Not loving yourself could affect every facet of your life. You might miss out on the best jobs, and partners, or live life to the fullest. Many people with low self-confidence always end up with the short end of the stick, and these individuals end up in places they don’t want to be.

When you have low self-confidence, it’s always lingering under the surface. Sadly, the low view of yourself sabotages you in ways you never thought possible. You’ll have superior results when your confidence levels are where they need to be.

Believing in yourself and your abilities is a driving force that allows you to take risks, and healthy self-esteem will allow you to reach goals and have meaningful relationships. Is your self-confidence holding you back from having the life you desire?

Ten Ways to Boost Your Self-Confidence

If your self-confidence is lackluster, how can you fix it? How do you increase your views of yourself without becoming arrogant or haughty?

By changing a few things and implementing some new methods, you can see a dramatic overall change. Remember, what’s on the inside will always reflect on the outside. Here are some tips to help you.


1. Exercise Regularly to Build Self-Confidence.

In any self-help article, you will find sections about exercise. Authors highly recommend physical activity because it is vital to health and well-being. A study cited in the National Library of Medicine found a direct link between obesity and low self-esteem.

Being overweight is a challenge, but when you’re exercising daily, it can help you reverse weight issues. Additionally, working out helps keep your joints and muscles from stiffening as you age, and exercise can help you stay heart-healthy and feel great.

Moving and maintaining a proper weight will make you feel good inside and look great outside.

2. Be Thankful for Who You Are and What You Have.

You may not have a lot in this life, but when you have an attitude of gratitude, the Universe will bless you. Why do people focus so much on their collection of material possessions and money rather than other gifts?

Do you have a family that loves you? Many people don’t have anyone to walk this journey in life with them, so you’re blessed. Do you have a job? According to Statista, about 3.6 percent of the American population is unemployed.

The Census showed there were 331.45 million people who live in the USA. Considering 3.6 percent means that 1,191,762 people don’t have a job to care for their families. You’re blessed if you have a job. It may not be your desired job, but you have employment to meet your needs.


3. Start Loving Yourself With Daily Affirmations.

Using positive self-talk is one of the best ways of loving yourself. When you get out of bed each morning, you should cite positive affirmations to get you going. Look in the mirror and tell yourself how beautiful you are and that you love your eyes, hair, and smile.

Your self-confidence will improve as you start speaking positively about yourself each day. It’s hard to be downtrodden when using positive self-talk to fill your love tank.

4. Choose Your Inner Circle Wisely.

If you want to build good self-confidence, you need a robust support system. There will be days when you feel down and out because the world is so cruel. However, when you have people who stand beside you, they can lift you when you need it most.

When self-doubts come to try to tear your esteem down, your friends will help you get back to a place of loving yourself. If you have negative friends who tend to bring you down, it’s time to get new friends.

Surround yourself with people who will empower you for your journey, and you’ll see a drastic difference in your self-confidence.

5. Make a Statement With Your Appearance.

It’s often said that you feel good when you look good. Sometimes the little things can have the most significant impact on you. Taking time to shower, clip your nails, shave, dress stylishly, and make yourself presentable can-do wonders for your self-esteem.

Have you ever got a new outfit and had a little pep in your step because you felt amazing? When you learn to care for your body, you will feel like you’re wearing new clothes daily. Loving yourself boosts your esteem and makes you feel better in everything you do.


6. Develop a Self-Care Routine.

Loving yourself is about more than positive self-talk. It would help if you were pampered on occasion. When was the last time you bought yourself a new outfit?

Sure, you’ve got a family, bills, and other obligations that make you put off buying yourself anything. However, it would help if you learned to care for your needs too. You must get the stylish haircut you want, get a manicure/pedicure, and take a bubble bath with music.

You will boost your self-confidence when you learn to take care of yourself. Though many people love and support you, no one will take care of you as you can. Make sure you have at least a few hours each week for self-care.

7. Focus On Your Talents.

What are the things that you’re good at? Can you style hair like a pro, or maybe you’re a whiz at math? There’s not a person alive who doesn’t have unique gifts and callings.

So many people focus on the faults and failures that they have instead of focusing on the great things. Positive self-talk will get you everywhere in life. You should focus on the good stuff and work on the bad.

When you start talking to yourself like you talk to your partner or children, you will see a drastic difference in your esteem and confidence levels.


8. Change The Way You Think Towards More Self-Confidence.

Do you tend to see things that happen to you through a negative lens, or do you try to stay positive? There is power in positivity; you can’t deny how much better it makes you feel about yourself.

Don’t say how bad you feel when you wake up in the morning and feel horrible. Instead, say things like, “I feel great.” “I feel amazing.” “I am going to conquer the day.”

Stopping negative self-talk is imperative for your journey to enhance your self-confidence. Constantly seeing the proverbial glass as half empty will dramatically affect you. Start looking at the glass as half full even if you don’t believe it. Soon, you can change how you look at things by changing your mindset.

9. Buy the Right Clothes for Your Body.

Everyone has a particular shape, and certain clothes look better on you than others. Have you ever seen someone who could wear a burlap bag and make it look amazing?


On the flip side, you can wear uncomfortable clothes that are too tight or not flattering for your figure. Have you ever had an outfit that looked good on the hanger but was uncomfortable?

If you want to boost your esteem and have a go-getter attitude, you must learn how to dress to complement your shape.

10. Don’t Compare Yourself to Other People.

Everyone has times when they’re jealous of other folks. It’s easy to scroll social media and find people who seem to have a better life than you. Remember one thing; you never know what goes on behind closed doors.

Even the most put-together individuals have skeletons in their closets. People look at Oprah Winfrey and see all her successes. However, many folks don’t know about the struggles to get out of poverty and the trauma she experienced to get where she is today.

The grass always looks greener on the other side, but you must realize that your perception is skewed. It would help if you learned to be content with what you have in this life, as it will affect your self-confidence. Stop watching everyone else’s life and comparing yours and start living to the fullest.

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Final Thoughts on Gaining Self-Confidence

It’s only normal to struggle with self-confidence and esteem on occasion. However, there are many things you can do to help you feel more confident and love yourself more. Have you ever heard the saying, “fake it till you make it?”

Sometimes you just need to start acting more confident, and you will see that soon it will become second nature to you. Many people struggle with their confidence levels because of anxiety and depression.

Thankfully, there are things you can do to combat these mental health problems and get your esteem back where it needs to be. What can you do today to start loving yourself more?