These habits will fill your positivity journal

Have you ever considered the essential link between positivity and motivation? How can you improve your health and happiness and be more successful? It may be as simple as changing your mindset, embracing positive thinking and keeping a positivity journal to count your many blessings..

Researchers found that being optimistic may work in your favor. It can enhance your creativity and improve your sense of well-being. As the future looks brighter, it can act as a spark for motivation and setting higher goals.

Negativity acts like a bucket of stagnant water that smothers the flames of your hopes and dreams. Soon, you may feel engulfed by pessimism, which takes over your mindset. While you can’t always control your circumstances, you can choose how you think and react to them.

Ten Ways Your Positivity Increases Motivation

Do you want to build more vigorous positive energy and make a difference in your life? The good news is that you already have the power to change your mindset. Consider these ten practical tips to enhance your optimism and supercharge your motivation.


1. Embrace Positivity by Living in the Moment

Why does it seem easier to live in the past and worry about the future than to live in the moment? Sadly, you’re robbing yourself of joy. There’s never a shortage of things to worry about, but constantly fretting about something is a sign of an anxiety disorder.

According to a study, more people have an anxiety disorder in this country than Netflix has subscribers. The same research from Brigham Young University found that forty percent of the population worries about things that will never occur.

Eventually, you wake up and realize you’ve wasted time and cut your blessings short. Learn to boost your positivity and optimism by living in the moment. Be fully present and be aware of everything your senses are absorbing. You’ll feel more optimistic about your life and be motivated to do more.

2. Set and Achieve Goals

When you go on vacation, you make plans, pack, secure funds, and ensure you have everything you need to make the trip successful. Why do you treat your life any differently? Having goals and plans to help you accomplish things would be best.

You’ll wander through your days without purpose or satisfaction if you don’t have goals. Nothing would seem exciting, and you’d be bored and lack positivity and motivation. You’ll have no sense of accomplishment because you don’t know your destination.

Avoid this frustrating scenario and set goals for yourself. If you set small goals and celebrate each achievement, you’ll be encouraged to develop greater aspirations. Each accomplishment can boost your self-confidence, motivation, and positivity.

3. Alter Your Point of View

Don’t be too critical of yourself if you’ve developed a pessimistic attitude. It’s human nature to put more emphasis on negative issues than positive ones. This common psychological habit, called negativity bias, explains an article published by the National Library of Medicine.

With time and practice, you can train your brain to focus more on positivity. You gradually learn how to reconsider your perspective. It may not change obstacles in your road, but your mindset will be broader and more open to solutions.

Many people share the misconception that positivity and optimism are unrealistic and a form of denial. On the contrary, optimists are realists and don’t deny the negative aspects of daily living. However, their optimistic energy motivates them to identify and change these issues.

If you meditate on past failures and other negativity in your life, it creates a snowball effect. You’ll feel discouraged and be less likely to be adventuresome and take risks for your dreams. Letting go of the past allows you to work on the present and have more optimism for the future.

4. Remind Yourself You Can Achieve Whatever You Desire

It would help if you learned to be your own cheerleader. Optimists have found this hypothesis to be true in many ways. Journaling and creating a dream board are excellent ways to record your thoughts, dreams, and successes and boost positivity.

You’ll feel inspired as you reflect on your dream board and positivity journal entries. If you succeeded in these instances, you could do it again. Soon, your motivation is more robust, and you realize your potential is more significant than ever imagined.

5. Plan Your Future

It’s essential to set goals if you want to succeed. Once you know your destination, you need a plan to get you there. Some people do well by making a short list of requirements that lead to final accomplishments.

For example, assume you’re ready to start college and want to be a CPA. Your plans would include completing a degree in accounting, then passing the CPA exam. To accomplish those goals, you also need to plan for financing your education and where you want to practice your new profession.

Whether they’re goals for your career, health, or relationships, making plans keeps you motivated. Good planning keeps those positive vibes strong and inspires you to keep moving. Remember that life can throw you a curveball, but you must be flexible enough to find an alternate plan for your goals.


6. Stop Fretting Over Things You Can’t Control

Whoever penned the Serenity Prayer must have had a profound spiritual understanding. Everyone is guilty of wasting time trying to change things beyond their control. What could you do if you used the same energy to change something you know you can alter?

A study published by BMC Medical discusses the effects of rumination and depression. Subjects in the study who ruminated and reported a low level of hope were more apt to be depressed. However, those who said high hope tended to have less depression.

Positivity and a hopeful outlook may lower your risk of depression, even if you ruminate. You can enjoy freedom from the past when you acknowledge that you can’t change anything. What you do in the present has a substantial impact on your future.

7. Foster Positivity as You Learn and Grow from Your Mistakes

Those who claim they’ve always been successful are only fooling themselves. Everybody makes mistakes, and it’s part of growing and learning. Joy and fulfillment will always elude you if you don’t try because you’re afraid of failing.

Did you know that Walt Disney was once fired from his newspaper job because his editor said he lacked creativity? Before J.K. Rowling became a stellar author, she was a single mother on public assistance. The list of iconic people throughout history is full of failures.

What made the difference was that they used their mistakes as a learning tool. They had enough positive energy to get up and go again, and you can follow their example. Stop beating yourself up about your past failures and instead use them as motivation to improve. You won’t give up if you believe enough in yourself and your goals.

Keep counting your blessings until you are where you want to be. Track them in a positivity journal to stay motivated.

8. Fill Your Inner Circle with Positive People

Each person is like a magnet, and you attract energy from those around you. It’s hard to be positive if always negative folks surround you. Conversely, creating an inner circle of optimists can build your positive energy and attract the same.

Choose to connect with those who are motivated and radiate positive energy. They inspire you with their uplifting conversation and actions. While you can’t always turn away from pessimist family members and close friends, you can limit your contact.

9. Take Time to Celebrate Achievements

As you plan your dream board, don’t put off celebrating until you’ve reached your big goals. Each step toward those dreams requires action and determination and is worth celebrating. Rewarding yourself for small achievements helps motivate you toward the major ones. Note them in your positivity journal, so you can reflect upon them later.

For example, if you want to quit smoking to improve your health. Don’t wait until you’re entirely smoke-free to reward yourself. As you gradually break the habit, celebrate each new milestone. Use the money you usually spend on cigarettes to buy yourself a special treat.

10. Find Positivity by Taking Pleasure in Something Each Day

If you don’t have something in your daily life that brings you joy, it’s time to make changes. Success requires dedication and work, but you also need fun and laughter. Spend quality time with your family and friends and enjoy a favorite sport or hobby.

Remember the gift of humor, and don’t take yourself so seriously. Somebody wisely commented that those who can laugh at themselves would never cease to be amused. Kind humor and healthy fun are part of optimism and living your best life.

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Final Thoughts on Increasing Your Motivation

Optimism is not a wand that magically dissolves difficulties and makes all your wishes come true. However, a more positive outlook can motivate you to face your challenges and work to accomplish your dreams. You will reach the stars by combining positivity, determination, and hard work.