years old,” her mom Janessa says.

Meet a Senior Dog With an Adorable Floppy Tongue

She currently has two Pekingese dogs, Sugarplum and Popsicle. Popsicle is her one-and-a-half year old service dog, and Sugarplum is her senior rescue dog. Sugarplum was 11 years old and had spent three years in a shelter when she adopted her. Unfortunately, the senior dog developed health issues, likely related to her old age.

“She’s in stage 4 heart failure, which is end-stage of heart failure. She was diagnosed just over a year ago, so we’ve been very blessed and very lucky to have had over a year with her after basically living with a terminal diagnosis,” Janessa says.

However, she’s living a wonderful life with her mom and canine sister. Senior dogs may have a more challenging time getting around, but that doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy life.

“She does currently live on our farm; the apartment was just too hard for her to get in and out of. But she’s so happy there – she loves the snow, she loves to run around the pastures with the horses,” Janessa says.

She added that the senior dog doesn’t fear anything, which wasn’t the case when she first brought her home. When she came to her forever home, she seemed pretty nervous and had to take anxiety medication. Sugarplum would even start shaking if she went anywhere outside her routine. However, she’s done a 180 and now lives a fulfilling life, even as a senior dog.

“I got to watch her just blossom into this really beautiful, adorable, happy dog that just loves to talk and bark and run.”

Janessa said, “I was nervous about adopting a senior dog at first, but I was really lonely. I had lost my first dog a month before I got her, and I just really needed to kind of pour my energy into another dog. I will never regret bringing her home.”

Janessa says that currently, she spends most of the time with Sugarplum sleeping and napping. But, the senior pet used to love going kayaking, camping, hiking, and other outdoor activities. Now, Janessa takes Popsicle along for any errands or adventures and saves the naps and cuddles for Sugarplum.

“She’s great, she’s my service dog, she goes everywhere with me, and I love her to pieces, but there’s something different about a senior dog. And I would really encourage anyone who wants a dog to consider a senior dog because they have so much love to give. It’s been an amazing experience to have Sugarplum in my home with me,” Janessa said.

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