Another Mercury Retrograde is in full effect, and some people are already talking about having a meltdown. 

This time, let’s not panic. Let’s not hibernate and disconnect until it’s over.

There really isn’t anything to fear, although it feels like it just happened the other day and we barely survived. Well, expect this planetary shift at least four times a year. This new one began August 30th and will end September 22, 2016. Every time this planetary occurrence happens, we start to incur mini meltdowns, as if we have little control of our lives.

Retrogrades are about slowing down and allowing the natural shifts to happen. And, yes, sometimes they can create a lot of chaos and havoc, but it’s always for the evolution of your higher self. As the planet Mercury shifts, in what seems a backward motion, we begin to also retreat to old patterns and programming. Embrace it all! Take this time to encourage your soul to create intentions, accept old thoughts and learn to move forward. And, yes, Mercury Retrograde seems to affect communication, technology and other parts of our lives. Astrologers believe you should hold off on executing big decisions, signing contracts, and making huge life changes during the 21 days. But, retrogrades aren’t that powerful that you cannot move past things in a conscious level.

“The term ‘retrograde’ in this instance refers to a perceived reversal in the standard west-to-east movement of Mercury through the stars. While some objects in space do experience true retrograde motion — Venus spins about its axis in the opposite direction than the other planets, a situation called retrograde spin — Mercury’s backtracking is an issue of perspective. Its orbit is smaller and faster than Earth’s. When its orbit catches up to and passes Earth, it creates the illusion that Mercury is backtracking,” astronomers say.

This can be a time to visit parts of your life that you keep putting off.

Here are 3 ways to love the f**k out of this Mercury Retrograde:

1. Embrace your past.

As you slow down, you may find that you are returning to old thoughts, revisiting past memories, and questioning your decisions. You may be feeling the claws of resentment and regrets. This is okay. This is actually an incredible opportunity to close some chapters and stories. It’s time to end and complete things that no longer serve you. Remind yourself of your strength, kindness, compassion, and love.

Recognize how far you have arrived. Embrace the massive hot mess you think you are, right now, at this very moment. Get over all the conditioning and programming of old stuff, voices from the past, and remember that you are this person because of all your life experiences. You have choices in every decision you make. You have the ability to process what has happened and make changes for the future. When you become aware of your past actions, take responsibility, and forgive, you can restart by moving forward with your awareness.

2. Make space for new opportunities.

Every single event that appears in your path is an opportunity for greatness. What are you waiting for? When will you stop waiting for something big to happen? Retrograde forces us to take a giant halt. Communication begins to crumble with others. This is an occasion to do things that scare you, entertain parts of you that you keep putting off, and break through new beginnings. Make your intentions, write them down and follow through with the awareness and acceptance that you get to manifest everything you put out. If you don’t want negativity, then stop entertaining it. Use the things you have in storage. Take out the expensive china, the heirloom crystals, the bath towels you never use, and romance yourself because you matter. Wear that outfit you keep in the back of the closet, the bikini you have saved forever in that drawer, and change your hair style. Stop waiting on others to give you a chance for a special moment.

You are the chance that you keep waiting on. Retrograde forces us to step back, as the planet moves in that direction, to really see things that make the soul dance in passion. You want to go dancing? Do it. You want to go back to school? Start a plan in motion. These 21 days are about pausing, shifting gears, and creating an environment for the desires that are in your heart. If it doesn’t make you jump for joy, find a way to discard it. Clean out your closet, the drawers, and the parts of your life that are holding you back from succeeding. Don’t see the Mercury movement as a curse. Use this time to stop, retrieve, and release. Make it work for you as we begin to move forward in a few weeks. You want a special occasion to do things? You are the special occasion. Utilize these days as a chance to work on you.

3. Love your life (exactly the way it is right now, regardless of your situation)

Put your hand on your heart. Feel that? This is your life. You are a beautiful essence that gets to live here on this miraculous planet. Everything around you happens for you, not to you. You are not a victim. Get over the second-guessing, the negativity that you pick up from others, and stop allowing others to dictate your worth. They don’t live your life. They don’t really know your emotions, the deep-seated struggles, and how you have to conquer the world on a daily basis.

You are a warrior. You are courageous. Do yourself a favor and stop making excuses for the things you want and you don’t go after. You cannot continue waiting for life to happen.

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You also cannot continue handing your life over to others to dictate what you should or shouldn’t do. It doesn’t work that way. Retrograde forces us to slowly integrate with the past and move inward. It’s more of a pause from the universe to witness our decision making mechanism. You shouldn’t continue making excuses that you keep carrying from childhood. Dance when you want to. Sing out loud, and play however much you want. You aren’t a child restricted from doing what you desire. You get to create the life you want. Make your lists, your intentions, your vision boards, and put forward the delicious dreams in motion.

You are an incredible and magnificent soul. You were created to learn, love, and lift others. You don’t have to keep waiting for cosmic changes and using excuses for not accomplishing the things you want. You get to decide right now. You can shift your consciousness and move beyond all the issues from the past. We are experiencing some wonderful phenomenons in our own lives. Be authentic. Be honest. And, be the best version of you the world has yet to see.

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