12 Things to Never Forget if You Are in Love with a Sagittarius

12 Things to Never Forget if You Are in Love with a Sagittarius



Sagittarius is the ninth zodiac sign in astrology charts. Sagitarrius is born between November 22 to December 21.

According to astrologers, Sagittarius is open-minded, honest with themselves and others, and metaphysical to some extent.

Sagittarius or Sags are often liberal. A Sag will take their time and listen to you. They love spreading good vibrations and will more often than not put their needs behind to see you comfortable.

Love finds people in different places. You usually do not know whom you will fall in love with. Sags are good lovers. Consider yourself lucky if you are of a different zodiac sign and fall in love with a Sagittarius.

Not only will you enjoy your love, but you will also experience the best relationship ever. Libra, Aquarius, Leo, and Aries are the most compatible with Sagittarius. This, however, does not mean that other signs are not allowed to fall in love with Sags.

Getting into a partnership and relationship with a Sag is one of the best things you can do to yourself. There are various things that you should never forget when you fall in love with a sag. Below are 12 things you need to remember when you are in love with a Sagittarius.

1. They exhibit too much independence

Sagittarians can be stubborn and refuse help at times. Sags love being independent and free from anyone’s control. It is important to remember this when you fall in love with a Sagittarius as you may think that they are detaching when they display self-governance.


Their independence is a positive trait as it enables them to survive for long without seeking assistance. Try to understand your Sagittarius partner when they seem disconnected.

They may do this for days, even weeks. Do not assume the worst. They still love you. This trait should not stop you from loving them as before.

2. Trust is an essential factor in a relationship

Every Sagittarius loves a trustworthy lover. Sags treat loyalty and trust highly, and will quickly cut you off if they feel that you do not think the two are essential.

A Sagittarius may take long to trust you, but when they do, they trust you with their lives. Do not abuse this trust, as they will easily let you be once they realize you are hiding things from them.

Work on your trust issues, become a trustful person even as you pan to approach, and later fall in love with a Sagittarius. Remember to tell them everything that you think may create trust issues with them in the future.

3. They are focused

Sags are a focused lot. A Sagittarius will not spend their time with people or things that are dragging them behind. They will instead channel all their energy to things that will help them in their future.


They always think ahead and plan I advance. A Sagittarius will enjoy the company of individuals other star signs if the individuals have the same goals as them. This is one of the many advantages of dating a Sagittarius.

They will help you build your future as you grow together. You are encouraged to get into a relationship with a Sagittarius that you love if you are one who focuses on your future.

4. They are good advisers but terrible at following their advice

Isn’t this an irony? A Sag will give you the best advice, help you solve your problem and ensure that you are okay, but fail to follow the same advice they gave.

This is one of the weak points of Sagittarius. They rarely take the good advice they give others. Remember to be there for your Sagittarius lover, encouraging them and pushing them whenever they feel defeated.

They sometimes require a little pushing to see clearly. Be sure that you will be the person who supports your Sag lover even when they do the opposite of what you would expect them to do.

5. They are good at arguing

Do not at any point think that you will win every argument you have with your Sagittarian lover. Sags are the greatest debaters. This makes them good speakers and even greater at arguing.

A Sag will be armed with facts and proof whenever you try to counter their arguments. Learn how to lower your voice and calm down if a disagreement occurs.

Sags can be sweet with their words, but they can also be vile when angry and quarreling. Work on your anger management and tone so as not to ruin things further when a disagreement occurs.

6. They are naturally introverted

Sagittarians spend a lot of time solo. This is because they appreciate being left alone to think and reflect on life and other things around them. Sags will spend a whole day indoors and not feel like they are missing anything important.

They also keep their circles smalls to avoid drama and having to deal with distracters outside. You must remember this whey you are in love with a Sag as your outgoing nature may create some friction between the two of you.


Do not feel pressured to follow their introverted flow as you may find their style to be dull. Just act natural and plan with them.

7. They are observant

A Sagittarius will notice the minutest item in the room. Remember that Sags do not forget anything! They will take note of every action. One would think that they have a mental notebook.

Pair their observant nature with the sharp memories they have, and you will get a walking computer. They will notice when you are not interested in them or when you seem carried away by other things.

This character also comes in handy when they observe how you like the things that make you happy. They will watch you for a while and later get you that thing you had been carving foe.

8. They may not show their emotions, but they care

Sagittarius rarely reveal what they truly feel. Getting to know how your lover thinks for you may be a task, as they do not quickly display their feelings.

You may find this to be absurd at first because it is natural for people in love to show their emotions. Do not freak out, thinking that they are toying with you. Their star aligning does not allow them to be as emotional as other zodiac signs.

What you should do is try to make them comfortable whenever you are with them. Remember that they still love you. They only have a hard time showing their love.

9. They know how to keep certain things private

Due to their introverted nature, Sagittarians will hold many things to themselves. You will live with them for months, yet there are some things you will never know about them.

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They are also good at keeping secrets, and this makes them the best custodians of deep dark secrets. A Sagittarius will never show you what they don’t want to show you.


They give an impression of revealing everything about them to people while in the real sense, they only share a little. One of Sagittarians best traits is hiding things from people.

10. They despise cheats

A cheat and a Sagittarius are never compatible. Do not ever think of cheating on a Sagittarius once you are with them.

The loathe cheats with every fiber in their body. You will see the wrath of a scorned sag when you start playing games with them. Be the loyal and loving partner as it was intended for the good of both of you.

Remember that Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, which planet of truth and abundance. Be as truthful as you can be with your Sagitarrius lover.

11. They let fate control things

A Sagittarius will sit down and let everything fall into place. This character in them is admired by many, as they make, it seem so easy.

They will watch things fall, or get better with little to zero effort. Sags do not see small things. They are good at watching how things unravel. A sag believes that the universe has its way of doing things, and if something was going to happen, it will happen no matter what.


Learn when to stop and watch things flow when you are with your sag over. It will help you see things their way and understand them better

12. They can be wild when with the right person

Sag may keep a lot to themselves, but they know how to be wild. It takes a special person to unravel the crazy and fun beast in them so if they act happy and wild when with you then know that they are comfortable with you.

This trait in them should help you study and understand when your partner feels like breaking the monotony in the air. A wild Sag is not to be messed with as they dot know how to stop. They will go on and on like they had been piling particular energy for some special moment.


Final Thoughts on Being in Love with a Sagittarius

Honesty, optimism, and openness are some of the things that will make you love being in love with a Sagittarius. Getting them to be on the same page with you may be a challenge when you are beginning but everything will false in place eventually.


Do not expect them to commit immediately you profess your love, as this will only lead to disappointments. They like to take it slowly, and it will be prudent for you to go with their pace.

On dealing with an angry Sagittarius, learn to be patient. The best thing about them is that they forget their displeasure in a minute. Remember that Mercury Retrograde in Sagittarius can prompt an attack of opinions that would somewhat be overlooked. Be tender with them.

Influential celebrities who are sags include Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Nicki Minaj, Brad Pitt, and Katie Holmes.


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