10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

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What makes a strong woman? Among other factors, her struggles, sacrifices, and selflessness play a huge part. A strong woman has endured pain, overcome heart-wrenching experiences, and has allowed herself to be led by forgiveness.

A strong woman has swum in deep and treacherous waters and held her breath as long as possible. This type of woman is self-sufficient, independent, loving, and has no fears of showing her vulnerability.

If the woman you love fits the above description, consider yourself privileged. The strong woman knows that one moment you are the teacher, and the next you might be the student. She understands and is okay with this, but sometimes the man in her life fails to share this understanding. So, how does a strong woman keep a man? Can you handle a strong woman in your life?

Here are 10 reasons why most men can’t handle a strong woman:

1. A strong woman doesn’t need a man to fight for her.

A man needs to feel wanted. He needs to know that he is battling for the eternal love and admiration of his woman. A strong woman will show you that she loves you, but she’s also independent and can manage on her own. The strong woman is willing to fight for both of you, but she doesn’t need a man to fight her battles for her. If she has a problem, she deals with it.


A strong woman doesn’t sit and wait, as a victim, for a man to find the solution. Some men can’t handle this strength. If you choose to remain with this type of woman, be willing to walk beside her . . . not in front of her, pulling her to where you think she should be.

2. A strong woman knows what she wants.

Strong women know what they want, how to attain it, and remember all that they had to endure to get whatever they have. A woman like this knows what she wants. If she likes a man, she will go after him.

She will not wait for the man to make the first move. Strong women have tenacious personalities that can be extremely intimidating for some men. They aren’t submissive. They love wholeheartedly and also can continue exploring the world with a man or not. It takes a self-confident man to allow this type of personality to take charge.

3. A strong woman will require honesty and vulnerability.

Men have a hard time opening up to difficult questions. Strong women dive right into the depth of hurt, traumas, and life-changing experiences. They require a man who can be honest and vulnerable, because they have endured so much in their lives and want to believe they are not alone. They need to know that their mate can be available to navigate the ocean of uncertainties and travel the edges of madness.


Strong women don’t fear the past. They excavate and search for those things that make us human. The strong woman will always find a strong man to stand tall with her in the face of adversity. Men tend to avoid vulnerability because it makes them feel weak. If you want to gain the admiration of the strong woman in your life, do not fear moments of vulnerability.

4. A strong woman is not intimidated by intimacy.

The strong woman will challenge a man in the most intimate of ways. She will require intimacy in all forms, from conversation to making love. She will hold nothing back.

Because a strong woman is comfortable with her femininity, she will expect her man to also be open to all aspects of intimacy. She requires passion and desire; she wants to feel like she’s the one.

5. A strong woman can see through lies.

Strong women are honest and expect complete trust in a relationship. They can sense lies in an instant, so don’t try to sugarcoat a white lie. Don’t give the strong woman in your life any bogus explanations.

She has the ability to act as a human lie detector. Being in a relationship with a strong woman requires no holding back. She will never tolerate a sense of falseness and selfishness. If you can’t be with her completely, she will have no problem moving on.


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6. A strong woman requires integrity and consistency.

Women who have inner strength cannot tolerate irregularity or indecisive personalities. They want to know that the man they love has integrity and respect, and is a man of his word. If they start to feel that their man is pulling away, they will react accordingly and have no problem letting him go if they feel they are being played.

They want to feel like they are loved unconditionally. If they feel disrespected, they will have no issues setting that matter straight. The worst thing you can do to a strong woman is make her feel weak.

7. A strong woman is intense.

A strong woman has endured extraordinary challenges and obstacles in her life. In other words, she is strong for a reason, because she has had to be powerful during extremely dark moments. Having come through, she knows she can endure anything else in her path, but this kind of intensity is oftentimes difficult for a man to understand. It’s intimidating because of all the emotions and thoughts that come with this type of persona.

The strong woman is willing to share her scars, and expects you to do the same. There are no secrets in her world.

8. A strong woman will not wait for you.

This type of woman will follow you to the depths of hell if she knows you are committed to her. However, the moment you start to pull back, she will let you go. She will not wait for a man to decide if he wants her or someone better. Strong women don’t play little, girly games. You are either in or you are out. They will face hurt, heal from their wounds, and get back up ready to conquer whatever is next.

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9. A strong woman will love you unconditionally.

The love you receive from a strong woman is faithful. Just like mothers with their children, the strong woman will nurture and love her man fiercely. When she feels that love in return, she will do anything she can to make him feel loved. The strong woman in your life will support you, help you, and fight for you to get what you deserve.

Some men can’t handle this kind of unconditional love. They get frightened by the intensity and depth of giving. Many times it is in this stage that men flee from a strong woman. If this happens, regardless of how deeply she loved you, she will also let you go. She knows her worth.

10. A strong woman will show you who you are.

It’s hard to accept the things we don’t like about ourselves when someone points them out. A strong woman will speak up about those parts in her man that need addressing. She will also be there to help show you how amazing and powerful you are. She will stand by you and show you pure acceptance and confidence.


Some men cannot handle the emotional chaos that comes up with this type of demeanor. For this reason, strong women will find strong men; the weak ones won’t make it past the first few dates. Weak men don’t know what to do with the honesty, strength, intelligence, and independence that is portrayed by a woman of strength.

