7 Exercises That Remove Double Chin

7 Exercises That Remove Double Chin

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Double chin is the term used for an extra layer of fat under your face. The condition is most notable especially to people who are overweight. Other causes of excessive chin fat could be genetics. Aging can also be a reason why the layers of fat under the chin start to appear.

Through the years, cosmetic surgeons around the world have tried new treatment methods on how to remove their patient’s double chin and make them feel more confident once again. These cosmetic surgeons are resolving to surgeries to correct their patient’s facial proportions. They are removing the fat underlying the chin to make it look better.

In the United States, the Food and Drug Administration recently approved a drug that promises to remove the extra layer of fat under the chin. The drug took the interest of the public, and people started wondering how it could remove their double chin. According to the manufacturers of the drug, their target markets are people who are overweight, and they have been encouraging the people to try out their product and see the difference.

There are other ways on how to remove the double chin. For people who do not want to undergo surgeries or taking prescriptive drugs and other chemicals, they could always resort to exercises. There are different exercise regimens for those who wanted to lose the layers of fat underneath their chin, and it is easy to do and it can be conveniently done anytime and anywhere.



Exercises that will effectively get rid of double chin:

1. The Scoop

To ensure that you will be able to get rid of the layers of fat underneath your chin, you have to follow certain exercises. The Scoop is the first thing that you will need to do to ensure that the extra layers of fat under your chin will go away. The scoop is a basic exercise that can be done by anyone.


To do the exercise correctly, you need to open mouth. Then, roll your bottom lip over your lower teeth. Imagine scooping a mouthful of water using your lower jaw.

Then, close your mouth and try lifting your head while making sure that your lips are relaxed. This exercise will help build tension and pressure in your chins, and it will also stretch it out to become more elastic and sturdy. Repeating this exercise for five to seven times will help you get rid of the fat under your chin.

2. Nose Touching

The next exercise that will help you get rid of double chin is called nose touching. The exercise is simple, and it will require you to touch your nose using your tongue. Stretch out your touch as far as you can, until you reached the tip of your nose.


The exercise is easy to do, and it will help you develop the muscles underneath your chin. Repeating this exercise multiple times per day will ensure that the fat underneath your chin will go away. Many people who have tried performing this exercise for weeks stated that they noticed the fats underneath their chin to dissolve gradually.

3. Drawn Cheeks

The third exercise that will help you get rid of the extra layers of fat under your chin is called the drawn cheeks. To perform it correctly, you have to turn your head on the left direction, and then pull your lower jaw forward. The next thing that you need to do is to strain the muscles on your neck, and you should start feeling a pressure build-up.

Release the pressure build-up, and it should release the strained muscles on your neck. Turn your head to the right, and perform the same exercise. You have to repeat this exercise five times to see the best results.

4. Kiss the Giraffe

This exercise would require you to imagine kissing someone who is very tall, or if you prefer – a giraffe. You have to pucker your lips and develop a strong tension around your neck. You should hold into this tension for five to eight seconds.

Once the pressure starts to build up, you have to release the pressure and feel that the muscles have started to retract. The strong tension in the neck would help you remove the extra layers of fat under your chin. Performing this exercise for five times will give you better chances of removing the double chin on your face.

5. Resistance

The resistance will require you to place your two fists directly under your chin. Then, you have to move your lower jaw while getting contact on your fists. The next thing that you need to do is to increase the pressure gradually.


Increasing the pressure in this area would tighten the muscles around the chin. Hold it for four seconds, and try to relax after you released the pressure. It will get rid of double chin if done correctly, and you have to perform it for five to seven times for maximum effectiveness

6. Puffy Cheeks

Puffy cheeks is a very simple exercise that would only require you to inhale a huge amount of air and storing it inside your cheeks. Think about a chipmunk that stores nuts inside its mouth. Once your cheeks started to puff, you have to press your palms on the side and tighten it slowly without releasing the air.

Hold the position for three to five seconds, before you release it. Repeat the exercise for five to six times, and try combining it with other exercises to help you reduce the amount of fat on your chin. The exercise will get rid of double chin as it tries to develop the muscles underneath the face with the help of pressure and muscle straining.

7. Smile

This is the simplest exercise that you can follow, as it only requires you to smile. Smiling has a lot of benefits, and removing the double chin is one of its advantages. To perform the exercise correctly, clench your teeth while your mouth is closed, and then push your tongue on the roof of the mouth.

You have to gradually increase the pressure while pushing your tongue, and once you feel the tension developing, hold it for a few seconds. The tension felt inside the mouth is a signal that you are performing the exercise effectively. Perform the exercise multiple times to see the effect after a few weeks.


Double Chin

Aside from the exercises that are stated above, there are other options that you can explore to help you remove your double chin. There are natural remedies that you can consider, or you could also perform other things that will not only reduce the amount of fat underneath your chin but will also help in removing the fat on your belly and other areas of the body. Burning the fat on your chin and other areas of the body would require a combination of excessive exercises, balanced diet, and taking food that will flush toxins out of the body.

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