20 Positive Changes to Make for a Better Life (#11 Is Highly Effective)

20 Positive Changes to Make for a Better Life (#11 Is Highly Effective)

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The human experience has often been compared to writing a book. Each person gets a blank volume and the chance to draft their own story. While you can’t erase a chapter from the past, you have a new page to create every day. Every time you have the chance to make positive changes, you only improve the content of that story.

You have the right to success just as much as anybody else in this world. If you’re overwhelmed by doubt, fear, and negativity, you can’t realize your potential. Speaking positive affirmations into the Universe empowers you to believe in yourself and bring your dreams into reality.

Twenty Positive Changes to Make for a Better Life

Are you tired of just existing and settling for the second-best? Even though you can’t change the world alone, you can change yourself and your attitude. Consider these twenty helpful hints for positive changes that will make a difference in your life.

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1. Speak Blessings Instead of Curses to Attract Positive Changes

Start using the law of attraction to bring positive changes to your life. The Universal Mind knew and loved you before you were born and destined you for greatness. Your first step into your best life is to speak positive affirmations.

When you speak blessings to yourself and others, the Universe responds in kind. You’ll attract the same benefits you say. Use compassionate affirmations and agree with your Higher Power that you’re loved, worthy, and eternally blessed.

2. Get the Sleep You Need

Your body cannot stay in perpetual motion. It depends on your circadian rhythm for optimal sleep/wake hours. While you sleep, your brain and body get the chance to rest and recharge for the next day.

An article published by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine explains the link between sleep deprivation and negative thought patterns. Do you want to be more optimistic? Try to get at least six to eight hours of sleep each night.

3. Plan Your Day According to Your Energy Levels

Have you ever noticed that your energy levels wax and wane throughout the day? This is called your ultradian rhythm, and it varies by individual. You may feel your best in the morning and be in an energy slump by midday.

Or perhaps you’re a night owl, and you’re lively and creative in the evenings. Discovering your peak energy times can bring positive changes at home and work. Consider keeping a journal of your energy levels and planning your most ardent tasks during those times.

4. Organize Your Space to Make Room

Maybe one of the reasons you don’t accomplish what you want is because your space is cluttered and disorganized. Positive changes start by clearing the clutter in your home, office, and mind.

Keep only the necessary things or those that warm your heart and get rid of the rest. Dispel grudges and negative attitudes that hamper your mind and spirit. Create an unobstructed, beautiful space that’s conducive to positivity, dreaming, and creativity.

5. Don’t Skip Breakfast (Making Positive Changes Needs Fuel!)

You’re not doing yourself any favors by skipping breakfast. Are your mornings usually a mad rush trying to get out the door on time? At most, you may grab a sugar-ladened toaster pastry on your way to the car.

When you don’t replenish your energy in the morning, you’ll experience the dreaded afternoon blahs. Instead, try to awaken earlier and plan quick, easy, and nutritious breakfasts. Your body will thank you for being more productive.

6. Revive Your Spirit with Music

Do you feel tired and gloomy and need an emotional recharge? Since the beginning, music has been the universal calm and inspiration. Pep yourself up with a lively beat or relax and focus with easy-listening or classical tunes.

Do you play a musical instrument? Maybe it’s time to learn how to make your music. Why not take lessons in your spare time or get some instruction online?

7. Dress Colorfully to Reflect the Positive Changes You Will Manifest

Take a cue from nature and see the vibrant colors of the plants and animals. There’s nothing attractive about wearing dull, drab clothing. You can even make a gray outfit sparkle when you add a splash of color.

Of course, you don’t want to look like a clown. Find the colors that look best for your skin tone and use them to your advantage. Making positive changes in your wardrobe can boost your self-esteem. Plus, you’re not channeling happiness if you feel uncomfortable in your clothes.

8. Stay Hydrated with Water

Since your body is made of a high percentage of water, you need to stay hydrated. It’s essential for all body functions, and you would die without it. However, you may be dehydrated and not even know it.

An article published by the Mayo Clinic recommends at least 11.5 cups of water a day for women and 15.5 cups for men. Water naturally flushes toxins from your system and keeps your cells plump and healthy. Keep a bottle of fresh water with you wherever you go.

9. Use A Timer

The human mind works on a reward system, and you can use it to your advantage. When you need to focus on a task, consider using a timer set for 60 minutes. Minimize distractions and be as productive as you can for that hour.

When the timer buzzes, set in again for 10 minutes. It’s your free time as a reward for your hard work. Use it to read, take a walk, or even a quick power nap.

10. Be Accountable to Someone

If you only have yourself to answer to, it can be easy to slack off a bit. However, giving an account to another person can make you feel more responsible. When you’re making positive changes like weight loss or breaking addiction, having a partner can help your outcome.

You can create a buddy system with your mate, trusted friend, or family member. Choose someone who has experience or is struggling with the same challenges. When you feel disheartened, you both have a buddy who will listen and encourage you.

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11. Release Negative People

Unfortunately, you’ll always have at least one negative person in your inner circle. You may not change their attitude, but you can control their influence over you. Let go of toxic relationships and people who are dragging you down.

Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in you. Their supportive love gives you the confidence to make positive affirmations that happen. Those naysayers who can’t be supportive don’t belong in your circle.

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