Apple cider vinegar is one of the most popular remedies for common ailments, though most people rarely use ACV for its full potential. While most people let this natural cure-all collect dust in their pantry, others are just starting to discover the powerful benefits of this vinegar.

The Power of Apple Cider Vinegar

ACV can completely transform your diet, health, and beauty routines. Wondering how to use ACV in your life best? Read on for 22 benefits of ACV.

1. Get Frizz-Free Hair

Tired of frizzy hair? If you have unruly hair, it may be because of an imbalance in your pH.

Get hold of your hair by using apple cider vinegar as a rinse. Taking care to dilute this mixture with water properly, you’ll quickly see how the ACV takes your hair from overly frizzy to incredibly smooth.

apple cider vinegar

2. Gargle Away Bad Breath

The natural acids in this vinegar make it ideal as an antimicrobial. If you’re looking for a quick way to kill bad breath, ACV is the answer.

As you use the ACV, you’ll actively kill any bacteria and break up any plaque causing your bad breath. Gargle ACV after brushing your teeth to ensure your mouth is completely clean.

3. Heal Your Blemishes

As ACV is effective in killing bacteria, many people use it as a way to fight acne.

The vinegar will balance the acid-alkaline levels in your skin, ultimately working to regulate your body’s oil production. Additionally, ACV can reduce any pain, swelling, and redness felt on your skin.

Treat your skin with ACV by applying vinegar to your skin using a cotton pad. After letting your skin dry for up to 20 minutes, rinse it off.

4. Use Apple Cider Vinegar for Deodorant

Another way to take advantage of ACV’s antibacterial properties is to use it as a deodorant.

Asa deodorant, the vinegar will work to neutralize any odor caused by bacteria. Mix the ACV with water and use it as a deodorizing spray. Once dry, the ACV will no longer smell like vinegar.

5. Treat Skin Irritation

Tired of trying multiple products to treat your irritated skin?

Add a cup of ACV to a bath to treat common skin irritations. If you have bug bites, jellyfish stings, poison ivy rashes, sunburn, or any similar irritation, applying ACV to your skin will help to eliminate your discomfort.

6. Support Healthy Cholesterol

Treat your high cholesterol by using ACV to increase your body’s bile production. The vinegar will support your liver as it processes your food and improves your body’s healthy cholesterol.

When used in your diet regularly, ACV will lower your cholesterol over time.

7. Soothe Your Sore Throat

Though most people attribute a sore throat to various causes, bacteria is the main culprit for sore throats.

While you should consult with a doctor to address your sore throat concerns, using ACV will help to eliminate any bacteria in your throat. Gargling with this natural remedy will help soothe your throat and rid your body of bad bacteria.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar Could Improve Gut Health

Gut health is an important topic that is trending these days. The probiotics and enzymes in ACV make this remedy an effective treatment for gut health.

While some people turn to yogurt and kombucha to boost their gut health, you can use this vinegar to improve digestion, fight acid reflux, and boost your overall gut health.

9. Treat Yeast Infections

Yeast infections are an annoyingly common affliction that many women face.

While this condition can be treated with over-the-counter medicines, if you have apple cider vinegar in your kitchen, you may want to consider using this to treat your yeast infection.

You can treat yeast infections with ACV topically, internally, and vaginally. Whether you add it to your diet or use it around the affected area, dilute the vinegar.

For very serious yeast infections, contact a medical professional.

10. Improve Blood Sugar Levels

ACV has strong anti-glycemic properties, making it ideal for promoting healthy blood sugar.

Additionally, regular consumption of ACV can block starch digestion, which works to prevent increased blood sugar.

According to certain studies, just one teaspoon of this vinegar at bedtime can lower an individual’s blood glucose level.

11. Increase Nutrient Absorption

ACV’s acetic acid can increase the nutrients and minerals that your body can absorb from your diet.

Consume ACV with your most nutrient-rich foods to maximize this quality. Love eating a salad? Add some apple cider vinegar to your meal, and you’ll be actively improving your body’s ability to absorb these nutrients.

apple cider vinegar

12. Apple Cider Vinegar Could Stop Hiccups

If you ever find yourself trying to get over a terrible case of hiccups, reach for the ACV. With just one teaspoonful of this vinegar, you’ll be able to eliminate your hiccups for good.

13. Improve Your pH Balance

Your body requires a healthy pH balance to digest your food properly.

This homeostasis is responsible for keeping your body functioning properly.

While your diet plays a major role in creating this balance, ACV helps keep your body functioning smoothly.

As you introduce apple cider vinegar into your diet, you’ll find that your digestive system will improve significantly.

14. Detoxify Your Liver

Enjoy improved bodily functions and better health in general by using ACV regularly. The ACV will help you build a better lymphatic system as the apple cider vinegar encourages proper lymph circulation.

This process is essentially your body’s way of eliminating toxins. With the help of ACV, you’re essentially cleansing your system of pollutants and ensuring your body can continue this cleansing process regularly.

15. Eliminate Belly Fat

Trying to lose the extra weight around your midsection? Unfiltered ACV is a great way to reduce any belly fat.

Use ACV to ditch these extra pounds by allowing the ACV to satisfy any excessive hunger cravings. Regularly consuming ACV and working out will help you achieve your goal weight.

16. Prevent Premature Aging

The antioxidants in ACV percent premature aging.

Using ACV regularly will make you look and feel younger as these antioxidants help maintain your body’s pH balance, keeping it working just as it did in your prime.

17. Apple Cider Vinegar Can Help Eliminate Free Radicals

Free radicals can result in many health issues. ACV works to harvest these free radicals, preventing them from damaging your cell’s membranes and tissues.

As ACV helps to eliminate free radicals, you’ll be able to enjoy better health.

18. Treat Your Joint Pain

Before you reach for painkillers to treat your joint pain, try the ACV. Adding this vinegar to a bath or hot tub will help you bring immediate relief to your joints

ACV is an excellent way to treat any related discomfort if you have gout, tendinitis, or osteoarthritis.

19. Whiten Your Teeth

Just as some people use ACV to eliminate bad breath, ACV is an effective teeth whitener.

While you can apply the vinegar to your teeth directly, you can also use it on a toothbrush and apply it that way.

20. Improve Your Mood

Though many people use ACV to treat medical conditions, improve their diet, or add to a beauty regimen, ACV can also be used to improve your mood.

When used to treat anxiety, ACV is a powerful mood booster. The vinegar will break down your foods’ amino acids, creating serotonin, helping to improve your mood.

21. Treat Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is relatively widespread, but most people use medication as an acid reflux treatment.

With ACV on hand, you can treat your acid reflux. All you need is a tablespoon of ACV, and you’ll be able to ease your stomach problems.

apple cider vinegar to whiten teeth

Final Thoughts on Apple Cider Vinegar

There’s nothing quite as versatile as ACV. Whether you use it when cooking, for its antiseptic purposes, or trying to improve your health, the benefits of ACV are undeniable.

If you don’t already have ACV in your pantry, now’s the time to stock up. Let this guide inspire you to start finding more reasons to use ACV daily.