6 Signs Love Is Leaving Your Relationship

6 Signs Love Is Leaving Your Relationship



Your relationship didn’t seem loveless just a few months ago, but lately you are starting to wonder what changed. Falling out of love is much more complicated than falling in love.

The emotions that you’re feeling are painful and the thoughts that you’re thinking are depressing. You can hardly bear to think that your partner might not love you anymore. If you’re afraid to ask your partner that question, here are the possible signs that you’re already in a loveless relationship.

6 Signs Love Is Leaving Your Relationship

1. One of you has stopped making an effort

Yes, a healthy relationship takes work and you both should be making an effort to keep things emotionally happy. Usually, it is the work of the woman in the relationship to do the “emotional work” of keeping everyone’s needs met.


Your relationship may already have the lifelong commitment stamp on it, or maybe you haven’t had the discussion about where you see yourselves in the future. But if you’ve even considered the possibility of marriage with your partner, you owe it to each other to make an effort to make your relationship thrive.

Invest time in each other like you invest time in your work. You don’t have to go out to eat nightly or make a big deal over your anniversary.


But each day, you can give your partner the gift of your full attention. Ask questions about their day and act, or actually be, interested. If your relationship is missing the effort, it’s a troubling sign that you’re in a loveless relationship.

2. You aren’t sure the last time you were passionately intimate

Intimacy can be so much more than just intercourse. When you’re in a loveless relationship, you aren’t getting much intimate contact at all, not to mention physical contact.

Your partner has started giving you side hugs instead of the full body kind. When you go to kiss your partner, you get “Sorry hon, no time,” as they head out the door. Cuddling used to be your thing but now you’re cuddling up to the arm of the couch while your partner sits away from you.

Missing out on kissing, hugging, and other forms of physical love a sign that your relationship is in danger of losing the love it so desperately needs to flourish.


3. You feel hurt and neglected

If you’re feeling like your relationship is loveless, you probably don’t feel very loved. The lack of attention that your partner gives you is making you feel sad. Is there someone else that they are spending time with instead of you? It makes you wonder.

You might feel resentful, hurt, angry or frustrated but your feelings are that of pain. The source of your emotional pain is your partner. You blame them for making you feel this way. If they really cared, they would know how you feel and make it up to you? Not if your partner is be secretly unhappy.

4. You complain about your partner to others

Having problems within your relationship is one thing, but being public about how things are not going well is another. Complaining about your partner’s shortcomings to someone else could be seen as a betrayal of trust by your partner.

Venting can sometimes help us work though problems with the help of another. Just be sure that the person you are confessing your troubles to isn’t a potential romantic partner. If they are, it means you are emotionally cheating on your partner.


Inspiration to your Inbox

Emotionally cheating these days usually involves a coworker or a “work wife/husband” that your partner tells everything to and knows everything about. You might have reason to be jealous.

According to a study of cyber cheating, people who had a partner engage in platonic chat with an online potential romantic partner felt just as betrayed as if their mate had cheated on them sexually.

5. You’ve had this argument before

A pattern of repeating the same fights over and over again is a sign you’re in a loveless relationship. One of the most important parts of any partnership is the ability to compromise.


You can’t both have it your way so you have to give a little. When you’re arguing over the same things, it’s a sign that neither one of you wants to be generous to your partner.

6. You’re planning for the end

You’ve already emotionally left the building if you’re fantasizing about single life or planning for what you would do if.. You might not want to say that your relationship is about to be over but, it might be. If you’ve checked out, it’s possible that your partner has too.


It’s not over yet, but if you see these signs in your relationship, you know that the end is nigh. After you’ve come to terms with the end of your relationship, you can then discover when you’re ready to find love again.


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