The eighth sign of the Zodiac is the Scorpio. This birth sign gets its name from the Greek legend of Orion. The story says that he was stung by a scorpion, and it killed him.

It ascended into the heavens to become a constellation that this signed was named after. If you follow horoscopes and Zodiac signs, then you know that people born under the Scorpius sign are known for their sizzling intensity. Maintaining a friendship with people born between October 23rd through November 21st can be challenging.

You may find that it’s easy to become friends with them, but keeping a relationship on good terms with them is going to take lots of takes work.

Scorpio: An Astrological Force to Be Reckoned With

To help you understand the aggressive nature of this Zodiac sign, you should consider the terrestrial arachnid’s life on earth. They frequent the deserts because they crave the hot, scorching weather. They enjoy this kind of intensity, and they cannot survive without the heat.

Just as in your friendship, those born under this sign tend to be fiercely loyal and love deeply. If you want to make sure you don’t get burnt in an association with a Scorpio, then you must understand these nine things. They will help to prepare you for all aspects of your relationship.

1 – There’s No Way You Will Ever Impress a Scorpio

Friends often try to put their best foot forward. Of course, you want to showcase your attributes and life accomplishments. When it comes to this friend, don’t waste your time. You are never going to be able to do or say anything that is going to impress them.

It’s not that they are not appreciative of your talents and intelligence, but their high value of self-worth always gets in the way. They will always see their accomplishments as superior to yours. Though they may see you as flawed and someone who doesn’t measure up to their greatness, they will still be loyal and love you regardless.

If you ever try to one-up them, then you will find yourself in a bitter battle of wills. Just go along with their egotistical tendencies to keep the peace.

2 – They’ll Win Every Argument

When dealing with someone who has such a high self-value, it’s hard to win an argument. Remember, these people consider themselves to be on the level of a genius. If you should ever get into a verbal dispute over any matter, they will seemingly be the expert and know everything about it.

They demand that the balance of power always be on their side. There’s no way you will win an argument with someone who holds themselves in such high regards. It’s better to agree to disagree and walk away.

3 – They Don’t Easily Forgive

If things should hit a sour note in your relationship, then you will find that you are dealing with someone who has a vengeful and ruthless personality. They believe in paybacks and will stop at nothing to ensure they write the wrong. Since this sign is not known for their forgiving nature, they take disloyalty very personal.

You only get one chance with them. An altercation, either verbal or physical, will probably be the end of the relationship. There are no do-overs or apologies accepted. Once you blow it, there’s no turning back.

4 – You Need Them, but They Don’t Need You

Scorpios tend to be very independent. Their fearless nature means that they can survive with or without you in their life. If you choose to be with them, then they will be glad to have you.

However, if you choose to walk away, don’t expect them to come after you. They can manage just fine without you being their friend. They see every experience as a learning curve, and it will only make them better.

Since they are so fearless and ambitious, they don’t need you. Instead, they see you as the lucky one for having them in your life. You can see that they tend to be a bit narcissistic.

5 – Scorpio Is Highly Emotional

If your friend happens to be a woman, be prepared for plenty of waterworks. These people tend to be highly emotional and easily upset. They can turn on the tears at a moment’s notice.

It’s best to keep a tissue handy when dealing with this sign as they are excellent actors and have a flair for the dramatic. When something significant happens that alters or disturbs their views of their awesomeness, you should know that they will need ample time to recover. Their emotional state can be quite exhausting to all involved.

To combat them when they become overly emotional, just keep reminding them how great they are and how they will be better than before. Remain positive no matter how much they are acting like a child and being over-the-top.

6 –  Jealousy Comes Natural to Them

Whether as friends or lovers, Scorpios are going to be possessive of your time. They usually don’t have many friends because they are so demanding that most can’t handle their strong nature. They tend to put all their energy and devotion into a select few.

Additionally, you will find that it’s hard to have a relationship with anyone else when you are friends with this sign. If they chose you, then they will be possessive and demanding of your time. You may find them a tad bit obsessive. Should you ever need to go your separate ways, then you should be prepared for drama and a massive meltdown.


7 –  They Must Keep Things Mysterious

The incredibly mysterious Scorpio has a complex personality. They like to be secretive and tend to keep things a bit strange. If you are deceptive, it can be devastating to them. They want a bit of mystery and intrigue, but they don’t like trickery.

Due to their inquisitive nature, they don’t like secrets. Forget throwing surprise birthday parties and such as this type of happy madness can send them into overdrive. If you ever lie or are deceptive to a Scorpio, then you should know that it will be the end of your relationship.

However, having a little bit of mystery in your affiliation will keep their attention. Scorpios are curious by nature, so they don’t do well with surprises. When they have a secret, however, they will drop hints to keep you dangling. Should they get a new job offer or love interest, they won’t just come right out and tell you.

They like to keep things under wraps if possible. Their goal is to keep you guessing and intrigued by their changes. They will keep you dangling like a fish on a hook for as long as they can.

8 –  You Will Never Be Their Equal

Some find it hard to be friends with someone who doesn’t need them, and they will never be their equal. Scorpios have such a hard time finding and maintaining relationships because no one can measure up to the image they create of the perfect friend.

These people are ferociously independent, and they can manage with or without you. Their ambitions in life make them fearless. You will be along for the ride, but they will never see you as an equal to their greatness.

Since they have such a high self-image, they only choose friends that they view as close to perfect. Because their expectations are so high, they are selective with their inner circle. Only a few will pass their rigorous screening.

9 –  Their Loyalty Is Fierce

Lastly, with everything you’ve read about a relationship with this sign, you may want to shy away from being friends. However, if you have broken through the barriers and have an association with the eighth sign, then you will have the truest devotion.

When you are friends with Scorpios, they will be fiercely loyal to you. Since you’ve already passed their test of high standards, they have found some perfection in you. If your relationship were to end, then they would feel that their selection was less than perfect, which is impossible in their eyes.

Since it’s no easy task to win the trust of this sign, congratulations are in order. They are very picky about their friendships and intimate relationships. You have done the seemingly impossible by crossing their barriers.

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Scorpios Make Good Friends and Lovers

Should you ever cross the line from friends to lovers with this astrological sign, then you will experience intense, deep, and passionate love. To put it in Hollywood terms, think of the romances between Clark Gable and Vivian Lee or Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor. Some say that no romance novel could ever compare.

Whether friends or lovers, the Scorpio wants to know you on such an intimate level that they entangle with your soul. Romance tends to be another area in which these people excel. Some say that being in a romantic relationship with them is simply the best out there.

If you are a Leo and Aquarius, then you should steer clear of this sign as both friends and lovers. When you combine their intensity, passion, and loyalty, then you get everything they have to offer. If they choose you to be in their life, then you’re lucky as you have accomplished the seemingly impossible.