Self love affirmations can help boost your confidence, optimism, happiness, and your overall well-being. When you love yourself, it helps improve your life and share your positivity with the people around you. Affirmations help you switch your mindset and focus on the essential things in your life.

If you want to respect yourself and recognize your self-worth, these self love affirmations can help. As you repeat the positive phrases, keep your mind open to the words that you say. The affirming statements make you feel good, helping you develop a love for yourself.

Self love affirmations provide positive internal dialogue to focus on, center your mind, and direct your thoughts. You can use them to guide your thoughts, words, and actions in a way that allows you to embrace self-love. Using these affirmations can help you put yourself first and embrace the person that you are right now.

Self Love Affirmations Most People Ignore

It’s sometimes hard to put yourself first when it seems like everyone else needs something from you. You must learn to love yourself first, though, because you can’t give your all to others when you aren’t well. Use these self love affirmations that most people ignore to ensure you’re taking the best care of yourself.

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1. I feel the positive energy radiating within me.

When you feel the positive energy coursing through your body, you’ll feel much better about life. It helps eliminate negativity, allowing you to focus on bettering yourself and embracing life. Use this affirmation each morning to help keep negative thoughts out of your mind as the day continues.

To further boost the benefits of this affirmation, look in the mirror as you say it out loud. Then, visualize the positivity working its way through your body. With the positive words and the visualization, you’ll quickly feel love within.

2. I am smart and a valuable asset to society.

This self love affirmation will help you recognize your value and worth. Remember that you are smart, and you’ll have the confidence to do anything.

Plus, the reminder that you’re a valuable asset helps you see your worth outside of your home, too. While it doesn’t matter what other people think of you, you’ll like yourself better when you know that you’re a good person.

3. I am always learning and becoming better at the things I do.

You’ll feel more positive about yourself and your life if you always continue learning. There are learning opportunities in each day as long as you know to look for them. Embrace each chance you have to improve your skills and adopt a new one, and the love you have for yourself will increase.

4. I have the skills it takes to achieve my goals.

With a positive mindset and love for yourself, you can do anything you set your mind on. You have what it takes, so encourage yourself by using this affirmation. This phrase encourages you by highlighting your skillset and ability.

If you ever begin to doubt yourself, turn to these self love affirmations for guidance. It’ll help you remember that you have the skills, and you just have to look within to find them.

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5. I deserve happiness and joy.

Without happiness and joy, you likely won’t experience love for yourself. Love and happiness tend to accompany one another, so always remember that you deserve joy. If you ever feel like you aren’t worthy of good things, use this affirmation until you remember that you do.

Once you recognize that you deserve happiness and joy, you’ll begin looking for it and finding it all around you. Sometimes all it takes is telling yourself that you can have good things in your life.

6. I speak lovingly to myself and those in my life.

When you speak lovingly to yourself, you show yourself the love that you deserve. It’ll make you happier and more confident as you go through each day.

This affirmation can help improve your relationships, too, further increasing your joy about life. If you speak kindly to yourself, you’ll do the same to others, spreading love everywhere you go.

7. I am safe, and everything is okay right now.

Sometimes the best way to take care of yourself is by affirming that everything is okay. When life gets hard, you might feel on edge all of the time. By assuring yourself that nothing bad will happen right now, you’ll begin to feel love within.

This positive phrase is highly beneficial to those with anxiety. Anxiety can make you feel like something is always wrong, and it interferes with your ability to care for yourself. Repeat this phrase until you begin to feel some relief.

Affirming Your Strength

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8. I am strong and can persevere through any obstacle.

You can get through anything that comes your way, and using this affirmation will help you remember. Never hold back positive self-talk because it can help you find your inner strength and abilities. Then, you’ll have the love you need to get through anything and come out more resilient than before.

9. I am staying true to my values and beliefs.

There’s no better way to show love to yourself than by staying true to who you are. Don’t allow anyone to pressure you into doing something that you don’t believe in or feel comfortable with. You can say no at any given time without feeling bad about it.

Likewise, when you want to do something that aligns with your values, feel free to say yes. You don’t have to go along with what other people want because it’ll interfere with your well-being. Appreciate and value yourself enough to stay true to who you are–use these self love affirmations to remind yourself.

10. I focus on taking care of myself each day.

It’s easy to put other people’s needs and desires before your own, but you must refrain from doing so. Embrace the time you have to take care of yourself, and make sure to make it a priority. Use this affirmation to help you focus on taking care of yourself rather than putting all of your energy into others.

It isn’t always other people that distract you from taking care of yourself, either. Prioritize self-care time above work and any other obligations you have in your life. Take care of yourself, and the rest will fall into place before you know it.

11. I have plenty of things to offer to the people around me.

Never doubt how much you offer to the world around you. Embrace your good qualities, skills, and characteristics and recognize how much value they have. You are an asset to the universe, so make sure you remind yourself of it often.

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12. I am at peace and feel calm within.

With peace and calmness within, you’re sure to find love, too. You can give yourself the love you deserve when your mind and body align and focus on you. Repeat this affirmation until you feel tension and worry leave your body.

13. I am open to love from the important people in my life.

To fully show yourself love, you must be open to receiving love. The people in your life want to give you love, but you might be closed off from accepting it. Use this affirmation to help yourself become more receptive to love from the people around you.

14. I care for and protect myself.

This phrase is one of the most ignored self love affirmations because most people don’t see its importance. You must care for and protect yourself because no one else will do it for you. If you know what you need and want in life, it is up to you to provide it for yourself.

Don’t wait around for someone else to swoop in and take care of you. Even if you have people that might do it, you must learn to do it yourself, or you’ll never find love within.

15. I am thankful for all that I have.

With a grateful heart and thankfulness, you’re sure to experience a meaningful and fulfilling life full of love. Embrace the things you have and the people you are close to, and you’ll find the love you need within yourself.

As you repeat this affirmation, think of the things you are most thankful for in your life. When these things and people run through your mind, you’ll experience a surge of love for yourself.

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Final Thoughts on Self Love Affirmations Most People Ignore

Repeating self love affirmations can help you take better care of yourself and embrace the person you are. When you love yourself, everything else in life becomes a little bit easier. You’ll be more confident, optimistic, and happier.

Plus, your relationships will flourish as you have so much love to give to others. With self love, you will radiate positivity and attract good people and things into your life. Choose your favorite self love affirmations and implement them in your morning routine.

When you learn to love the person that you are, your health and wellness will improve. Embrace your life and love the skin you’re in so that you can live a meaningful, fulfilling life.