There are myths surrounding every topic in existence, including relationship myths. These myths are misguided, but many accept them as truth and pass the false wisdom to others. You can understand how relationships work when you let go of the relationship myths.

While you might think relationship myths are innocent enough, they can cause damage to healthy relationships. The idealizing misconceptions don’t match real life, forcing people to think of impossible ideals.

Fourteen Relationship Myths to Let Go of Immediately

These relationship myths are easily disproven, allowing you to recognize the truth. This knowledge can help you identify and correct misconceptions to improve your relationships.

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1. Relationships Shouldn’t Have Conflict (one of the most common relationship myths!)

This myth can cause many issues in your relationships. Every relationship has conflict, even when people communicate well. People are constantly changing and growing, and sometimes challenging each other’s thoughts is necessary.

Instead of thinking of conflict as a sign of a failed relationship, view it as a natural aspect. When a dispute arises, make sure you practice good resolution skills to get through it. Focus on listening to your partner, respecting their opinion, and adjusting to changes.

Conflict and disagreement are healthy in a relationship because you shouldn’t always agree on everything. Plus, you should both feel comfortable enough to discuss things with one another and speak up. You’re good to go as long as there is a healthy balance between conflict and happiness.

2. Milestones Should Occur on a Specific Timeline

Every relationship is different, and there’s no set timeline for when things should happen. People can be together for decades without getting married, whereas others get married soon after dating.

There is no standard timeline that couples must follow. Do things at the pace you and your partner are comfortable with, and ignore outside pressure. When you’re falling in love, you don’t have to get engaged, move in together, or have kids at a certain age, despite what other people might tell you.

3. Both Partners Must Have the Same Priorities

Many people believe that couples must want the same things at every moment. They think that partners should prioritize the same aspects of life equally. However, waiting for someone with your priorities could be impossible.

While having a similar idea for the future is essential, you don’t have to do the same things as your partner. You’re an individual and don’t have to change your goals to align with someone else’s.

You and your partner should have differences, so don’t buy into this relationship myth. Continue doing the things you enjoy and chasing your goals, and allow your partner to do the same.

4. Your Partner Should Fulfill All Your Needs

No one can fulfill all of your needs because that is essentially up to you. A partner can’t cure every issue and satisfy your desire; you shouldn’t ask them to. Your partner doesn’t even have to meet every one of your expectations.

No one is perfect, and expecting your partner to be perfect puts a lot of pressure on your relationship. You must meet most of your needs alone and turn to friends and family for help with other areas. Your partner will be there to help you along the way but don’t expect them to fulfill all of your needs.

Expecting your partner to fulfill your needs can hinder the growth of your relationship. Instead, look for ways to bring happiness without relying on anyone else to do it for you. When you take control, you’ll no longer feel like it’s your partner’s fault when you’re unhappy.

5. Romantic Partners Should Think the Same and Have the Same Opinions (almost impossible to achieve relationship myth)

Relationships are about compromise from both partners. No two people think the same, and they’ll each have opinions and preferences. Rather than feeling the same and wanting all the same things, partners must learn to respect and embrace differences.

Recognizing your similarities and differences can help you take the best path for your relationship. Sometimes, you’ll have to disagree respectfully, but that doesn’t mean your relationship isn’t great.

6. Your Partner Should Make You Feel Whole

Don’t look for a romantic partner who will make you feel complete. Relationships aren’t meant to help you feel whole; you should feel that way alone. You are enough as you are, and you are already complete.

Your partner will make you feel better when things get hard, but that doesn’t mean they make you whole. Work on yourself rather than searching for another person to bring peace to your soul.

7. You Should Always Feel a Spark in Your Relationship

At the beginning of a relationship, you feel a spark whenever you think of your partner. As time passes, the spark usually fades until you no longer recognize it. The initial spark turns into love and affection as you develop deeper feelings for someone.

You can do things to reignite the spark, but you’ll always have to work at it. Love changes and develops as the relationship progresses and you grow. The spark won’t always be alive, a regular part of a healthy relationship.

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8. Perfect Relationships Don’t Involve Competition

Competition adds excitement to relationships, and a little challenge is always beneficial. People in healthy relationships love to challenge each other. However, the losing partner should still be happy because they also like to see their significant other succeed.

Couples in healthy relationships challenge one another so that they can expand one another’s limitations and awareness. Competition can strengthen the bond and highlight each partner’s qualities. Make sure to keep the rules fair, though, or it isn’t equal competition.

9. You Must Always Put Your Relationship First (this relationship myth impairs your flexibility in life)

While your relationship should be a priority, it doesn’t always have to come before other things. Relationships require flexibility, with both partners understanding that there must be a balance between romance, personal needs, career requirements, family time, and spirituality.

Sometimes you must put something else before spending time with your significant other, and it’s beneficial to do so. When you prioritize growth in all areas of your life, it won’t hurt your relationship if it’s healthy.

10. Your Feelings Won’t Change

Feelings change no matter what the situation is. The change doesn’t mean you won’t love your partner anymore, but things might feel different.

However, there might be times when you don’t feel in love and feel yourself pulling away. Other times, you’ll experience intense emotions reminding you of how in love you are.

These changes are expected in a relationship, and you can get through them. The only thing that matters is continuing to express love to your partner until you feel like you’re in love again.

11. Soulmates Aren’t a Real Thing (you probably already knew this relationship myth!)

Many people believe in soulmates, but there isn’t only one person for you. You have many potential partners, and it’s up to you to decide who you want to have a happy relationship with. Believing in soulmates causes unrealistic expectations and can cause anxiety.

12. There Is No Such Thing as a Perfect Relationship

Many people form the basis for their idea of relationships from childhood. They also gather ideas of a perfect relationship from movies and social media.

These ideas are misleading because no relationship is perfect. Good relationships take work every day, and both partners must make an effort. When you think that relationships should be excellent, it causes constant disappointment and feelings of failure.

13. Taking a Big Step Will Fix Relationship Issues

Couples go through hard times in their relationship, but some experiences get rockier than others. Some people believe that taking a big relationship step will fix issues within the relationship. They think having a baby or getting married will make everything better.

However, planning a wedding and having a baby are both stressful experiences. These steps won’t erase your problems and might even worsen the situation.

Work on overcoming relationship issues before making a life-changing decision about your relationship. Save these exciting steps for when your relationship is going well so that you can tackle it together.

14. When You’re in Love, You Aren’t Attracted to Anyone Else

Being in a committed relationship doesn’t mean you won’t be attracted to anyone else. Attraction is human nature, so don’t feel bad if it happens sometimes. However, taking the attraction to another level and damaging trust within your relationship is never okay.

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Final Thoughts on Relationship Myths You Need to Let Go

You’ve probably heard at least a few of these relationship myths. Relationships aren’t perfect, and things get tricky sometimes. Don’t let these myths give you a false idea of what your romance should look like.

As your romance develops, remember these relationship myths and remember that love takes work. It won’t always be easy, but communication and respect can make a difference.