Music is an eternal language that speaks to the soul, and its countless styles and beats are as different as the people who make or listen to it. Did you know that the songs on your playlist speak volumes about your personality? Ever since early humans heard the melodies and calls of birds and other animals, people loved hearing their favorite tunes.

They used rocks and sticks to create beats that imitate sounds of nature and the human heartbeat. It’s an integral part of the human connection with the Divine. Melodies also create a mood that can be soothing or festive. Listening to some of your favorite tunes can boost your mood and make you feel more optimistic.

In his article published by Psychology Today, Dr. Shahram Heshmat explains that musical tones can evoke memories, improve your moods, and relieve stress. Heshmat states that pleasant tunes can resonate with pleasure sensors in your brain and increase your sense of well-being. It can also give voice to your inner thoughts and dreams.

Your Playlist and Perception

Not only can lovely melodies lift your moods, but they can also affect how you view the world around you. According to an article published by Science Daily, listening to songs can change your perception. You will see others as happier and situations brighter even when they aren’t.

Just try to listen to a finger-snapping jazz tune and not smile. Even if those around you aren’t smiling, you may not perceive it. It’s a case of using positive thoughts to create your atmosphere and dispel any negative energy.


10 Things Your Playlist Reveals About Your Personality

There’s no way to live without stress. However, you do have the power to reduce tension and unnecessary worry. One of the best ways to do it is with a great song, a peppy beat, and dance.

An article published by the University of Michigan describes how this type of therapy can reduce stress and help minimalize anxiety. It can also reduce the symptoms of depression. It’s an exceptional tool whether you listen to it or are playing music on an instrument.

Do you have a favorite style of songs, or are you a fan of many? Maybe you’ve created a personal playlist for work, home, or the gym. Here are ten musical styles and what they may reveal about your personality.

Editorial Note: These generalizations are intended for entertainment use only.

1. Dancing Song Playlist

Do you like to get your groove on with some fast-paced dancing songs? If your list has tunes that make your body move, you probably have an outgoing and assertive personality. Although you’re a genuinely kindhearted person, you tend to be a little rough on the edges.

2. Classical Tunes

If classical is your style, then you know how relaxing some compositions can be. At any given moment, your spirit is serenaded by the masters like Beethoven, Bach, Mozart, Chopin, and others. Classical fans are comfortable in their skin and are creative and reflective.

3. Pop Playlist

Is your mobile device player loaded with the current Top 40 on the pop chart? You’re a person who lives in the moment and enjoys trends. Your list is a diverse assortment of pop styles since you tend to be adventurous and spontaneous.

On the flip side, you may be a little less creative than those who gravitate to classical styles. While you have high self-esteem, you often feel uneasy. The good news is that you usually have a positive outlook on life, and the peppy tunes you listen to help you out in times of stress.

4. Rock & Heavy Metal

Rock and roll is a rich blend of musical styles that came into its own during the 1950s, and it’s never looked back. During the turbulent sixties and seventies, it branched into heavy metal and shock rock. The 80s birthed punk rock and all the other rock styles beloved by millions worldwide.

Are you a rocker or a headbanger? Your playlist may reveal that you’re pretty creative and inspiring. In contrast to the aggressive edge in some rock styles, you have a secret gentle side. Hey, even those heavy metal rock bands do some love ballets once in a while.

5. Blues, Soul, Jazz

One of the best ways to kick back and relax is with a playlist of your favorite jazz tunes. The jazz movement has been monumental in America and ever-connected with blues and soul. This genre is a musical representation of emotion and spiritual energy.

If you’re a fan of this style, you’ve probably been called an old soul. When you hear the beat of a bass and the whine of a saxophone, you instantly connect. Jazz fans are usually extroverted, creative, and have a good sense of humor.

If you find that your toe can’t stop tapping when you hear a jazzy tune, then New Orleans is a great place to spend some time. There’s plenty of good food and soulful melodies wafting through the air.

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6. Rap & Hip-Hop Playlist

It takes a gifted person to have the ability to put creative rhyme and alliteration with a catchy beat. While rap doesn’t usually have a melody line, its cousin hip-hop does. Hip-hop tunes can blend rap and melodies that make you want to get up and dance.

A rap & hip-hop playlist usually says that you’re an upbeat personality. You’re creative and aren’t afraid to dance to the beat of your drum. The uplifting tunes make it hard for you to be downtrodden.

7. Country Playlist

You don’t have to live in the country to enjoy the iconic style born in the hills of Tennessee. It’s often a musical blend of stringed instruments that can have different themes and tempos. The tunes are usually about everyday living and the beauty and trials of love.

Do you have a country lineup on your mobile devices? Your attraction to it may reveal your conventional and hardworking nature. You’re genuine, affectionate, and crave simplicity in your life. However, you’re not against throwing it down for a good line dance or other trendy moves.

8. Indie Tunes

Some artists don’t fit in the cookie cutters of major record producers, so they publish independently. In the 70s, indie tunes were often produced in home studios and played by so-called “underground” radio stations. It was a way that many talented writers asserted their independence from the powerful record companies.

Today, indie tunes are a mainstay of song fans all over the globe. It also has sub-genres like indie rock and pop. If you lean toward indie tunes, you’re also displaying your independence and dislike of control. You’re gifted, artistic, and sentimental.

Still, you may tend to be introverted and skeptical. While it’s not easy to get into your circle, those would say that you’re a loyal friend or lover.

9. Sacred Songs

Maybe many of the tunes on your playlist are sacred. You might listen to the various styles of gospel or songs from other cultures and religious traditions. If so, you have a strong connection with your spiritual side, and you see the divine in everyone and everything.

Just because you enjoy sacred songs doesn’t mean you’re religious. It simply means that you look to a Higher Power and show gratitude for all. Your soul is soothed by the hope that your life has a purpose.

10. A Folksy Playlist

There’s something that resonates in your spirit when you listen to classic folk songs. Many are based on oral traditions in other cultures. American folk songs are a combination of the many cultures that are represented in this nation.

While some are lighthearted and almost comical, other folk ballads share tales of hardship and heartache. If you’re a fan, you’re traditional and appreciate history. You’re also empathetic to other people’s struggles, and you’re a faithful friend.

How to Benefit from Listening to Your Playlist

Many people like to listen to songs on the radio or CDs when they are driving. Listening to your favorite melodies can help you stay more alert and put you in a better mood for work or school. If you prefer a particular style, why not make your playlist?

You can record some of your favorite melodies and make playlists that are geared towards your taste. It’s ideal for when you’re driving, exercising, or just relaxing. Anytime you need a mood boost, you can plug in your tunes and enjoy the beat.

Since your brain craves variety, you may consider trying other styles or subgenres. You can make lists of fast tunes, slow ones, or various ranges. Occasionally, update your lists so you have current songs to hear.

If you have a quiet space at home, consider using playlists for meditation and visualization. It can also be inspirational for yoga and other exercises. You may also find that listening to instrumental tunes can help you focus and study for tests.


Final Thoughts on Your Playlist and Personality

The type of songs you prefer says a lot about your personality. Plus, listening to your favorite tunes can help relieve stress and put you in a better mood. When you have a song in your heart, nothing can take it away from you.