Reduce Anxiety in Life with These 15 Daily Affirmations

Reduce Anxiety in Life with These 15 Daily Affirmations

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Positive affirmations are beneficial to reduce anxiety as overthinking can provide a shifting mindset. They offer relief because it addresses negative thinking, one of the most prominent effects of anxiety.

As the body’s natural response to stress, anxiety happens to everyone. However, some people experience anxiety as an intense, persistent worry. They worry about the past, present, and future, overwhelming their thoughts and emotions.

Using positive mantras to reduce anxiety can drastically improve your well-being. You can use them to prevent negative thinking, ease an anxiety attack, or during times of stress. The positive phrases replace your anxious thoughts, allowing you to think clearly and focus.

As you take control of your thoughts, you also stop your anxiety from overtaking your mind. You can choose your thoughts, and positive phrases can help you make them a habit. Anxiety can cause your worrisome thoughts seem realistic, but positivity can remind you that it’s an illusion.

Daily Affirmations That Help Reduce Anxiety

If you ever suffer from overwhelming worry or other anxiety symptoms, these phrases can help you. They can remind you that nothing terrible is happening, so you can release some of the stress you’re experiencing. Use the words that speak to you and counter your negative self-talk so that you can start reaping the benefits right away.

reduce anxiety

1. I will reduce anxiety with every breath I take.

To reduce anxiety, focus on speaking positive thoughts to yourself. When you tell yourself that the agitation is leaving, you’ll quickly experience relief.

Use visualization as you repeat this mantra, envisioning the anxiety leaving your body each time you exhale. Then, imagine positivity taking its place as you inhale. It might not eliminate it, but it’ll help you get your thoughts back under control.

2. I am talented and have great things to offer the world.

Who you are and what you do matter to those around you. You offer many things to the world, and this phrase will help you remember your talents. Don’t downplay what you are good at because it is beneficial no matter how others view it.

The things you do are important, so don’t let negative self-talk tell you otherwise. Use this phrase to shift your mindset and think about how great you are.

3. I am taking things one baby step at a time.

You can’t accomplish your dreams overnight, but you can take baby steps to make it happen. Break your overall goal into smaller milestones that you can chip away at. Each time you accomplish one of the milestones, you’ll experience a sense of satisfaction.

This phrase reminds you that you don’t have to do everything all at once. You only have to focus on one smaller task, allowing you to feel less overwhelmed.

4. I am a positive contributor to my family.

If your anxiety causes you to think that you don’t contribute to your family, this phrase is for you. Whether you provide an income, take care of children, or take care of the home, your position is valuable. You contribute to your family’s needs, so use this phrase as a reminder of that.

5. I keep an open mind to reduce anxiety when I approach a new situation.

When you have anxiety, it can make a new situation seem dreadful. You might experience the negative feelings as soon as you hear about it, and it’ll continue throughout. When this happens, it forces you to miss out on what could be a positive experience.

Using this positive phrase can help you shift your mindset and remember that not all new situations are bad. Be open to new experiences so that you can embrace life without anxiety holding you back.

6. I am surviving this situation like I have survived everything in the past.

You are stronger than you realize and can successfully handle anything that comes your way. Your anxiety might cause you to feel like you can’t get through the hard times, but you can regain control over your mind. Look in the mirror as you repeat this powerful statement, and you’ll feel the anxiety symptoms reduce.

7. I am doing what it takes to reduce anxiety.

It’s up to you to reduce your anxiety, even when you don’t feel like taking the necessary steps. This positive phrase motivates you to start making changes and improving your well-being.

8. I am looking for the beauty surrounding my life.

Anxiety can cause you to miss out on the beautiful aspects of your daily life. With negativity running rampant in your mind, it’s hard to embrace anything else.

This phrase will help you consciously look around for beauty whenever you feel negativity creeping in. Eventually, it’ll become a habit you don’t even have to think about anymore.

9. I am patient as I work to overcome anxiety every day.

Overcoming anxiety takes time, and the process isn’t always easy. You’ll still experience anxiety attacks and overwhelming negative thoughts sometimes. Don’t beat yourself up when it happens, and use this phrase to help you remain patient with yourself.

reduce anxiety

10. I am strong enough to push away these negative feelings.

You are stronger than you give yourself credit for, and this affirmation serves as a reminder. Whenever negativity creeps into your mind, take a moment to repeat this positive phrase. It’ll help you replace the negativity with positive thoughts, giving you a clearer mindset.

Sometimes all it takes is telling yourself that you are strong enough. Then, you can find the strength that lies within and use it to improve your situation.

11. I focus on my breathing and slow it down as necessary.

You can often recognize anxiety when your breathing increases. If you can slow it down, you can likely reduce anxiety quickly. Focus on your breathing by counting your breaths or simply thinking of each inhale and exhale.

12. I am living in the moment and letting go of negativity.

If you can eliminate negative thoughts of the past or worry about the future, it’ll reduce anxiety. Living in the moment and focusing on the good things around you can reduce your anxious thoughts. It’ll improve your overall life and allow you to experience happiness.

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