Feeling good about yourself and your body in today’s world can seem downright impossible at times. With the advent of social media, it can feel like we are under constant scrutiny, which makes us feel like we have to work that much harder to reach perfection. So many people deal with body image issues and feel like they will never look good enough, no matter how hard they try. Again, having social media accounts can make body insecurity even worse due to the pressure to compare ourselves to others.

However, these inspiring Instagram accounts are putting the message out there that you should love yourself and your “imperfect” body and stop being so hard on yourself! We hope that these people will make you love your imperfect body and help you see yourself in a more positive light.

Here are 10 people on Instagram who will make you love your imperfect body:

1. This woman is doing a great job of helping women everywhere feel happy and confident in their own skin and love their “imperfect” bodies!

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2. Don’t just tolerate yourself; celebrate yourself!

3. This beautiful woman simply radiates body positivity, showing us all how good it feels to love yourself!


4. You don’t have to be skinny with flat abs to be absolutely beautiful and worthy of self-love, as this Instagram account demonstrates.

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5. Stretch marks and thick thighs are not features to be hidden away; don’t let anyone tell you any differently!

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6. You definitely need to follow this body positive yoga teacher on Instagram!

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7. Don’t worry guys, we didn’t leave you out. It’s important for EVERYONE to love their bodies, not just women.

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8. Too many woman are afraid of putting on a swimsuit, but this woman can help your put your fears to rest!

9. And this woman too! A positive body image starts with positive thinking about yourself. 🙂

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10. We leave you with this photo of a plus-size model to show you that any size is the “right” one as long as you’re happy with yourself.

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We truly hope these photos help you feel more positive and secure with yourself and your body, because you deserve love and acceptance from yourself, always. Remember that only your opinion of yourself counts, and that society will always be critical. So, love the skin you’re in anyway, because all of you reading this are beautiful just the way you are. 🙂


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