Highly sensitive people (HSP) tend to become overwhelmed by the world around them and forget to practice self-care. External noises and actions flood their senses and become all-consuming. They might start their day with a blank slate, only to quickly have it filled with sensations, sounds, words, and behaviors of those around them.

HSPs can’t take things as they come and move on with their day as other people can. They experience stimuli that continue building until they feel they can’t function anymore. It leads to extreme overwhelm and self-doubt because they think they can’t handle it.

Many HSPs don’t realize that their sensitivity is a great trait. It helps them be more mindful and show compassion to those around them. Using affirmations for self-care can help HSPs feel relaxed during the day while still staying true to their feelings.

Thirty Self-Care Affirmations for Highly Sensitive People

Using affirmations to increase self-care for highly sensitive people can make all the difference. It requires repetition in the mornings or at night, helping you embrace your traits and love who you are.


1 – I have gotten through everything because I am a survivor.

You’ve overcome everything you’ve experienced in your life so far. You’re going to continue getting through all the hardships. This affirmation can help you remember that everything will be okay and that you can survive anything.

2 – I am enough as I am right now.

Your sensitivity might make you feel like you’re not enough, but that’s far from the truth. Telling yourself that you’re enough can improve your overall well-being. When you repeat this affirmation, you’ll understand why you need more self-care than you’ve given yourself.

3 – I am focusing on deep breathing.

Focusing on your breathing clears your mind and allows you to reconsider your present situation. You can gain clarity and assess whether sensitivity and worry are necessary.

4 – I am worthy of feeling good.

Some people might tell you that you worry too much or ask you to stop being so sensitive. These comments can make you feel like you’re unworthy or there’s something wrong with you. Repeating this affirmation will remind you that you are worthy and that your feelings are okay.

5 – I view my sensitivity as a gift.

There’s no denying you’re sensitive, but it isn’t bad. It is a gift that allows you to embrace your feelings and experience empathy for others.

6 – I am loved by myself and the people who matter to me.

Your sensitive nature might make you feel like you are unloved. However, this affirmation can remind you that you’re loved by yourself and others. It will make you want to engage in self-care as you realize that you can show yourself the love you deserve.

7 – I make a difference in the world.

HSPs might feel like they don’t make a difference, but their characteristics make them unique people. They tend to be empathetic, open-minded, loyal, kind, and curious. Sensitive people are also great listeners and leaders, helping make a positive change for everyone around them.

8 – I am learning that it’s okay to be myself.

Learning that it’s okay to be yourself can help you feel good about your traits. Being sensitive is okay, and you shouldn’t be afraid to show the world who you are.

9 – I am valuable and helpful to those around me.

Getting stressed and feeling overwhelmed might make you feel like you’re unhelpful. You might convince yourself you’re not valuable, but it’s not true. You are an asset, and repeating this affirmation will remind you of it.

10 – I am honoring my sensitivities and using them to my advantage.

When you honor your sensitivities, it’ll help you see how you can use them for good. It’ll also help you embrace who you are and learn to love yourself.

11 – I am safe right now.

When you experience high sensitivity, it can make you feel anxious. As you worry, you might feel unsafe, although there are no present threats. Using this affirmation can help you remember that you’re safe and help relieve some of your stress.

12 – I listen to myself because my body and mind know what I need.

Trusting your body and mind can help you through many hardships. Listen to yourself rather than resist what you can do to engage in self-care.

13 – I am strong and resilient.

When your senses are overwhelmed, you might feel weak and like you can’t get through the situation. Using this self-care affirmation reminds you that you can overcome anything.

14 – I speak up when I have something to say.

Your sensitivity might make you want to keep quiet, but self-care involves speaking up for yourself. This affirmation will empower you to do so each day.

15 – I am grateful for what makes me different.

When you express gratitude for who you are, you’ll embrace your difference each time they show. It will help you recognize how great you are.


16 – I have faith that the Universe is working for me.

Things happen in life that you weren’t expecting. It might hurt when it happens, but trusting that the Universe is giving you what’s best can help you embrace change.

17 – I am unique, and it makes the world a better place.

You might be different than those around you, but it isn’t bad. Your differences improve the world because you’re empathetic, in tune with your emotions, and true to who you are.

18 – I am embracing relationships that make me feel comfortable.

When you recognize that people aren’t good for you, it’s time to move on. This affirmation can help you move on from those who make you feel bad about yourself. It might not be that they’re doing it on purpose, but living differing lives sometimes makes it hard to understand one another.

19 – I am responsible for myself.

While being an HSP might trigger negative reactions, you are in control. This affirmation reminds you that you can have sensitive emotions without mistreating others. You can still be kind, helping you feel good about yourself.

20 – I am a work in progress and get better daily.

No one is perfect, and beating yourself up will only trigger unnecessary negative self-talk. Things happen, and you might react inappropriately or hurt someone’s feelings. Remembering that everyone makes mistakes can help you feel better about what makes you different.

21 – I am protecting my energy.

Protecting your energy means saying no when you don’t have time for something. It also involves limiting time with people who don’t respect your boundaries. As a sensitive person, you likely want to give in to everything, but this affirmation can protect you.

22 – I am finding peace in my life.

Overstimulation from sensitivity can make you feel like you’re living a chaotic life. Using this affirmation can help you experience more peace. As you repeat the words, visualize peacefulness coursing through your body to help it benefit you better.

23 – I trust myself because I know what I want and need.

When you don’t trust yourself, you’ll experience insecurity and self-doubt. This affirmation can help you build trust and self-reliance, helping you feel better about yourself and your life.

24 – I live an abundant life full of joy.

When you tell yourself that you live a joyful and abundant life, it’ll help you feel better when something doesn’t go the way you planned. Repeating this affirmation can help you remember all the good things you have, motivating you to move forward.

25 – I am confident in myself.

You’ll have bad days that diminish your self-confidence but repeating this affirmation can help you. Repeating the phrase in the morning reminds you of your confidence if you have a bad day. Using it at night can help you overcome negative experiences throughout the day.

26 – I am taking time to rest and recharge.

As an HSP, you’ll need time to rest and recover from your heightened sensitive feelings. While you love supporting others, you must take time for yourself.

27 – I am listening to my inner voice.

As a sensitive person, you’ll feel things much deeper than others. While you might want to second-guess your inner voice, it’s better to listen to it.

28 – I am being intentional in my actions and recognize my wins.

When you tell yourself you’re being intentional, you’ll focus on what makes you feel fulfilled. It encourages you to think about what you want and embrace when things help you on that journey.

29 – I know that everything will be okay.

Sometimes your sensitivity will make you feel like things won’t work out. This affirmation can help you remember that you can get through anything, and it’ll all work out for the best.

30 – I am grateful for how my body serves me.

Expressing gratitude for how your body protects you can help you want to set aside the time to care for yourself. When you learn to love your body, you’ll spend more time on self-care, protecting your emotions, and helping yourself through hardship.


Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations for Highly Sensitive People

Being highly sensitive isn’t always easy, but these affirmations can help. Positive phrases can help with self-care because they remind you that you’re worthy. They also remind you that your traits are beneficial rather than a nuisance.

Affirmations promote self-care as they help you reflect on your life and emotions. They can help you embrace your differences as an HSP and recognize that you are valuable. These affirmations will remind you that your sensitivity is beneficial, encouraging your self-care efforts.