Every kid should get to experience the happiness of growing up with a dog. Dogs make life better in every way and help teach kids responsibility. When children have a dog, they have to learn how to care for their pet. Parents can allow them to do small tasks like giving the dog food or filling up its water bowl. In addition to teaching children care and compassion, having a dog gives them companionship.

Luke, a four-year-old golden retriever, shows his sisters Manu and Bela the joy of growing up with a dog. They live in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where they go on adventures, play, and cuddle together as a family. Life is pretty sweet when you have a fluffy friend along for the ride with you!

These kids prove the benefits of growing up with a dog.

Golden retrievers are one of the most popular family dogs for many reasons. They’re lovable, friendly, sweet-natured, and easygoing. They will cuddle and relax with you, but always be up for an adventure. Goldens offer the best of both worlds and can adapt to any situation. They’re delightful and affectionate with children, making them the perfect addition to a family.

“There was this food truck event, and we went with Manu, she was ten months. She was walking around with a toddler, and she found a golden,” the toddler’s mom Ana says.

“She wouldn’t leave its side, and she was so in love with the dog. After that day, we went back home, and we were like, ‘We need to get a dog; Manu is definitely going to be a very nice big sister.’”

From that moment, they started searching for a canine sister for Manu. Since she bonded so much with a golden, they decided to get one of their own. Eventually, they found the perfect golden retriever for the family.

“So, a couple weeks after, my husband was coming back from work. He called me and was like, ‘I’m going to send you a picture!’” It was their future puppy Luke, and they all thought he was adorable! The girls’ mom, Ana, immediately said for him to bring the dog home.

“From day one, Manu and Luke were just inseparable,” Ana said. They did everything together, from cuddling on the couch to paddleboarding out on the water. Ana had grown up with dogs, but she didn’t realize the benefits of having pets until she became a mom. Once she saw Manu and Luke interacting and playing together, she noticed how much they helped one another.

Growing up with a dog is an experience every kid should get

Research shows that kids benefit from dogs in many different ways. They boost self-esteem because taking care of a pet gives children a sense of purpose. It makes kids feel good knowing they play a part in keeping their dog healthy and happy.

Not to mention, having a dog makes children more compassionate. Since dogs depend on humans for survival, caring for dogs teaches children empathy. It makes them more aware of and responsive to the needs of people around them.

Plus, the unconditional love and support dogs give to children is undeniable. Kids feel more secure and calm when they know they have someone on their side. Simply petting a dog or reading aloud to them can lower childrens’ stress levels. Some studies have shown that growing up with a dog can reduce a person’s risk of developing allergies.

Finally, having a dog gives kids a reason to explore the outdoors. Since dogs need to be walked every day, it forces children to get off technology and play outside. A dog also provides the perfect icebreaker when talking to strangers.

“I can see that Manu is such a secure child; she’s so active, and I think Luke is a big part of it. We’re always taking Luke outside, and when we’re walking, Luke always brings people and kids toward us. Manu gets to make new friends, and it’s so easy because they always a first subject to talk about, right?”

“For someone wanting to adopt a dog, and with kids, I would say you’re not going to regret it. It’s amazing to see their relationship; it’s amazing to see kids taking responsibilities for a living being.”

Plus, having a dog brings children closer to nature and encourages a healthy lifestyle. Kids won’t want to stay inside all day when they have a dog to go on adventures with.

Ana recommends getting a golden retriever if you want a dog

Goldens make lovely pets, but they aren’t for everyone. They require an ample space for exercise, but you can always bring them to a dog park or walking trail.

“Many people tell me that they don’t have enough space for a golden because it’s a big dog,” Ana says. However, she tells people it’s possible because she had one while she lived in an apartment for three years. She tells them, “It’s not about size – a golden will always want to be close to you, no matter how big the house is.”

It’s not about how much space you have, but about how much time you spend with your best friend. If you shower your dog with affection and attention, you’ll both benefit no matter how much room you have. As they say, it isn’t the size of the house – it’s how happy the home is that truly matters.

growing up with a dog
Final Thoughts: This toddler perfectly demonstrates the joy of growing up with a dog

Dogs are man’s (and woman’s) best friend because they’re loyal to a fault and provide a sense of responsibility. Because dogs give you unconditional love, you’ll naturally want to do whatever it takes to care for them. When kids grow up with a dog, they have the opportunity to learn essential life skills. Dogs teach them to have empathy for other beings and to look out for those around them.

How has having a dog benefited your children or family? Let us know in the comments below!