A strong man, on the other hand, was likely raised by a strong woman. He knows how to either deal with the dark nights of the soul that arise in any relationship, or leave. Barry Paul Price writes, “Dating a strong woman is not something every guy can handle. He has to be confident in himself as a person, and as a man. Men must feel capable of meeting a woman’s needs. Traditionally, we did that providing financial security and physical protection.

More recently, as women have expressed themselves with more independence and toughness, men aren’t sure how or when they’re needed by their woman. He ends up feeling unsure of his value and significance in the relationship. Many women tell me their man’s emotional support is just as important as financial and physical contributions. Unfortunately, men are not used to identifying masculinity with giving emotional support.”


Do you have the strength to support your woman of strength in the way she most needs it? Strong women have no time to play games. If you can handle the intensity, love, and honesty she will provide, you might just be the man who can complement this type of woman.

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14 thoughts on “10 Reasons Why Most Men Can’t Handle A Strong Woman

  1. A strong woman expecting a man to be vulnerable may not realize the extent of what she is demanding. A man’s brain is different than a woman. As women, we equate talking (sharing our pain) with relief. A man talking about his pain amplifies the pain for him.

    Do we want to demand they suffer to make us feel close? Is it possible that they actually need a different way to process?

    When we, on both sides of the equation, learn to respect and assist the opposite sex in the way they need support, I bet we’ll find mutual satisfaction. At the very least, our expectations will be more realistic of each other.

  2. It’s not that we candle handle them. They’re just annoying. Just like a man who feels he always has to prove his strength, a woman who has something to prove is obnoxious. We get it, sometimes you can keep up with the boys, cool. If we wanted someone just like us we’d marry other men. There’s nothing wrong with men for feeling this way, stop pointing fingers and decide whether you want to be strong or you want a lover. You can’t have both.

  3. Most of these women are very high maintenance, independent, selfish, spoiled, greedy, picky, narcissists, psychopaths, sociopaths, and very money hungry as well. They will always want the best of all and will never settle for less since it is always about them which makes these type of women very pathetic as well. They have a very bad personality, no good manors at all, a very bad attitude problem, they usually will mouth off to us good men for trying to start a conversation with the one that will attract us since they really think that they’re the greatest thing walking the face of this earth which really shows how just very horrible that most of them are these days unfortunately. Well most of the women in the past were nothing at all like these women are today since the women back then really did put these women today to real shame altogether since they had a very good personality and had very good manors as well which made it very easy for the men in those days to really meet women back then which today is a totally different story unfortunately God forbid for many of us good men today trying to talk too women which she will curse at us for no reason at all since i had this happened to me already which even a friend that i know had the very same thing happened to him as well. It is very sad that the women of today have changed for the worst of all especially the ones that are making a six figure income since they really think that their all that but are not at all. It is very obvious today why so many of us men are still single now which we really can’t blame ourselves at all since it does take two to tango.

  4. Beautifully written..! Every man in my life have let me down, including my father. I had to learn to take care of myself from, paying my own bills to fixing things that break in my home to car repairs. Nine times out of ten, if a man is around, there are sexual strings attached if they help me. I’d rather just do it myself. I have endured extraordinarily difficult challenges in my life. Every thing in this article is right on!! Thanks! So many people, especially men misunderstand strong women, due to their own insecurity. A man that can understand a strong woman is a strong man..!!!

  5. Well of course, women feel strong because men make them THINK they are and not because they actually are. Men have been offering sympathy and support to women to make them feel strong. So there are no strong women, there are women that blindly believe that they are strong. In the end no matter how much positivity you throw at this subject and no matter how angry would a feminist be after reading this comment, women are inferior when it comes to strength, they feel more pain whenever they get hurt and last but not least they are mentally and/or emotionally fragile.

  6. Men use women as doormats to step on, table to eat on and a chair to sit on and yet be emotionally distant and insensitive to her needs. A strong women will point out that she needs emotional support and care she can take care of everything else. And if a man fails to provide it and still claims himself to be a provider by providing requirements of household then a strong woman would choose to walk out because she wanted freedom, acceptability and love in a relationship and the one offered on plate doesn’t suffice her hunger for life. You can’t stamp on a torpedo and yet be safe.

  7. Personally I wonder why a strong woman would ever have to tell someone they’re strong , I’d this just another way of grabbing on to the tit of the ” treat a woman as an equal ” I mean really man Bowes down to woman back in the day when they allowed them to vote and since then they’re laying claim to all kinds of things.
    My ex wife was a very strong woman but she only had half the trates listed she never realized she was the glue in our family . She left and well broke my heart in to a million pieces and I fear I won’t ever heal. So for anyone woman who has to our there fist in the air and claim ” IM A STRONG AND INDEPENDENT WOMAN ” I don’t think you are at all I think it’s the quiet ones who really make all the deference all the time.
    Let’s face it woman are supposed to be soft , kind , smell nice do for her man as he does for her and that’s everything. I love you Natasha Adams and I’m so glad I got to share those 25 years of ups and downs with you. Butbyoubdomt and never have needed this bull shit your so much better than this. , as this is crap cienuizium at its best b

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