17 Uplifting Affirmations to Increase Self-Worth

17 Uplifting Affirmations to Increase Self-Worth


Everyone experiences situations where they question their self-worth. Feeling less than confident happens to all of us, but some can’t pull themselves out of the feeling.

A lack of self-worth can stick with someone for years, causing constant feelings of unworthiness and inferiority. However, using uplifting affirmations can help you boost your self-esteem, making you more confident in yourself.

As you regularly repeat these positive phrases, you’ll remember them until they become a part of who you are. The more you repeat the affirmations, the more likely your mind is to see the phrases as truth.

The Importance of Self-Worth

There are plenty of reasons you should improve your sense of self-worth. Without a sense of self-esteem or worth, you might struggle with the following:

  • confidence
  • working toward your goals and dreams
  • handling criticism
  • feeling like you deserve love
  • happiness and well-being


When you increase your sense of self-worth, those areas of your life improve, too. It’ll feel like everything begins to fall into place and life becomes easier to handle.

Making sure you love and value yourself can make all the difference because it’ll alleviate some of your negative thinking. Increasing your self-esteem can also help you feel more relaxed and accepting of yourself.

Improved self-worth can help you feel happier and more confident. You’ll also have a better time achieving your goals and living the life of your dreams.

Symptoms of Low Self-Worth

You might not realize you’re dealing with low self-worth unless you know the signs. The signs include:

  • seeing yourself as inferior to others
  • feeling unworthy of friendship or love
  • thinking you don’t deserve good things
  • constantly comparing yourself to other people
  • feeling like you’re the problem when things don’t go as planned
  • being overly sensitive
  • feeling insecure

You might think everyone experiences these issues, and they do at times. However, if these feelings affect you constantly, it also affects your quality of life. They can cause depression and make you feel alone and resentful.

It’s time to learn how to be confident again!

Seventeen Affirmations to Increase Self-Worth and Feel More Confident

Using affirmations can help you overcome negativity and increase your sense of self-worth. As you read through them, note the ones that resonate within you. Making a note reminds you of the ones you should start with as you begin your self-affirmation journey.

1 – I am getting closer to achieving my dreams and goals every day.

Even if you only made a little progress, it’s still a step in the right direction. Remember that you get closer every day will help you remember your worth.

2 – I accept my flaws because they make me the beautiful person I am.

Everyone has flaws, and you shouldn’t beat yourself up over them. You are beautiful as you are right now, and your imperfections make you unique.

The world would be a boring place if no one had flaws. It’s what makes everyone unique. Embrace the things that set you apart and appreciate your beauty.

3 – I am embracing all I have to offer the world.

You have so much to offer, although you might forget sometimes. This affirmation will help you remember all you have to give, helping you appreciate yourself much more. It’ll also boost your confidence, allowing others to see your strengths.

4 – I am worthy of acceptance and compassion.

Improving your self-worth requires understanding that you deserve acceptance and compassion. No one has a right to mistreat you, no matter what happens in life. Remember your worth, especially if you encounter someone who makes you feel unworthy.

5 – I am perfect and complete as I am right now.

You are perfect, and this is an affirmation you should never forget. You don’t need anyone else to complete you because you are whole on your own. Love yourself and remember how great you are.

6 – I can succeed at anything I decide to do.

With a positive mindset, you can make anything happen. Other people might tell you that you can’t achieve your goals, and you might convince yourself that it’s true. However, if you remember that you can make anything happen, you’ll see that you progress toward your dreams.

7 – I am letting go of other people’s opinions about my life.

Other people will always feel the need to give you unwarranted opinions. Learn to let go of those opinions because yours is the only one that matters.

When you let go of the negativity, you’ll find yourself living the life you want. Living for yourself is the only way to achieve happiness and find fulfillment.

8 – I deserve to live the life of my dreams on my terms.

This life is yours to live, meaning you deserve to do what you want. Go after your dreams and do it how you feel is best.

No one else should tell you how to live because they are the ones living in your shoes. Others will try to give their input, but always put yourself first.

Everyone finds success differently, and you deserve to have that chance. It’ll make you feel better about yourself while increasing your sense of self-worth.

9 – I love my life and all the blessings I’ve received.

You might not have achieved everything you want to, but you can still love your life. The journey is essential, too, so don’t only focus on what you haven’t done yet.

Embrace your life and love all the fulfilling parts of it. Think of your favorite things, people, and places, and remember that they are all blessings that bring meaning to your life.

10 – I am confident and comfortable with who I am.

With confidence, anything is possible. This uplifting affirmation will remind you of your worth and help you stay comfortable in your skin. Embrace your decisions and who you are because you’re doing what’s best for you.


11 – I am not comparing myself to others because I love who I am.

If you find yourself constantly comparing, this affirmation is for you. You are amazing how you are right now. Be confident–and know that you don’t need to compare yourself.

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