Can a no sugar diet transform your life? Perhaps…

We have a problem. A sugar problem, in particular. We’re eating too much of the stuff and it’s making us fat and then killing us. How much of a problem? Try these numbers for starters. The USDA (U.S. Department of Agriculture) suggests we limit sugar calories to less than 10 percent of our daily intake. Most Americans get about three times that. The result? Well, there’s weight gain for one, and going on a  can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight. and cavities, but let’s not forget potential early death from type-2 diabetes, heart disease, and breast cancer.

Science doesn’t conclusively suggest sugar can be classified as an actual addiction or whether some people just really, really, really like to consume the stuff in their food and beverages. The bottom line is that if you think your life is being adversely affected, you’re probably right. Ditching sugar can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight.

Ways to Plan a No Sugar Diet and Lose Weight Fast.

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1. The Enemy Goes by Different Names

If it were so simple that we only had to look for the word “sugar” on labels. Unfortunately, food companies sneak sugar past us in many different ways. Glucose, sucrose, fructose, corn syrup, honey, and dextrose are but a few of the alternate names.

2. Eat In – Not Out

It’s virtually impossible to stick to a no sugar diet if you eat a sizable percentage of your meals away from the house. Why does restaurant food taste so good? Sauces and seasonings that are heavily reliant on sugar and fat would be an accurate guess.

3. Think You Can

No matter how many times you might have failed to lose weight in the past, forget them. All that matters is the here and now and right now you’re about to take control of what you put in your mouth and become a weight shedding machine.

4. The Drinks of Death

A single can of soda contains more sugar than you should eat in a day. Imagine what that 64 oz Big Gulp from your local convenience store brings to the table? Switching from sugar drinks to water or unsweetened tea is probably the single biggest change a person can make when implementing the no sugar diet for weight loss.

5. Moderation, Not Elimination

If the thought of adopting a strict no sugar diet gives you the absolute creeps, here’s an idea. Lots of people have dropped ten, twenty, thirty pounds of body weight and more just by learning to moderate their sugar intake. Work your way into a low sugar lifestyle over a period of time, though don’t give yourself too long.

6. Fiber Up

Focus on getting around 40 grams of fiber daily. If you can keep a 2:1 ration between fiber and sugar, even better. Fiber fills you up, keeps the hunger and cravings at bay, and makes it less likely you’ll snatch a Pop Tart from the hand of a passing stranger at lunch and cram it down.

7. The Sugar-Free Breakfast Challenge

Thanks to the machinations of modern food companies, most of us don’t think it’s possible to eat breakfast without plenty of sugar. Remember stuff like eggs, unsweetened almond milk, cinnamon, and fruit? This is all about changing habits and it ain’t easy.

8. Meal Planning is Crucial

If you don’t learn to plan your meals, expect any no sugar diet will end in failure. The problem is that the restaurants and vending machines we frequent specialize in sugar distribution. It’s hard to even find stuff without it at the grocery store unless you hit the fresh meat and veggies aisle. Without a purposeful plan, a stressful day at work can de-rail everything.

9. Sugar is Everywhere

For maximum dietary success, it’s time to become a sugar paranoid. Assume it’s liberally applied to any sauce and even what you considered to be a healthy salad dressing. Even bread! Pay attention to the food world around you. If you like it, there’s probably sugar in it.

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10. Set a Modest Goal

If you go into this thinking you won’t eat sugar for the rest of your life, expect this to be a sadly disappointing experience. Instead, set a doable, reasonable goal like 10 days on a no sugar diet. Or even one. You can do that, right? By the time you get to the end, you might be ready to do 10 more.

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Final Thoughts

A no sugar diet for weight loss is easier than you think. Have you wanted to take off pounds forever? It’s entirely realistic that you could drop significant poundage just a short month or two from today.

We’re talking life-changing weight in both appearance and health. Nagged by a case of adult type-2 diabetes? It’s often a lifestyle disease. More than one person has lost enough weight to get off the accompanying prescription drugs forever. Good luck out there!