Depending on who you ask, falling in love can be one of the greatest and most challenging gifts one goes through in life. What attracts you to and makes you fall for someone can arise from multiple reasons, not all of them sensible. Case in point, loving a Scorpio.

The Scorpio is the eighth sign of the zodiac from October 23-November 22. While it can be considered an infamous or “darker sign” out of all twelve of the zodiac signs, it is one the most misunderstood signs out there. It is one of the four powerhouses. A person born of this sign is known for having a cruel stringer. And they also have an ability to use it in a cold-hearted fashion in multiple ways. But, what few seem to see at first is they also have an enormous capacity for protectiveness. Thus, they will also sting when something threatens their loved ones.

Loving a person of this sign is not easy because they hide multiple and complex layers from the world. This is not to be nasty or degrading to anyone. But it is because nearly every Scorpio is protective of their hearts and who they let in. Scorpios are not ones who love lightly or trust easily. Therefore, they are more likely to have small circles of friends then people of other signs are.

If you have developed a feeling for or are falling for a Scorpio man or woman, here are 10 things you should know to make things more understandable. If anything, this list will prepare you for the interesting and fulling life you two will lead together.

10 Things You Need to Know When You Love a Scorpio

1) They are passionate

Passion, for a person of this sign, is written into their DNA from birth. Be it having a passion about doing a favorite sport that most would give up on, turning a hobby into a successful small business that makes millions, or fighting for a political or environmental cause they believe in, this gets them through the day. Their passion is what they live off.

Living with and loving a Scorpio will be filled with adventure and keep you on your toes. Never a dull moment with this sign so be prepared. Make sure you can keep up for you will never be bored.

2) Loyalty is everything!

Loyalty to Scorpios is what fish is to water and breathing is to a human. To be loyal to someone is extremely important to them. To break their loyalty to a cause, a friend or a family member means that that person or situation has crossed a line or done something unforgivable in the eyes of someone with this sun sign.

No matter the reasons given by the “guilty” party as to why they did what they did, they are still guilty of being in the wrong. People of this sign do not forgive easily and never forget. If in the rare occurrence that you are lucky enough to be forgiven do not ever expect to be as close as you were before. You will always be kept at arm’s length.

3) Insecurities get to them

Due to their inability to trust people right off the back, it allows insecurities to creep to the surface. To a Scorpio it is better to guard their hearts then it is to try a relationship that could end in heartbreak just for the fun of it. They will take their time to get to know a person before any serious dating begins.Do not take any offense to this, they are just wanting to protect themselves from any possible avoidable and unnecessary heartbreak. If anything, take this as a compliment. For most of the people born under this sign, they take loyalty and faithfulness seriously.

4) Sexuality is the same as an emotion

Scorpios are passionate and sensual beings. Sex, flirting and seducing are the native language of this sign. They love sex and all the good feelings that come along with it. They are the best in bed out of all the zodiac signs and they take it very seriously.One reason for this could be to do if there are any communication difficulties between a couple.

If they are having problems communicating with their partner clearly, sex can translate what they are struggling to say. On the other hand, a night of passion can communicate and translate what the English language sometimes cannot.

5) Mystery is in their blood

This zodiac sign is surrounded by mystery and for good reason. Scorpios are both interested in the mysteries of life and having mystery surround them themselves. They like to find out about people and to be able to understand what makes people tick.

Also, due to having their walls up to protect their hearts, many would view a Scorpio man or woman as a locked box that only needs to have the right key to open it up to see all the beauty inside it. If this is you, then be prepared to wait for the box to open. For it will take some time so don’t be afraid to work at it either.

6) They take their independence seriously

While this sign is well known for being dominant and at times or sometimes overbearing, they do not like it when it is done in return. While this may be hypocritical, they greatly value their independence and not having to rely on other people to get what they want. Scorpios are more about helping others and not so much about asking for the help they need themselves.

They do not like to be controlled and to be told what they can or cannot do with their lives. If you want to be with him or her, remember to give him/her the space he/she needs and let them be who they are. You will have a happier relationship if you do.

7) Protective is an understatement

Not only are Scorpios fiercely loyal to their friends and family, but they are also fiercely protective of their loved ones. Once you are in their inner circle you are there for life in their eyes. This also means you being under their protection weather you feel like you need it or not.

You’ll need to tell them in a nice way that you can stand up on your own two feet. Indeed, they need not always be your sole protector.

8) They have a stinger–betrayers beware

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Besides having their walls up and being overprotective of the people in their inner circle, Scorpios are notoriously unforgiving. Once they are or feel betrayed, they push out their stinger and confront the person who double-crossed them. Forgiveness is something foreign that Scorpios are rarely willing to learn nor master. Be warned!

9) They like a challenge

One thing this sign cannot stand besides being lied to, cheated on and having a betrayal happen, is not having something that challenges them personally. Be it in their personal life, their career or family life- boring and just settling is not a concept that this zodiac sign accepts. They must push to do and to be the best that not only they can be. However, they must also be the best at what they do. It is best to let them know in a gentle way that they have not failed when they feel like they have. They can always try again. Sometimes they just need someone to add fuel to the fire that is already starting inside them.

10) Just listen to them

Many Scorpios are not ones for beating around the bush. They speak their mind and will be blunt about it often. However, they can be tactful as to when to drop some bad or big news if they choose to be, so don’t think that all Scorpios are without class. When it comes to relationships, they take a considerable amount of time thinking about how they will tell the person they care for. So, don’t worry. For a Scorpio, it is better to take the time to come up with the right words to convey what they actually and truly mean then it is to do it on the whim and possibly mess up on explaining what they mean. At least it is when it comes to the subject of deep feelings.

Be it to a close friend, a lover or a family member, Scorpios speak their mind on a situation to help that person out. It is not because they adore hearing their voices echoing off the surrounding walls. They get an equal amount of pleasure of a “told you so” situation happening in front of their eyes as they do with the person following their advice.

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Final Considerations When You Fall in Love with a Scorpio

There are both the good and the bad of every sign and this sign is not different. While Scorpios are headstrong and dominating, they do have a passionate nature and feel emotions deeply. Granted you will have to follow the rules to get the keys to unlock the mystery of your lover.