Whenever something shows up repetitively in your life, you should take this as a signal from the universe. It might signal that you must learn some important lessons or grow in certain areas. Animal guides such as spiders act as messengers delivering vital messages from beyond. Indeed, they show us where we can improve and what we can learn. Having a spider show up repeatedly means that you either need to learn patience and get in better touch with your creative energy. It might also mean you have begun to master these skills and qualities.

Spiders have incredible patience and are masters of complexity in the way they weave their webs. Similarly, the spider can teach you to use your skills in order to create a beautiful masterpiece, and to not cut corners in life to get ahead. This spirit animal wants you to become more receptive to new skills and your own emotions. Additionally, it helps you connect with the darker side of yourself in order to keep growing as a person. Spiders weave their own way through life, and they want you to do the same. Let’s look at some more important messages the spider wants you to receive.



  • To give you an idea of how different cultures regard spiders, we’ll delve into a few common beliefs about these complex, beautiful creatures. Many cultures hold spiders in high regard for their amazing ability to create intricate, delicate masterpieces that are nothing short of a miracle. If you recognize the spider as your spirit animal, you probably have a knack for creativity and have an ability to stay in tune with your intuitive side. The spider symbolizes creation and beauty. In several traditions, spiders symbolize the Mother and the Divine Feminine. In Ancient Egypt, the spider represented the goddess of the Divine Mother, Neith. And in some American Indian tribes, the spider symbolizes the creator of the world, and therefore, is held in high regard for its feminine energy.
  • The spider might also want you to use more patience in your life regarding a project or task you’ve been working on. Spiders use extreme patience in order to weave their webs. So the spider can teach you to increase your awareness and focus in life. Spiders take time to create their webs, and don’t rush through it. Similarly, they can teach you to slow down, use precision, and take your time to create things in life. Instead of rushing through and coming to conclusions quickly, the spider invites you to look at situations from different angles.
  • Just as the spider weaves her web, she wants you to learn to use all aspects of your life and integrate them into the whole. When the spider appears in your life, it can show you to utilize many different pieces of your story into the puzzle, and see yourself through many angles in order to become a more whole version of yourself.The spider invites you to contemplate life on a deeper level, and slow down to gain perspective. Spiders are masters of perception. So they want you to look at life through different lenses so that you can solve problems appropriately. This beautiful creature wants you to weave your own web in life, and create your own story based on the experiences you’ve had and the different perspectives you’ve gained.
  • If the spider appears in your life, this means he or she wants you to examine your shadow self more closely. We can learn many important lessons from the darker parts of ourselves, and this can allow important issues to come to light. Many people fear spiders, so if we look at what this means emotionally, we can see that spiders have an association with the darker side of life. Spiders invite you to look more closely at your personality and see which parts you haven’t come to terms with yet. In other words, do you feel insecure about what others say about you? Do you not like certain parts of yourself? The spider wants you to come to peace with these aspects of yourself, and bring the darkness into the light.The spider doesn’t necessarily mean negativity and fear, but you might interpret it that way. The spider can give off feelings of unease or insecurity. Whenever your spirit animal evokes these feelings within yourself, you need to examine your life more closely and see where you can improve. Look into your personal feelings and see what makes you feel unhappy, insecure, depressed, or any other negative emotion. Where these feelings take you is where your personal work begins.


As with any other animal totem, spiders will show up the moment you need a sign from beyond. This spirit animal will guide you to continue down the right path in life. The spider represents strong feminine energy, creativity, patience, and strength. It also invites you to become more receptive and intuitive, and rely on your unique gifts to get you ahead in life. Don’t fear the spider – embrace it, and it will teach you many valuable lessons on your personal journey.