How many times have you heard that you should never be too prideful? Maybe you’ve been told it’s better not to boast about your accomplishments. Many people have been told that pride is something to avoid, but maybe it’s time to look at being proud in a whole new light. A positive light. Being proud of yourself is nothing to be ashamed of.

Most people like to quote pride as one of the seven deadly sins, but there’s nothing deadly about pride. In fact, being proud of yourself is one of the ways you can make yourself a stronger person. Psychologists even agree that being proud of yourself is one of the best ways to grow stronger and more self-assured in mind and spirit.

Mental toughness is defined as the “ability to work hard and respond resiliently to failure and adversity — the inner quality that enables individuals to work hard and stick to their long-term passions and goals.” With that in mind, here are some reasons it’s okay to have a bit of pride in yourself throughout the day.

Here Are 4 Reasons Why Being Proud of Yourself Makes You Mentally Tough

1. You are your best cheerleader

It’s good to have a support system, but no one will have your back quite like yourself. Other people may have an idea of all the effort you put into achieving your goals, but only you will know exactly what you went through to get to where you are. You see yourself at your lowest, but you are also the only one able to pull yourself back up.

Being proud of yourself is important because you’re the only one who lives inside your head every day. You are in the best position to be your own cheerleader. Being able to have your own back when it comes to difficult situations will make you stronger every day.

2. Being proud of yourself builds self-worth

According to Elvira G. Aletta Ph.D. when someone is proud of themselves, the feeling can help grow their self-worth. Why is self-worth important? Self-worth is connected to all kinds of things about ourselves. Having a good amount of self-worth can help you in foundational areas of your life. Not only will self-worth build your self-esteem, but it will also allow you to interact with the rest of the world in healthy, positive ways.

Self-worth is important. It enables you to draw positive boundaries with the people around you, avoid toxic relationships, and form friendships and relationship with people who will treat you right.

3. It keeps you in touch with your emotions

When you overcome a hardship in life or achieve a goal, you want to share it. The people you tell often express pride in your abilities. If other people can be proud of you, then it stands to reason that you should be proud of yourself, too!

Feeling a sense of pride isn’t anything to be ashamed of. If you have overcome something particularly difficult in life or achieved a long-awaited goal, that inner glow of pride is a natural response. When you access that pride and keep yourself in touch with your emotions, you’ll create of yourself a stronger person.

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4. It motivates you for the future

Self-motivation is something that many people find a struggle. Being proud can actually help you become more self-motivated. After all, if you enjoy the feeling of accomplishing your goals, in the future you can better motivate yourself to keep achieving them. Jeffrey S. Smith M.D. describes self-motivation as needing to be challenged and enjoying the reward we get once we complete that challenge.

Pride is one of the ways our mind rewards us for a job well done. That good feeling you get after you do something difficult is a sense of pride, which motivates you to keep striving for bigger and better things. Having the ability to keep yourself motivated is the hallmark of a stronger person.

Final thoughts

Don’t be afraid of pride in yourself. Being proud can lead to all kinds of positive changes in the way you look at yourself, and the way you interact with the world. Psychologists agree that the outcomes of being proud of yourself can cause anyone to be a stronger person, day by day. It’s time to shed your shame and start being proud of your pride – because it is bound to make you a better you.

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