We all know that relationships can get a little messy sometimes. However, just because you hit a few roadblocks doesn’t mean that you should turn around so quickly. If you want to make your relationship last, you probably know by now that it takes extreme effort, commitment, time, and patience. It takes compromise, active listening, kindness, generosity, love, and acceptance for a relationship to last. However, modern society can easily take its toll on even the strongest of relationships.

When this happens, you need to give some extra TLC to your relationship. You need to step back and figure out, together, what you can do to keep the flames burning, to keep that spark alive between you two. When you truly love someone, this won’t seem like a hassle, but rather, an important step to take in the health of your relationship.


Maybe this 21 Day relationship challenge backed by science will help you to rekindle the flames with your partner or simply break down the walls between you two. Maybe you’ve felt stagnant in your relationship lately and want to spice things up, so take a look at this 30 day challenge for some fun, meaningful relationship ideas!

The 21 Day Relationship Challenge

Day 1: Stare into your partner’s eyes for at least 3 minutes. A study done by UC Davis showed that when couples stared into each other’s eyes, their heart rates became synchronized. 

Day 2: Put items in a time capsule that represent your relationship. Then, agree to open it at a later time. You’ll have something to look forward to, and this will help you to focus on positive aspects of your relationship. 

Day 3: Go for a quick walk down a new street or nature trail. This will boost both of your moods due to doing something different together.

Day 4: Have dinner together, but instead of at the table, make it a picnic! You can do this either indoors or outdoors, depending on the weather. Sharing a meal together, without phones or other distractions, will help you to reconnect and focus on one another.

Day 5: Surprise your partner with a note in their purse or wallet that they will find later in the day at work. Or, simply show your man or woman that you care by making their lunch before work or bringing them breakfast in bed on their day off. Generosity brings your partner immediate happiness, so try it out sometime.

Day 6: Do a project together, whether that means organizing an area of the house or building a shelf for the movies to go on. When you do something seemingly boring and tedious together, it becomes a fun project that both of you can tackle as a team.

Day 7: Go on a date to one of your favorite places that you’ve been together. This will bring back fond memories, plus offer more opportunity for connecting.

Day 8: Send your partner a funny text, video, or meme during the day. A sense of humor is necessary to make it through life, especially in a romantic relationship.

Day 9: Dance with your partner at home. Just turn on your favorite tunes and break out some dance moves! (You might even learn some new ones from your partner!)

Day 10: Eat chocolate together. Dark chocolate, especially, contains plenty of antioxidants and releases endorphins that will make you feel good. Or, go to a local bakery and bring some treats home to enjoy together!

Day 11: Hold your partner’s hand at an unexpected time, such as at home on the couch. This will surprise them, as well as make them feel safe and paid attention to.

Day 12: Give your partner at least 10 compliments today. Regular assurance and kind words make all the difference in a relationship. Compliments don’t cost a thing, but mean the world to your significant other.

Day 13: Light some candles and put on some soft music when you both get home from work. This will relax both of you and set the mood for a peaceful, rejuvenating evening. 

Day 14: Go on a nature walk together, or watch a sunrise/sunset. Being together in the wild will help you bond, and relax both of you. Plus, you might even discover a new place to go on adventures in the future.

Day 15: Get healthy together! Make today the day to start a new workout routine or cook a healthy dish together! You don’t have to do anything too extreme – just a jog before work or some bodyweight exercises are enough to get a routine going.

Day 16: Look at old pictures of you and your lover together. This will hopefully bring back great memories and remind you of where it all began. Also, remember to keep taking pictures regularly to add to your scrapbook!

Day 17: Play a board game, color, play hopscotch, or do anything else that brings you back to childhood. Remember, adults can act like kids sometimes, too!

Day 18: Go to a bookstore for some new books, or even better, choose one that will strengthen your relationship. For example, maybe you could buy a book that asks questions to get to know one another better. 

Day 19: Make cooking fun and interesting by making a dish out of whatever you have in the pantry and fridge. Chances are, you’ll come up with a pretty unique concoction that will hopefully taste good and bring some laughs into the kitchen!

Day 20: Kiss as often as you want – it’s good for you! Regular kisses show your partner that you can’t get enough of them, and are also a sweet reminder of how you feel about them.

Day 21: Volunteer together. Helping other people better their lives together will deepen the bond between you, and make other people happier at the same time.

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