Your personality is one of those things that your hair can reveal about you. Your crown of hair is one of the first things that people notice about you when you meet. What is your hair telling other people about you?

Some hairstyles have changed over the years, and our acceptance of them has too. In the 1970’s, a man with long hair was less socially acceptable than it would be today. A study from 1978 showed that college students had more negative impressions of a picture of a long-haired man than they did of a short-haired man. These results reflect a stereotypical personality impression of the long-haired hippie that was pervasive at the time.

The Studies on Hair Color

For the same study, facial hair was the opposite for people’s impressions. Consistent with prior research, the bearded male was regarded more positively than the clean-shaven male.

Other studies from the 70’s looked at peoples’ preferences for hair colors as determined by their own hair color. They found that dark-haired men preferred brunette women. Blonde men though were equally divided in preference for blonde or brunette women. Red-headed women had a preference for dark-haired men, while blondes who were not naturally blonde had no preference for blonde or brunette men.

Researchers also found that stereotypes based on hair color were widely held by the participants and that stereotypes differed based on the hair color and sex of the subject in the study.

Clearly our society has progressed since this research was done. However, certain personality traits are more strongly associated with certain hair colors.

For example, if you complete the following by filling in the blank, you can see what we mean: ________ blonde. Did you fill in the blank with ‘ditzy’ or ‘dumb?’ Most people do, but it doesn’t have to be that way.

Here are some of the other personality traits that people think of when they see a certain hair style or color.

What Does Your Hair Reveal About Your Personality?

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Straight, wavy, or curly

Curls have more fun. or at least that’s the personality trait that people most often associate with curly hair. People with curls are more likely to be seen as wild, exciting and energetic.

A wavy hairstyle is viewed as a fun personality too. Those with waves are more likely to be dreamers and creative personalities. They are often physically active and outdoorsy too.

Those with straight hair seem to be viewed as more refined personality. They are sociable, elegant, and calm.

Natural or processed

Those who go with their natural hair color have personalities that are unconventional. This is especially true for women whose hair is turning grey. There is a social expectation that older women will color their hair to maintain a younger appearance. This is also becoming more true for men as well.

If you choose to color, perm, straighten, or otherwise spend hours at the salon getting just the right look, your personality tends to be more perfectionist. You want your appearance to reflect your preference for control.

Wash and go or Style it

Those who style their hair by curling it, straightening it, drying it or other activities involving small appliances tend to reveal that they long for what they don’t heave already. These personalities don’t mind the time that it takes to achieve a perfect look. They are patient, prefer to be in control and care about other people’s impressions of them.

If your hair personality is more wash and go, you are ready for whatever happens. You are more likely to be sociable and ready to hang out with friends with little advanced notice. You are casual, relaxed, and easygoing. Your hair reveals that very little upsets you.

Loose or updo

You leave your hair down or do you braid it, put it or up in a ponytail or bun’ If you have a hairstyle that is more up than down it reveals that you tend to like control, order, and organization. Those with updos are usually bound to a desk in the corporate world where they have to maintain a well-polished appearance.

There’s a reason that the phrase ‘letting your hair down’ means cutting loose.

The personalities of people with hair that is worn loose are more carefree and open to new possibilities. They are more likely to say yes when you suggest a hike or a weekend road trip.

Blonde, red, brown, black or silver

What does your hair color reveal about your personality? These are some traits that people commonly associate with your personality:

  • Red: Passionate, sexy, vivacious, outgoing, temperamental, and unique
  • Blonde: fun-loving, bold, charming, sexy, outgoing, and physically active
  • Brown: introverted, calm, smart, kind, funny, and successful
  • Black: exotic, sensual, a go-getter, quick-witted, charming, and smart
  • Silver: intelligent, bold, powerful, successful, and confident

Thick or fine

Not everyone can be born with plenty of follicles. Those who have fine hair generally have to work a little harder to achieve a style that’s anything other than the way they look right after a shower. The personality of those with fine hair tends to be patient.