20 Things About Quiet People Most People Don’t Know

20 Things About Quiet People Most People Don’t Know

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Quiet people are often misunderstood. They come across as shy, introverted, and some folks may consider them stuck up. However, there is a whole fascinating aspect to these folks because they’re not quick with their words, nor do they do anything without a lot of thought and deliberation.

Since they aren’t usually vocal people, they mull everything over internally. Don’t ever mistake their quietness for someone who isn’t paying attention, as they see and hear more than you know. Being quiet comes with a vast number of benefits that most don’t realize.

Twenty Misunderstood Things About Quiet People

If you’ve misunderstood a quiet person, then you’re with the majority. Most folks can’t fathom what goes on inside the minds of these people, but here are 20 things that you should learn.

quiet people1. They Have Better Relationships

The quiet person typically has better relationships than someone who is loud and boisterous. You may assume that they’re silent because they are reserved and don’t want to talk or communicate. However, they hear every word you say, though they’re typically a person of few words.

2. They Focus Energy on Creativity

Did you know that some of the most creative people throughout history were quiet and reserved? In fact, Albert Einstein did most of his thinking on a hillside. His daydreaming episodes are where he came up with most of his greatest inventions and philosophies. The man who discovered the theory of quantum mechanics helped the nation’s defense, according to Britannica.

3. They Have Stronger Brains

Just two hours of silence each day can lead to stronger brain function. During these periods of engaging and experiencing growth, it can help keep harmful diseases like dementia at bay, according to a study conducted by Frontiers in Human Neuroscience.

4. They Value Learning Over Gossip

Gossip is something people do to pass the time, and it’s often something individuals with troubled lives engage in. Drowning out the commotion inside your head by talking to someone else creates a toxic environment. Quiet folks would rather learn something new than cut someone down.

5. Quiet People Choose Their Words Wisely

A person of few words doesn’t choose to ignore everyone. Rather, they weigh each word they speak wisely. They think through their sentences before they leave their mouths.

They’ve learned that you can’t put toothpaste that’s spilled out back into the tube, and nor can you take your words back once they’ve hit the atmosphere.

6. They Listen More Than Speak

Quiet people listen much more than they speak, so they’re much better friends, lovers, and workers. They aren’t quick to argue with you, as they want to get all the facts before adding anything to the conversation. Please don’t dismiss the quiet person by thinking that they don’t know how to have a good conversation.

They can talk your leg off, but they want to listen to every word you say before they add their two cents. They value your opinion and respect you as a person.

7. They’re Calmer

Did you know that being silent can help you to be calmer? Those who prefer to be alone usually have a more relaxed sense about them, and they are less likely to be a negative thinker. Being in a tranquil state of peace and calm can help you to be more successful.

8. They Engage in Self-Talk

Did you know that you can develop your intuitive side through your quiet times? Self-talk is a powerful tool that helps to boost your intuition as you’re listening to yourself more than others. It helps to foster those gut feelings or the intuitive nature that you need to survive.

9. They Have Better Self Awareness

Being alone with your thoughts in the silence can help you make conscious adjustments to your life. Your awareness of the things around you becomes enhanced when you’re quiet. There is much noise and chaos around you, so being silent is often seen as an excellent way to turn off the madness.

10. They Have Less Toxic Brains

You pick up a lot of negative energy throughout the day. From the news on TV to the social media sites you frequent, negativity is all around you.

However, when you are silent, you can mentally detox your brain. Getting rid of toxic pessimism can help you to alleviate mental health issues like anxiety.

solitude11. They Know How to Lower Their Stress and Pressure

Life is stressful. Nevertheless, if you want to lower the stress and pressure you feel, you will learn to be quiet.

Why do so many psychologists recommend getting outside and taking a walk in the sunshine? These quiet and peaceful walks can have a tremendous effect on your stress levels.

12. They’re More Patient

Why is it that quiet people have more patience than those that are louder? Society is fast-moving, and it’s easy to become angry when things aren’t going your way. Thankfully, if you learn to spend time solo, it helps you enhance your patience in life.

13. They Have Less Muscle Tension

Whether you sit in an office chair all day or break your back stocking shelves, your body will feel muscular tension. Solitude can help you to decrease your muscular pressures because it has a healing effect on you. Go into a quiet room, take deep breaths, and relax. You will notice that your bodily tensions fade away very quickly.

14. They Waste Less Energy

Have you ever tried to use a remote control, and the batteries were drained? It would work on occasion, but it’s hard to get the item to function as it should. A fully charged battery has lots of power.

Life can zap the energy right out of you, and the introvert has learned that you can recharge your batteries by being alone in silence. Quiet folks can be introverted, but that’s not always the case. Consequently, everyone should learn the value of recharging.

15. They Have Enhanced Focus and Concentration

While you’re sitting in silence, you can enhance both your concentration and your focus. Plus, quiet folks are less prone to distractions when they have enhanced awareness. Living in the moment is not a problem for someone who allows themselves to just pause and observe.

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