If You See Someone Wearing This Small Black Circle, This Is What It Means

If You See Someone Wearing This Small Black Circle, This Is What It Means

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Unfortunately, domestic violence and sexual crimes happen to many men and women across the globe daily.  Many women worry about going out alone at night and carry protective items such as mace or a whistle to prevent someone from harming them. We would like to think that no harm will ever befall us, but truthfully, everyone should take preventive measures against sexual crimes. While in an ideal world, we wouldn’t have to worry about such things and we really shouldn’t have to, carrying around something that will protect you from a possible crime can make the difference between life and death in some cases.

To give an example of the seriousness of this problem, the Boston Globe reported on “forcible sex offenses” at large universities between 2012 and 2013, and found that sexual assaults had increased by 40% in just one year. While this may sound alarming, the solution presented in this article to combat sexual violence will hopefully provide you with some comfort and help you to keep yourself safe.


If You See Someone Wearing This Small Black Circle, This Is What It Means

Because of the increasing number of sexual assaults worldwide, Yasmin Mustafa and Anthony Gold founded a company called ROAR with the mission to end sexual crimes against women by arming them…but not with guns or other dangerous weapons. While many women have used mace or worn whistles traditionally, this device that ROAR created can go one step further in preventing attacks. They designed an emergency alert device, which they named “Athena” after the Greek goddess of strength and justice, that women can wear as a fashionable necklace.


How does it work? Women simply hold down the button on the necklace for three seconds, at which point an alarm will sound. Simultaneously, it sends a text message to loved ones in order to inform them of the wearer’s location, as well as an option to call the woman or 911 with one simple click.


Finally, a device that truly empowers women (and men) worldwide and makes them feel safe and protected. From looking at it, it really just resembles a fashionable necklace, so it’s discreet enough that an attacker won’t even notice it disguises an alert system. We hope that this genius device will go a long way in protecting people worldwide from violence and sexual crimes. The Athena necklace, as you will see in the video below, doesn’t take up much space and actually looks quite fashionable. The company recommends that women especially, from middle school age and up, should wear the necklace.

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Keep these safety tips in mind as well:

1. Pay attention to your surroundings, including your location and who is in your immediate area. Don’t get lost in your cell phone while walking.

2. If you go somewhere alone, make sure to have your phone in your hand with 911 ready to go. Walk to your car with your keys in your hand, look around, check underneath the car, get in, and promptly leave. 

3. If you see a suspicious looking vehicle parked next to your car with people just sitting in it, get in on the passenger side.

4. If you walk to your car and notice a flat tire, go back into where you came from and wait for help inside.


5. When you go out and must reveal personal information (ex. at a hotel, pharmacy, or bank), lower your voice and pay attention to your surroundings.


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6. Pour your own drinks at parties. If you go to a bar, keep your drink with you at all times, or ask a trusted friend or family member to watch it for you.

7. Stay in a group when you go out to a bar or club.


8. If you need to, use your elbow to defend yourself – it’s one of the strongest parts of your body!

9. If you do get attacked, fight back with all your power, and scream for help. Do not give up.

10. Simply use caution and common sense. If someone asks to borrow your cell phone or asks you for directions, use your best judgment in the situation. 

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3 thoughts on “If You See Someone Wearing This Small Black Circle, This Is What It Means

  1. How many of these rapists or attackers will read this and KNOW to leave the ones who wear them alone. Well that’s great if every woman knew about them and had one! But I’m afraid that they don’t, so there will still be a lot of those things going on. Just making an observation.

  2. So it sends gps coordinates for people to bring cigarrettes and gatorade after the fact? How does this prevent crime? Why don’t liberals just ban rape?

  3. I have realized when I talk to myself, I reply to myself as well, as I’m having conversations with my soul and it gives me all the right answers, if I have reacted to a situation badly, it will explain what I did, and then give me the other persons circumstance and why they behaved in that way, and I should know better not to take offense as they are helping you on your journey too enlightenment so be happy with the difficult people in your life. It also shown me how easy it is to mistaken spirituality for mental health, how many people are labeled mental, I’ve had issues with my hair my hair started turning back in to my scalp everyone keeps telling me it all in my head, but I can actually pull out strands in front of them they still won’t see it, I think I am the one who has to prove this too others so they don’t call it sign of madness but I’m finding it hard to get anyone to listen to me or watch me long enough to believe it. I can feel my body and soul viberating and my hair feels like it rising up its worse when my soul gets excited such a wonderful feeling, has anyone else experiencing any of these symptoms. Thank you for such a wonderful website it helps a lot your such a wonderful soul X X

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