Making the step from friendship to romance can be an impossible challenge – especially when you don’t know if your friend feels the same way! But expressing your feelings is a challenge worth overcoming. Some of the deepest love stories began as friendships. If you are already friends with someone, you likely have things in common, and your personalities are compatible.

But not all friendships bloom into something more. Differentiating emotions of platonic and romantic love can be confusing regarding our closest friends. This makes sense considering experts say that the kind of love in these relationships often overlap. So how exactly do you tell when one of your female friends dreams of taking your relationship to the next level?

NOTE: We acknowledge that guys can sometimes carry secret torches. However, we address that separately because they reveal their interest differently than females.

1. If Interested In Romance, She Is Always Available And Clears Her Schedule For You

Most friends love to spend time with each other. But most friends are unavailable 24/7 whenever you feel like hanging out or talking. Many friends go days, weeks, and even months without setting aside a moment to chat or hang out. If your crush seems eager to visit any time you feel like it, or if they frequently ask to spend time with you, that could signify they are interested in something more than friendship. In addition, if there is an occasion that she is not able to meet up with you, she will be quick to reschedule!


2. A Woman In Love Remembers Things About Your Life That Your Other Friends Don’t

Most friends only remember a few things about your interests, family, and what you are up to. If this friend remembers every detail you’ve shared with her, down to how you like your coffee and what time you wake up to go to work, this extra ounce of attentiveness might indicate they care for you more deeply than other friends. Bonus points if she frequently brings these small details into the conversation.

3. She Will Often Initiate Physical Contact, Indicating Romance Is On Her Mind

This can be tricky because some people are more touchy-feely than others. However, if you notice your friend doesn’t offer hugs to others in your friend group, but they go out of their way to give you hugs, place their hand on your arm while you talk, or make other light physical gestures, this could indicate romance is on the horizon. At the very least, this shows that your friend feels safe and comfortable when they are close to you.

4. She Shows Her Interest In A Love Relationship With Body Language

Similar to physical contact, body language is a big tell when assessing a woman’s level of interest. Psychology expert Dr. Albert Mahrabian suggests that body language often reveals more about the person you’re talking to than the words they speak. Some examples of how people express body language include their facial expressions, physical barriers they place between the two of you, eye contact, smiling, and posture. If their body language is warm and open, romance is likely!

5. She Shows Interest In Your Love Life

Is your female friend always asking about your love life? If she frequently asks about any new romance in your life, she could hint that she would like to date you. Of course, it is normal for friends to inquire about each other’s dating lives, but that could be a sign if she seems to be asking you about it quite frequently. In some cases, she might even share details of her love life with you unprompted.

6. A Lot Of The Time You Spend Together Is One-On-One Time

The context in which your friend spends time with you is also important. General availability could be a sign, but if those hangouts are in group settings, it is different than if the time she wants to spend is only with you. Dates are an essential part of any blossoming romance. If you go on outings that seem like dates, then chances are she wants you to take her on actual dates.

7. A Woman With Intents of Romance Appears To Be Very Honest And Open With You

Being vulnerable about your feelings and what you are going through is hard. Many people find it challenging to share their feelings with their closest friends. If your female friend opens up to you and you feel you have deeper conversations than your other friends, that might mean she trusts and cares about you. Part of their reason for being so honest with you is probably to open the door and let you know that you can also be honest with them.

8. You Often Catch Her Staring At You Or In Your Direction

We have all experienced having a crush that we can’t take our eyes off of. We see them in a crowd of people, and somehow our eyes can’t help but travel toward them. An indicator of this could also be if you catch her eye and she looks away quickly. There aren’t many reasons to stare at a friend if you don’t find them at least a little attractive.


9. She Will Seek You Out In The Crowd

If you attend the same social events and she always seems to be approaching you amongst the crowd, she is comfortable with you and enjoys being near you. Likewise, suppose you find yourself going on group outings together, and she is always sitting next to you, riding in the same car as you, and intentionally choosing to do things that involve you. In that case, that is a positive sign of future romance.

10. She Wants To Introduce Her To Your Friends Or Family

If she mentioned she wants you to join her for special events or meet friends and family living far away, she wants to introduce you to the people who mean the most in your life. If this is the case, you may be included in the group of people she cherishes the most. Of course, some people introduce their friends to their family and loved ones, but it is more common to introduce a significant other to these tight-knit groups.

11. She Always Asks You About Parts Of Your Life That Don’t Have Anything To Do With Her

If your female friend always seems to remember what conversations make you excited and passionate, there is a strong possibility that she finds you more attractive than her other friends. This is especially the case if she is persistently asking about these things even though she has never expressed a personal interest in them. For example, let’s say you have a favorite sports team that you always cheer for, but she has never shown interest in sports. If she does her research and asks you about the game over the weekend, that is a sign that she went out of her way to get closer to you. The motivation to learn more about your interests could be due to research showing that friends with similar interests are more likely to become lovers.

12. She Is Interested In Romance If She Showers You With Compliments

Any good friend will point out how good you look with a new haircut or how dashing you look when dressed up for a special occasion. However, if your friend is showering you with compliments every time she sees you, that is a sign that she is attracted to you and loves how you look. Most people only notice how good you look when you make changes to your appearance or it is clear that you put a little extra effort in. If your friend compliments you even on your most ragged days, it shows that she thinks you are attractive no matter what clothes you wear or how much time you took to get ready that day.

13. She Doesn’t Use Her Phone Or Get Distracted Around You

Nowadays, many people are attached to their phones no matter where they are. If they are hanging out with friends, riding on public transport, or even on a date, we will see people’s eyes glued to the screen. This can kill the romance in any relationship. If she frequently forgets to check her phone in your presence, that is evidence that she enjoys being around you and wants to soak up every second. It also shows that there is nobody else she hopes to hear from when she is with you.

14. She Wanta A Romance If She Makes Jokes Around You

Humor plays a strong role in many human interactions and is often deeper than we think. Research shows that humorous exchanges are essential to indicate your interest in a romance. In this study, experts found that humor increases initial attraction when first meeting someone. Another way humor is used is to test the waters to see if you have the same sense of humor as someone you are interested in. This is an even higher indicator that she is interested in you if her jokes revolve around the two of you dating or being in a romantic situation. Making a joke is a low-pressure way to hint at her true feelings.

15. She Is Responsive To The Romantic Hints You Drop

If you are romantically interested in a female friend, one of the best things you can do is to make your interest clear to her in a way that does not jeopardize your friendship. Author and psychotherapist David Richo claims that you can have friends who are not romantic partners, but you cannot have a successful romantic partner who is not also a friend. This shows that some of the strongest relationships blossom from friendships. One of the best ways to hint at your romantic interest is to let your friend know how important you are to them. If your friend seems interested in hearing more or your words appear to uplift them, that is a great start.


Final Thoughts On Some Ways A Female Friend Reveals Her Secret Interest In Romance

Confessing your feelings for a female friend can feel like a daunting task. If you suspect that she might have a crush on you, consider these 15 signs to better understand whether the feeling is mutual. Ultimately, the best way to tell if your female friend desires a romance with you is to work up the courage to ask her. Who knows, it might be time to take her on a date!