Personal growth and self-development are essential in life if you want to reach for the stars. As you strive to be your best self, affirmations can help encourage you along the way. These positive phrases will give you the motivation and determination to push for more.

As you read through these self-affirmations, remember the ones that resonate with you the most. Use the affirmations each morning as you get ready for the day to set a positive tone right from the start. Then, use them throughout the day when you feel like giving up.

Twenty Affirmations That Will Inspire You to Reach for the Stars

The more often you use positive affirmations, the better their effect is on your brain. Making it a habit to repeat them can make all the difference in achieving your goals. They will help you shift your mindset and focus on positivity and growth, encouraging you to reach for the stars.

reach for the stars
1. I can be whatever I want to be because it is my decision.

When you live according to your ideals, you can go after any dream that you have. You don’t have to listen to people who say that you can’t or shouldn’t do something. This life is yours, so your aspirations are your decision, no matter what anyone else says.

Set your path and follow it without regret. Use this affirmation each day to keep you on track and living for yourself.

2. I can do anything I set my mind to as long as I persevere.

If you decide to do something, you can get it done. You will experience setbacks and obstacles along the way, but you can still make your dreams happen. Don’t give up when things fail to go as planned, but persevere until you reach your goals.

3. I am not afraid of failure, and I won’t let it hold me back.

Failure doesn’t mean you can never reach your goals. Instead, it means that you have to find a different way to do it. When you experience failure, think of it as a learning opportunity rather than a barrier.

If you can think of failure as a learning opportunity, you can keep growing and getting better. Then, the next time you try, you’ll know a little more.

4. I get closer to success with each action I take.

Every action, no matter how small, gets you a little closer to your goal. When you feel like you aren’t making much progress, use this affirmation to motivate yourself.

Don’t stop working because you don’t notice any improvement yet. Instead, remember that you get closer to reaching your goals each time you do another task.

5. I work hard every day so that I can live my best life.

Remember that if you want to reach for the stars, you must work hard. By telling yourself that you work hard every day, you’ll dedicate yourself to reach your goals. You’ll be more likely to accomplish small tasks, leading to more success.

6. I push the limits to see how far I can go.

You can’t keep doing the same things forever if you want to reach for the stars. You must push the limits and test yourself to see how far you can go. Use this affirmation to encourage yourself to keep moving forward.

7. I have great things to offer to the world.

If you tend to think that you have nothing to offer, then this affirmation is for you. Use the positive phrase each morning as a reminder of how great you are.

You are valuable, and you bring things to this world that no one else can. Use your talent and dedication to make the world a better place, and don’t hide what you have to offer.

8. I am free to let go of other people’s expectations.

People in your life might love to give their opinion on your life and what you should do. If you let their comments get to you, it could hold you back and make you settle for less in life. Use this affirmation anytime you need a reminder that you are free to let go of other people’s expectations.

Let go of expectations and follow your path. You have to live your life, so make choices that will help you lead a meaningful and fulfilling life. Don’t let the expectations or opinions of others keep you from chasing your dreams.

9. I have well-defined and achievable goals.

If you want to reach for the stars, you must have well-defined goals. It’s easier to find the dedication and determination you need when you know what you are working toward. Make sure your goals are achievable, too, because you can’t work toward unrealistic goals.

10. I am proud of all of my accomplishments.

When you’re proud of the things you’ve done so far in life, you’ll be more motivated for the future. Use this affirmation to increase your self-esteem and push yourself forward. Even your small accomplishments are worth being proud of, so don’t leave anything out.

reach for the stars
11. I am becoming the person I have always wanted to be.

Remind yourself that you’re becoming the person you want to be will encourage you to reach for the stars. You will want to keep pushing forward and accomplishing more all of the time. Use this positive phrase each morning to encourage growth toward your dreams.

12. I am unique and special, so I can do things that others can’t.

You are unique, so embrace what makes you special. Your differences enable you to do things that other people can’t do. Use this affirmation as a reminder that you don’t have to be like everyone else.

As you learn to embrace your unique qualities, you can use them to reach your goals. Remember that if everyone is the same, each person would be working toward the same dream.

13. I set aside time each day to pursue my dream.

If you make a conscious effort to work toward your goals each day, you’ll be more likely to push through. You must have time in your life to learn and grow, bettering yourself to accomplish your dreams.

Sometimes, you’ll be tempted to prioritize other things, but this affirmation will help you refrain from doing so. Use it as a reminder that you deserve the time in your day to work toward your life goals.

14. I feel my self-esteem increasing.

When you feel your self-esteem increasing, you’ll have more courage to push forward. Low self-esteem can hold you back and make you think you can’t reach for the stars. If you can boost your self-esteem, it could change your entire mindset.

15. I have endless potential, and I don’t give up.

You can always learn and further your abilities, so you have endless potential. When you know that your potential is limitless, you won’t give up when you encounter a struggle. This affirmation can help you overcome any obstacle and keep working toward your life goal.

16. I trust and believe in myself.

If you don’t trust or believe in yourself, you won’t have the confidence to reach for the stars. You might become complacent and stay in your current position if you aren’t sure you can do something. Use this affirmation to develop more self-trust moving forward.

17. I am willing to learn new things and new techniques.

You might not know everything right now, but you can always learn new things. If you’re willing to learn and figure things out, you can go much further in life. Learning opens you up to new possibilities, allowing you to strive for more.

18. I am confident and capable of reaching all of my goals.

With self-confidence, you know that you are capable of doing anything. Set your mind on your goals, and use this phrase to reaffirm your abilities. Use the affirmation each morning to help keep your confidence levels high all day.

19. I visualize the life I want so that I can manifest it.

With visualization, you are more likely to reach your goals. Spend some time quietly visualizing the life that you want to live, and repeat this affirmation. As you repeat the words and picture the life you want, you’ll manifest all of your dreams coming true.

20. I am worthy enough to reach my goals and achieve my dreams.

If you often think that you aren’t worthy enough to reach your goals, this affirmation can help change your mindset. You are worthy of all great things in life, including reaching your full potential.

reach for the stars
Final Thoughts on Self Affirmations to Encourage You to Reach for the Stars

Your thoughts play a role in your success and ability to persevere. If you want to reach for the stars, try using these affirmations each day as an encouragement to push forward.

Your brain is a creature of habit, so make the affirmations a regular part of your routine. After a while, you will naturally have more positive thoughts, helping you go after your dreams.