Creating a genuine emotional connection to your partner is one of the great joys of being in a relationship. You may also be looking for signs that your partner feels the same deep love and connection to you, which means they are more likely to stay long-term.

15 Signs You’ve Made A Deep Emotional Connection With Your Partner

We all want the moments of joy and happiness to outweigh our worries and sorrows. Creating an emotional connection with your partner is about the full range of human emotions; sadness, anger, fear, and joy.

We cannot have only positive emotions in our relationships, but we find good, healthy, positive ways to talk about and deal with the negative emotions. Doing the emotional work for your relationship will be worth it to create the loving emotional connection that you want with your partner.

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1. You know how to eliminate distractions

Some things in your environment are preventing you from bonding with your partner. One of them could be your social media habit. Researchers found that a high level of Facebook usage is associated with breakups and divorce, especially for those who have been in relatively newer relationships of 3 years or less. These are adverse relationship outcomes that no one wants when working to make an emotional connection.

Distractions like TV and social media are ways to disconnect emotionally. When you focus on something else, you can’t focus on the person next to you. Rather than disconnecting, turn toward your partner and ask an open-ended question like ‘What is on your mind?’ or ‘How can I show you more love?’

Communication is one of the most critical parts of a relationship with your partner. Sometimes, we get it wrong, and miscommunication creates conflict. Eliminating distractions helps avoid miscommunication and allows you two to listen more to each other’s needs. If you know what your partner needs, and they know yours, you can better provide it and keep them happy in the relationship.

2. You respond to them rather than react

Our initial gut reaction to what we see, hear or feel is not how we should talk to our partner unless our gut reaction is love. Initially, what your partner says may upset you. If that is the case, recognize that you are reacting and say, ‘I’m reacting right now. Give me a moment to respond to you.’

Wait to say the words that properly communicate how you feel rather than how you first felt. Defensiveness is a response to a threat, which may be how we feel when our partner raises their voice, for example. Own your defensiveness and recognize when you put up a barrier. Again say what’s happening ‘I’m being defensive. Let me take a few breaths and prepare to listen to you.’

3. Build greater intimacy through intimate moments

Intimacy is about much more than sex. Intimacy can be built from a touch on the hand, a shared joke, a quiet moment of eye contact, or many different ways that aren’t sexual. Time sleeping in bed together is an intimate moment that most couples take for granted.

Touch is vital to human companionship. Part of an intimate relationship or even a friendship involves touch of some kind. Touch releases happy hormones for our brains, which creates an emotional connection to your partner and makes them want more of the happy hormone. Getting addicted to intimate touch is not bad when you build emotional bonds with your partner.

4. Create a safe place for expressing emotions

Emotions are insufficient words to some people. Men, primarily, are traditionally taught to be tough and to stuff emotions down and hide them. Men can be as gentle and loving as women can, but they have a more challenging time showing it because they have less experience with it after practicing emotional stuffing for so long.

Being sensitive to your partner’s sensitivity to emotions is essential. Researchers at the University of Melbourne found that responding to your partner with gentleness and care was the most accurate predictor of marital strength, even more than sexual attraction.

5. Picture your future together

Imagine you and your partner growing old and building a lasting companionship. The emotions come to your eyes quickly when you think about long-term love. We can avoid many minor aggravations by looking at our relationship’s big picture as a journey. Each partner will grow and evolve, change, and make a new start every time a significant life event happens.

6. You’ve Become More Patient

When you have a deep bond with someone, you’ll be more patient with them. You’ll notice that you’re more understanding than you used to be, and you don’t get irritated as easily.

Having a deep connection means that you understand their heart and can forgive them easily. You might even notice that things that irritate you about others don’t both you when your partner does it.

7. You Can Be Yourself and Are Similarly Weird

Everyone is weird in different ways, and you’ll be okay with that in your relationship. If you feel like you can be yourself, it’s clear that there’s a deep bond. You won’t have to stress about what you say or how you behave when you know they accept you for who you are.

Additionally, having similar weird qualities signifies a close couple. You’ll still have differences, but your quirks will be in the same category. These similarities help you develop a bond, and then they help solidify it and keep it strong.

8. You’re Confident in Your Feelings

When couples fight and disagree, they sometimes wonder if the relationship is right for them. This situation doesn’t occur when two people have a bond. Instead, you’ll argue with your partner and then work on moving forward together.

It’ll never cross your mind that you might be better without them. Your inability to stay angry or consider severe consequences stems from deeply understanding one another. You might get annoyed or frustrated, but your feelings will never waver.

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9. They Make You Want to Be Better

A loving connection inspires you to become a better person and try new things. The inspiration boosts your confidence and self-esteem, making it possible to achieve all of your goals. You’ll do the things you only dreamed of and improve every aspect of your life possible.

The feelings that come with a bond make everything seem achievable. You’ll start tackling the things you’ve put on the back burner, and you’ll experience fulfillment and meaning.

10. They Help You Face Your Darkness

Everyone goes through hard times, but some of us never face the darkness. When you’re in a healthy relationship, you’ll feel ready to address unresolved issues from the past. Your person will help you overcome the darkness and begin moving on, seeing yourself for who you are right now.

11. You’ve Overcome Hardship in Your Relationship

All relationships experience hardship, and it’s all about how you work together to overcome it. If you and your partner have been through undesirable situations together, it creates a deeper bond. Deciding to continue the relationship after hardship shows that you think the relationship is well worth it.

12. There’s Never an Awkward Silence, and Deep Conversations Aren’t Uncomfortable

When you bond with someone, things won’t be awkward or uncomfortable. You’ll have deep conversations involving personal topics without it feeling strained.

Additionally, the silence won’t be awkward when you’re together but not speaking. You might even find that the silence is peaceful because your partner’s presence is enough.

13. You Want to Spend Time Together

Some couples only spend time together when it’s convenient or expected. On the other hand, couples with a close bond want to be together even when they don’t have to be. They don’t get together only when there’s nothing else going on because they enjoy spending time with one another.

It’s easy to put people on the back burner when life gets busy, but a couple with a connection doesn’t do that. They don’t only want to spend time in a group, either. Close couples love having alone time to talk and bond.

14. You Know Each Other’s Closest Family and Friend

As a relationship gets deeper, you’ll want your partner to know your friends and family. It’s a good sign if you and your partner have reached this stage and you know their loved ones well.

15. You Like Traveling Together

If you can travel with your partner without getting stressed, it’s a sign of a deep connection. Traveling with someone else means you must compromise on what you see and do together. If you agree on things or enjoy the compromise, you’ll find that you and your partner share a deep bond.

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Final Thoughts on the Beauty of a True Love Connection

A love connection is a beautiful experience, and it’ll bring you incredible amounts of joy. If you’re in a relationship, you likely identify with many of the signs on this list. However, if you didn’t relate, it gives you something to think about and address within your relationship.

Embrace your love connection and recognize your partner for the blessing that they are. Plus, remember your worth within the relationship, too, because you’re part of the reason for the close bond.