11 People Who Lost 100 Pounds And Started Living A Whole New Life

11 People Who Lost 100 Pounds And Started Living A Whole New Life

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We all know that losing weight isn’t easy; it takes hard work, dedication, and willpower. With all the unhealthy foods and lifestyle choices out there, sticking to your guns and losing the weight can prove quite difficult. Losing even 15 or 20 pounds is cause for celebration for most people, but losing over 100 pounds is life-changing. We bring to you 11 people who went on a 100 pound weight loss journey and totally transformed their lives. Hopefully, these people will inspire you to go on your own quest for a healthier, happier, more positive life, because if they can do it, so can you!

Here are 11 people who are over 100 pounds down in real life:

1. This girl put in the work and lost over 100 pounds in less than a year. You go girl!


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2. One year after having gastric bypass surgery, this woman has lost 170 pounds!

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3. Following a keto diet helped this beautiful woman lose over 100 pounds. SO inspiring!

4. Rosie says she has more weight to lose, but has lost 102 pounds in the last two and a half years! Don’t forget to look back on how far you’ve come!

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5. Good job girl! Losing weight is NOT easy and you should be so proud of yourself!

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6. Don’t get fit to look good; get in shape to FEEL good!

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7. Weight loss is a journey – don’t rush it and remember to listen to your body!

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8. To all the guys out there, we see you too and acknowledge your weight loss journey. 100 pounds down and looking good, Paul!

9. A 100 pound weight loss journey is an amazing thing. This guy looks absolutely radiant in the after photo!

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