Affirmations for a positive mindset shift can make all the difference when negativity overwhelms you. Positive statements can help you resist negative thoughts and find joy in life again. As you use affirmations for a mindset shift, you’ll start experiencing more positive thinking each day.

Having a positive mindset is essential for happiness and success, while negative thoughts hinder the process. Bad news and unexpected setbacks are likely to contribute to negative thinking. However, you can eliminate your limiting thinking with the help of some positive affirmations.

You can repeat affirmations anytime, but they are most beneficial first thing in the morning. Choose a mantra or two to repeat as you prepare for the day. When you find phrases that work for you, keep using them for a while to experience the full benefits.

Fifteen Affirmations to Make a Positive Mindset Shift

You can also use affirmations throughout the day whenever you experience negative thinking. Whenever you choose to use them, make sure you open your mind and believe the words. Begin with the affirmations that resonate with you the most, and then try creating your own once you become comfortable with them.

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1. I am focused on the things I am passionate about.

When you focus on your passions, you will surely experience a mindset shift. Many people waste time and energy worrying about things that don’t truly matter. Try implementing this affirmation into your morning routine if you ever focus on unimportant things.

Using it in the morning makes you more likely to focus on your passions right from the start of your day. You can also use it anytime later if you notice that your thoughts begin to wander. Then, you can allow positive thinking to replace negativity.

2. I am having a great day today.

Telling yourself that you are having a great day will make you more likely to make it happen. You’ll focus on the good things happening in your life rather than letting things disrupt your peace. Anytime you start to have negative thoughts, repeat this affirmation until you feel better.

This phrase will help you look for the beauty in the world around you. Plus, it’ll help you look for the good in all situations, even if things didn’t work out how you hoped. You’re sure to have a positive mindset shift if you think this way instead of giving in to destructive thoughts.

3. I feel the positive energy radiating through my body today.

As you repeat this affirmation, envision positive energy flowing throughout yourself. Using the positive phrase with visualization can help you reap the benefits more quickly. Then, you’ll go through your day feeling good about everything going on around you and in your mind.

Your internal energy plays a role in your mindset, so make sure you feel good. The more often you repeat this affirmation, the more effective it will be to your mind.

4. I am patient, calm, and control my feelings.

You are the only person who can control your mindset and thoughts. By using this affirmation, you’ll remember that you can choose how to feel and behave. You’ll experience patience and feelings of calm within.

Additionally, you’ll have an easier time controlling your feelings. Being in control of your emotions allows you to stay positive and focus on solutions moving forward. Plus, this phrase will help you be resilient when bad things happen.

5. I allow positive thoughts to take over my mind.

It’s easy to let negativity take over when things get hard; this affirmation can help switch it up. Repeating this affirmation will make you more likely to push away limiting thoughts. You’ll want to find solutions to problems and see the good in seemingly dire situations.

Letting positivity take over your mind can make all the difference in your life. Use this affirmation first thing in the morning, and you’ll start feeling positive energy before anything negative can creep in.

6. I focus on the things going well in my life.

Life is unpredictable, and even the most well-planned situations can go awry. Rather than focusing on the things that didn’t work out the way you hoped, focus on what is going well. While certain situations might seem to be going badly, there are always other things to be happy about.

When focusing on negative aspects, use this affirmation to help shift a positive mindset. If you think of things going well for you, you can become more resilient. Then, you can figure out how to move forward despite setbacks and obstacles.

7. I see the beauty daily and feel joy in my heart.

There are always beautiful things to see, even when you don’t notice them. Rather than letting the beauty pass you by, use this affirmation to help you recognize it. When your mind is looking for beauty, you will see it all around you.

As you take in the beauty in your life, you’ll experience joy in your heart. Then, as you become happier, you’ll notice even more beauty in the world. It’s a cycle of positive thinking that’ll continue to benefit your overall well-being.

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8. I am happy and confident today.

You can do anything you set your mind to with happiness and confidence. This phrase can help you quickly shift a positive mindset and focus on the good things in your life. If unhappiness and lack of confidence ever plagues you, start using this affirmation each morning.

By starting your day with this affirmation, you set yourself up for joy and confidence right from the start. Then, negative thoughts won’t be as likely to set in throughout the day. Plus, you’ll be more aware of your thoughts, helping you push away negative thinking immediately.

9. I expect good things to happen.

When you expect good things to happen, they are more likely to happen. By looking for the good all around you, you’ll notice them quickly and be able to jump on the opportunity. If you don’t expect good things to happen, you’ll look for negative things instead.

The things you focus on in life are the ones that you’ll notice more often. So, if you expect good things, it will help you reap the benefits.

10. I am creating the success and prosperity that I desire.

You are the only person that can determine the course of your life. If you want success and prosperity, you must recognize that you are the only one who can make it happen. Use this affirmation to help you create the life that you desire.

11. I am focusing on the things that I’m grateful for.

If negative thoughts seem to take over your mind, this is your affirmation. By focusing on the things you’re grateful for, it’ll be easy to make a positive mindset shift. As you repeat the phrase, think of all the things and people you are thankful to have in your life.

12. I am optimistic, strong, and happy in my life.

Positivity, inner strength, and joy are essential to living a meaningful and fulfilling life. The more often you repeat this affirmation, the more likely you feel everything it describes. If you ever feel your resolve weakening, take a few minutes to use this phrase and shift your mindset.

13. I am good enough to do anything I set my mind to.

Limiting thoughts can make you feel like you can’t do things you want or need. This affirmation can make all the difference if that ever happens to you. You are good enough to do anything but must keep a positive mindset.

14. I attract positive people and things into my life.

By attracting positivity into your life, you’ll feel more positive yourself. If you want to live a positive life, you must eliminate negative things and people from your life. This affirmation will help you attract positive things and people instead, helping you shift your mindset.

15. I am courageous and worthy, and I let go of negative beliefs.

You can quickly shift your mindset with courage and a sense of self-worth. It will help you let go of negative or self-limiting beliefs, allowing positive thinking to take over instead. Repeat this affirmation anytime you feel like you need a boost of courage and self-worth.

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Final Thoughts on Affirmations to Make a Positive Mindset Shift

If negative thoughts ever take over your mind, implementing affirmations to shift a positive mindset can make all the difference. You’ll have an easier time pushing away negative thinking, leaving space for good things in your life and mind.

Once you become comfortable repeating these affirmations, you can create some phrases yourself. When you make them, you can ensure they are specific to your life. Otherwise, these will help you shift your mindset and live a more positive life.