Did you know that using rose petal water in your beauty regime can reduce stress and anxiety? If you prefer to use natural beauty treatments, then rosewater is one solution to consider. Stress relief and a lovely complexion can be just as close as your garden.

Most botanical historians believe that roses were discovered and cultivated in China over five thousand years ago. The majestic blooms were soon grown in the Middle East, where they were prized for their matchless beauty and tantalizing scent.

Over the centuries, early apothecaries used rose essence for perfumes and culinary ingredients. Rose petal water was also valued as a powerful antiseptic, antifungal, and nerve tonic. Its gentle cleansing and toning properties made it a highlight of every lady’s beauty regime.

The Rose: The Empress of Flowers

Perhaps no flower in the world has impacted history quite like the rose. It has inspired art, poetry, books, and music. Its perfect grace and beauty remain the ultimate symbol of purity, femininity, and true love. No wonder Mother Nature has crowned the rose as Empress of Flowers.

If you have a flower garden, then the chances are that you have a rose bush or two. These stunning blossoms have been hybridized into a dazzling choice of colors. Roses may grow as bushes, small trees, or even climbing vines.

The mesmerizing aroma of this flower is instantly recognizable. Rose scents range anywhere from a heady, peppery smell to the delightfully sublime. Many of the perfumes and beauty regime products on your vanity probably contain rose essence. You may also be surprised to find it as a subtle flavoring in many gourmet foods.

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Avoid these mistakes when washing your face.

The 8 Top Benefits of Rosewater

If you’ve had a long love affair with rose petal water, you are in good company. From historical icons like Cleopatra, Michelangelo, and Queen Victoria to modern movie stars, this floral elixir has timeless appeal. Here are a few ways that a splash of rosewater can enhance your beauty regime.

1 – Hydrates Your Skin

Do you have irritating dry skin? Then you are familiar with the burning, itching, and scaly patches it creates. If you use rose essence in water, it will hydrate your skin naturally. Women have used it for centuries to soothe and hydrate their dry skin. Just a light mist on your face in the morning may rejuvenate your skin cells and give your complexion a youthful, radiant glow.

2 – Diminishes the Appearance of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Nobody wants to look older before their time. As you age, your skin gradually loses elasticity, and you start to notice fine lines around your forehead, eyes, and mouth. They may be more exaggerated if you have skin damage due to years of overexposure to the sun.

Instead of going to the dermatologist for costly creams, lotions, and injections, why not use an old remedy your grandmother probably used? Rose petal water can nourish your skin with vitamins that defend your cells from damaging free radicals. The result is a smoother complexion that makes fine lines and wrinkles less noticeable.

3 – Disinfects a Blemish or Sore

What could be more frustrating than to wake up in the morning of your big presentation, and you have a big zit on your face? Did you know that rose petal water is a potent antibacterial that can cleanse and disinfect skin blemishes? In a pinch, you can also use it to sanitize your hands when soap and water aren’t available.

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Rosewater can also improve acne-prone skin.

4 – Makes Your Hair Shiny and Manageable

Are you tired of having bad hair days? Say goodbye to frizzy, flyaway hair by spritzing it with rose petal water. Not only does it smell divine, but it reduces static electricity and helps condition your hair.

When used daily, this ancient beauty regime will make your hair smooth, shiny, and easier to manage. Vitamins and trace minerals from the roses nourish your scalp and can strengthen your hair from roots to tips. You can use it as a spray or as a rinse when you wash your hair.

5 – Improves Mental Health

The same rose petal water that invigorates your skin can also benefit you mentally and emotionally. Discover why early doctors recommended it as a daily tonic to help their patients relax and heal. Modern studies show that these doctors were on to something that can benefit you, too.

6 – Aromatherapy for Headaches

Headaches have countless causes and can range from mild irritation to debilitating agony. Health care professionals maintain that allergies and stress are chief contributors. If you battle occasional or chronic headaches, talk to your doctor about using rose petal water as a complementary treatment to your regular medication.

Smelling this fragrant water can soothe stuffy sinus tissues and reduce the inflammation that causes sinus pressure in your head. Rose aromatherapy has also demonstrated positive results for people whose headaches are induced by stress. Keep a fresh bottle in your medicine cabinet for the onset of an aching head.

7 – Taking Rosewater Internally

Before you take any herbal or natural supplement, including rose petal water, talk to your doctor. Although experts agree that it’s usually safe, some people may be allergic to roses or their compounds. Try to buy rose petal water or capsules that are organically certified and discontinue using them if you have any side effects.

People have drunk and cooked with rosewater for as long as they have used it as a beauty treatment. Michelangelo touted rose petal water as a miraculous health tonic, and he drank it every day. It may not inspire you to paint the Sistine Chapel, but rose petal water may make you less prone to sickness.

For indigestion, people in the Middle Ages often reached for a bottle of rose petal water. Modern studies indicate that ingredients in roses can soothe heartburn and other digestive issues. It has a mild, floral taste that many people enjoy.

8 – Boosts Your Mood and Reduces Anxiety

Remember the thrills of meandering through your grandmother’s garden and sniffing her beloved roses? Perhaps she let you pick one to enjoy in a bud vase. Just remembering this unmistakable scent lifts your spirits instantly and makes you smile.

To recapture these moments, try using a fresh spray of rosewater when you feel overwhelmed, sad, or grumpy. Let the refreshing, captivating mist bring your mind to a rose garden, where you feel relaxed and inspired. It’s hard to be in a foul mood when the uplifting perfume of rose petals surrounds you.

Do you fight anxiety or panic attacks? Some people diagnosed with an anxiety disorder find relief when they smell fresh rose petal water or spray a little on themselves. You might also see the benefits of reduced anxiety if you try this remedy.

On the flip side, rosewater aromatherapy shows promise for people who battle depression. The familiar scent is comforting and may take them to their happy place. If you are depressed, it’s certainly worth a try.

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How to Make Rosewater at Home

Rose petal water is a staple of many Middle Eastern cuisines, and you can easily find it in a specialty store. You may also purchase it from various online sites, but you can never be sure of its purity. Plus, rose petal water can be pricey.

Why not make your own instead? Do you or a friend have a rose bush that has not been treated with chemicals or insecticides? With a few roses, purified water, and a pot, you can have fresh, organic rose petal water in no time.

You will need 12 cups of perfect, organic rose petals. Place the leaves in a stockpot and add enough purified water to cover them. Arrange a medium-sized metal bowl in the center of the pot, with the rim being a few inches above the water. Put the lid on the pot upside down to form another dish and bring the water to a rapid boil.

Once the water is boiling, fill the top of the lid with ice. Reduce heat to low and allow the mixture to gently simmer for two hours, replacing melted ice as needed. Be sure to check that the petals are still covered by water and add water if necessary.

In this homemade distillation, the boiling water will condense on the cold lid, filling the metal bowl with pure rose petal water. Pour into a clean jar or spray bottle, seal tightly, and store in a cool, dry place. Use it as a tonic or a refreshing spritz.

To use your homemade rose petal water in the kitchen, do some online research for tasty recipes. The essence of roses is delightful in cakes, pastries, and cocktails. Some Middle Eastern cuisines use it regularly in savory dishes.

Final Thoughts on Using Rosewater: Nature is Always Best

Now that you know Queen Cleopatra’s secret beauty regime, you can make it some at home. Whether you use it topically, drink it as a tonic, or use it in exotic dishes, rose petal water can be an invaluable ingredient. Every time you use it in your beauty regime, you will think of the lovely blossoms that made it all possible.