Men and women are as different as night and day. You’re probably familiar with the term that women are from Mars while men are from Venus. It’s just one of many statements that help to show the difference between the two. However, the relationship needs differ between males and females.

Everyone has needs their partners must fulfill to keep them happy and satisfied. If these needs aren’t met, the connection will be lacking. A man longs to be understood and valued just as much as a woman (whose needs we address in a separate article). But they also want things like security, praise, and to be the superhero on occasion.

Ten Things Men Need from a Relationship

The connection you have together is imperative, as men aren’t especially vocal about what they want. It doesn’t mean that they can’t express themselves; it’s just that they tend to close off and shut down.

On the other hand, women tend to be more vocal, and expressing themselves isn’t an issue. Male psychology is very diverse, and here are some things that your man needs from you to be content in your relationship.


1. Vulnerability

Communication is the key that opens the door to vulnerability. Men need nurturing just like a lady, but it’s a significant ordeal when he shows his vulnerability. Guys have had society drill into their brains for years that men can’t be vulnerable, as it puts their masculinity in jeopardy.

They’ve been told that crying weakens them, and these falsehoods can wreck their psychological well-being. If a man breaks through those walls and shows his emotions before his partner, he must be received and not judged. Even if he has emotional shortcomings, he must be free to express them to work on the issues. Giving a man reassurance in these moments of vulnerability is imperative.

2. Faithfulness

Being faithful to your partner is vital for the sanctity of your union. It doesn’t matter who was the one who cheated, as the other person will feel the pangs of this deception. A man needs you to be faithful to your relationship with him.

If you feel things aren’t going how you want or need something else, you must communicate such things. Don’t let him be surprised and find out second-hand about your infidelity.

3. Respect in the Relationship

Everyone wants respect, but for a man, this is an integral part of his feelings of love and commitment. How can a guy feel love if he doesn’t feel that his partner respects him or his role in the relationship? Men’s minds are fixed, and they see love and respect as a package deal.

A man will be very unfulfilled if their lover disapproves of them or doesn’t show them that they’re revered. There will be times when criticism is needed. Consequently, it should only be on occasions when it’s warranted, and it must be done in a constructive and not destructive manner.

Never compare a man with a past flame or other men in your life, as these comparisons only belittle them. You cannot build trust and a deep spiritual connection with your partner if he must question your true feelings and whether you have respect for his position.

4. Truthfulness

Have you ever heard a guy call himself “A man of his word” or say he’s “Honest as the day is long?” These are all excellent qualities, showing that he values honesty and truthfulness in life. He will expect the same from his partner.

A man never wants to second guess every word out of your mouth, as it erodes his trust.

All people lie, and whether you’re a man or a woman doesn’t matter. It’s the types of things that you lie about that make the difference. That little white lie you told the bill collector about the check being in the mail still counts. However, the difference here is that your man needs you to be open and honest regarding matters of the heart.

5. Hero Instinct

Many songs and books have been written about how a man likes to play the hero. It’s the basis for many fairy tales. Think of Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, or Rapunzel; they all needed a knight in shining armor to rescue them from their terrible situations. Men have inner programming that dictates they must impress their partners.

A guy is hardwired and needs to feel like he can save the day. He wants you to be the damsel in distress so that he can let his superhero abilities shine. Once he rescues you, he needs you to praise him. James Bauer is a relationship expert, and he was the one who created the term “Hero instinct theory.”

According to Bauer, if you want a man to show you unwavering devotion, you will allow his hunter instinct and ability to protect you to shine.


6. Relationship Safety

Women love to have a brawling, muscular man in their arms, as they crave safety. While men don’t necessarily need your brute strength, they need to feel safe in the relationship. They like to have a plan or a roadmap as it gives them security.

Being with a partner means making plans, especially if they see you as someone they can commit to. Men like some predictability, as they don’t like surprises in love. He needs reassurance for his future and wants to feel that any investment he makes is worthwhile.

7. Intimacy

Physical intimacy is essential. While women need emotional intimacy and physical acts, men crave that physical connection. It’s not as easy as putting desires into categories and labeling them “male” and female.”

Consequently, romantic acts reaffirm the feelings and companionship between a couple. When you deny your man these things, it can affect his confidence levels.

8. Reliability in the Relationship

Can your man depend on you? Will you be there when he’s having a bad day or feeling weak and sick? A man can’t truly relax and have these moments when everything isn’t okay if he doesn’t have a strong partner who can handle things.

He needs to trust you to lead when his world is spiraling. He needs you to be there when you say you will arrive at 8 pm for dinner. At the very least, you can call to let him know you’re late. He expects you to be reliable, as this is a quality he expects.

9. Adventure

Life can be boring if you do nothing but go to work, come home, go to bed, and do it all again tomorrow. You need some adventure and spontaneity in life, and your man craves this more than ever. He wants a lady that knows how to laugh, joke, and have a good time with him, and being lighthearted helps strengthen your relationship.

He doesn’t want life to be so predictable and mundane, as he needs some spice and adventure to liven things up. Men have a lot of challenges and stressful jobs, and they put more pressure on themselves as they take on the role of protector in many situations. So, he needs you to lighten up and have some fun with him, as decompressing is essential in today’s chaotic world.

10. Communication

Women are known as communicators, but men need to communicate too. While these interactions are less likely to discuss how they feel, a guy still desires to be heard by his partner. He needs support when a guy is opening up and talking to you.

He will listen to your wants and needs but requires you to do the same for him. Males and females have different methods of communication, but you must both travel this two-way street and meet in the middle.


Final Thoughts on the Needs of Men in a Relationship

Have you ever seen a couple together for fifty years and wondered what their secret is to a happy union? No relationship is bliss from the start, as they all take a lot of hard work. Though males and females have similar needs from their partners, some variations exist.

A guy needs to have a meaningful connection with you and wants you to show your love to him by being romantic, truthful, faithful, and letting his hero instincts shine through. Today’s society is often challenging because many women are just as strong in the relationship and leadership of the home as men, but there are engrained beliefs in guys that have been there since the dawn of time.

Allowing them to show off their superhero capabilities as well as their romantic skills is something that will make them more committed to you. He wants that deeper spiritual connection too, but his methods of getting to that point might differ.