While hard work is required to obtain money, creating wealth is as much about your work ethic as it is your mindset. If you hope to attract more money into your life, you must start by willing it into existence.

Positive Affirmations for Attracting Wealth

Hope to improve your net worth? Tired of having to pinch pennies? Keep reading for 21 incredible financial affirmations that will change your life.

1. Money will find me; I walk in prosperity.

It’s time to start operating from a prosperity mindset rather than one of scarcity. You are already in the process of attracting all the money you need.

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2. There are many ways to make money; the right amount of money will come to you when you expect it and often when you do not.

Whether it’s the bonus you’ve accepted at work, an unexpected commission that you’ve been awarded, or a freelancing position that’s fallen into your lap, new opportunities to make more will come to fruition when you least expect them.

3. I am inherently valuable. I deserve to make more money.

Never believe the lie that you shouldn’t be making a certain amount of money.

Wealth is yours, if you want it. You are valuable and worthy of making the money you want to make.

4. I gladly accept all that life has to offer.

Opportunities to make money may come in many forms. If you aren’t willing to accept these opportunities and make the most of them, you will miss out on the best chances to make more money.

Many of these opportunities come with a fair share of risk, so it’s important to carefully weigh each decision to see which ones will benefit you the most.

5. I’m welcoming unlimited income into my life.

It isn’t uncommon to be dissatisfied with the type of income you’re earning.

Whether you’d like to do a new line of work or you’d rather be making more money, if you want to see an increase in your finances, the change has to start with you.

Decide today to welcome unlimited income into your life. Though this is easy to say and harder to accomplish, believing that you will one day have access to an unlimited stream of money is the first step to actually making this goal a reality.

6. There is no room for negative energy about money in my life.

If you want positive things to happen in life, you must send out positive thoughts.

Oftentimes, our fears and anxiety over our finances take over our lives and cause us to feel negative about money.

This negativity will be reflected in everything we do and will impact how money comes into our lives.

If you want to feel positive about your finances, you need to change your money mindset.

7. Money flows into my life effortlessly and easily.

Work is work, but the better you feel about how you make money, the easier it will be.

Affirmations like this one force you to look at your life and ask yourself the hard questions.

Are you happy with your job? Do you want more out of life? What will it take to get there? Start working now to answer these questions so that when you repeat this affirmation, you’ll truly believe it.

8. I use my money to change my life for the better.

Many people view making money as a means to an end without acknowledging that while money is essential, it is also a vehicle of change in life.

How will you ensure you’re using it to better your life when you start making more money? Use affirmations like this to start planning how you will use money to improve your life.

9. Money is a constant in my life.

Whether you have a standard 9-5 or a more unconventional career, affirmations like this one encourage you to stop worrying about money.

While the specific way you make your money may change over time, the fact that you are bringing money into your life will not.

As you work to grow your net worth, never stop believing that money is always flowing into your life.

10. My actions will lead to prosperity.

When things don’t always go the way we expect them to, it’s not uncommon to wonder if all our efforts are really worth it.

Working from day to night, day in and day out can be very discouraging, but don’t lose hope.

Every hour you work, every assignment you complete is leading you closer to prosperity. While it won’t happen overnight, you must keep believing in your goals to grow your wealth.

11. I radiate abundant energy in everything I do.

You will get back what you put out into the world.

If you want to earn more, you must live as you believe in the abundance mindset that many positive affirmations encourage.

Living life with abundant energy means no longer being afraid to talk about, spend, budget, or earn money. This abundant energy can be expressed through every other aspect of your life—in your relationships, hobbies, studies, and lifestyle. Live like you deserve more, because you do.

12. My finances are already improving beyond what I imagined.

We all have our financial hopes and dreams. Whatever these may be for you, these positive affirmations encourage you to give in to the idea that you’ve already achieved your goals.

Your finances, whatever they may be, are already on the rise. You’re already making more money and making significant steps towards your future.

13. I create my own money-making opportunities.

There’s a reason that so many people are taking on side jobs and “side hustles”.

Whatever your qualifications are, if you want to start bringing in more money, it may be time to diversify your income. Whether it’s a part-time job or a few hours here and there making extra cash, creating your money-making opportunities plays a big role in increasing your wealth.

14. Spirituality and money aren’t enemies of one another.

Many people feel that their spirituality can’t coexist with wealth. While these beliefs come about for various reasons, it’s time to start unlearning them.

Your religious ideals and financial status can coexist. One does not cancel out the other. Oftentimes, you can let one belief influence the other. As you progress in your spirituality, you’ll see that your financial mindset will also deepen.

15. My partner and I have positive discussions about money.

Finances can be a major issue in love relationships. Partners with different money mindsets often find themselves fighting over money-related problems.

Use these types of affirmations to change how you and your partner handle money. Even if you both don’t see eye to eye on everything, nothing is stopping you from having positive communication on the subject.

16. I put my money to work for me.

Growing your income means finding a way to generate a passive income. Whether you’re investing in the stock market or you have an online store that generates money, putting your money to work for you is an essential part of becoming wealthy.

17. I am my money’s master.

Never feel like you aren’t in control of your finances. Losing sight of this fact can lead to feeling lost and hopeless in the face of a financial struggle. Whatever your situation may be, start saying these affirmations today to change your thought process.

18. I trust myself with large sums of money.

A tell-tale sign of financial anxiety is fear of dealing with large sums of cash.

Whether you believe you’ll spend all of it on frivolous things or you’re not sure how best to save your money, letting this sort of stress overtake you isn’t conducive to a healthy financial mindset.

Choose today to believe that you can and should feel comfortable with your funds. This will allow you to make smarter choices financially.

19. Wealth is not wrong.

Some people may feel uncomfortable with having a lot of money or be afraid to prioritize their wealth. Though various people have different reasons for this, some believe that wealth means living excessively.

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However, the amount you earn and your lifestyle choices are completely up to you.

20. Money opens up the doors to more opportunities.

Money isn’t everything in life but is a gateway to many opportunities. The more assets you have, the easier it will be to pursue your goals.

Once you identify the link between making money and reaching your goals, you’ll have a renewed drive that will keep pushing you to succeed.

21. Money has a positive impact on my life.

The more we understand how money can positively affect our lives, the more our mindsets about making more money will also change. Believing that increasing your income will create positive change will alter how you view each financial opportunity that comes your way.

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Final Thoughts on Positive Affirmations for Wealth

Though some people view wealth through the perspective of the “haves” and “have-nots”, the truth is that anyone can tap into the financial prosperity that wealthy individuals enjoy. While every individual’s financial journey is unique, each person should learn to cultivate a positive financial mindset.

With these 21 affirmations, you’ll completely transform your financial beliefs as you build wealth. Being financially successful is possible—just keep working towards your goals.